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Posted by nicolen on December 20, 2007


anothereye1.jpgEye On Hate Radio Network
You will want to tune-in
Thursday night
December 20th at 9pm est.
as Eye On Hate Reports on the growing media attention to the connections between Ron Paul and Organizied Racism.
Also we will comment on the recent announcement from Neo Nazi Bill White that he has lunch with Ron Paul and is ask to help with policy.

Shows Archived in mp3 Format, Shortly After Live Broadcast



  1. A response said

    Sorry to spam you, but not everyone feels the same way

    A response from the Nationalist community, aimed at those who supported Ron Paul:

    Hopefully this may be the last time I have to post in this thread, and hopefully the last time we ever have to have a thread like this, but sadly I suspect it won’t be.

    I wanted to make one final post, specifically for the bewildered, Ron Paul supporters, wandering around today, scratching their heads.

    What’s the problem?

    I’ve heard some say it’s the voters that are wrong, one person said they were to Irish, another not Irish enough, some said they were to religious (in Iowa) whilst others said they weren’t religious enough (New Hampshire), some said they were to male, others to female, whilst others yet said they were just to stupid.

    I’ve heard some say it’s the campaign team, one person said they must be state plants, another that they were getting their strategy wrong, some say they didn’t advertise enough, some say they advertised to much, some say they need to change tactics, some that they need to be sacked, and some that it’s because people didn’t listen to the management enough, and that it was the supporters who were wrong.

    I’ve heard some people blame all manner of things, from the media, to voting machines, to the fact that the other candidates lied (like you expect a 100% honest election?), but I can tell you what the problem is, and the problem is YOU!

    Let me break this down as simply as possibly for you, YOU backed the wrong man (a part jewish, pro-immigration, anti-racist multiculturalist), for the wrong reasons (you completely misunderstood many of his policies), in a race he could never win, in a system that’s rigged to select the candidate that THEY want, not the one that you want.

    You’ve spent, in some cases, upwards of a year already, spending large amounts of your income, and huge amounts of your time, supporting that wrong man, for the wrong reasons, in that race he could never win, in a system that’s rigged, to select the candidate that THEY want, and you’re scratching your head?

    YOU were the problem.

    Instead of wasting that money, instead of wasting that time, you should have been working to secure a future for our people, you should have been thinking about our race, and our survival, not throwing your money away on a retarded gamble that was never going to work.



    YOU were the problem, you followed fools, instead of listening to sage advice, you listened to con men, instead of listening to the honest, you sold your soul, to support anti-Nationalists, instead of supporting the struggle for our people.

    You can not blame anyone else.

    YOU were the problem.

    Not the Irish, not the women, not the weather, not the church, not the black cat that crossed your path this morning, or the strange configuration of stars in the night sky, it wasn’t god, the devil, the tooth fairy, or the easter bunny, YOU were the problem.

    For some of you who have wandered through Nationalism for many years now, have you never listened to a word that was said?

    Let me remind you of something, posted again, and again, and again, in this thread alone.

    Originally Posted by Dr. Pierce
    The only sort of person who can get near the Presidency under the present system is someone who is fundamentally crooked, someone who is an unpatriotic criminal. He doesn’t have to be as flamboyant about his criminality as Clinton is, but certainly no honest man and no patriot can be President so long as the government is subject to the mass media the way this one is. What we have now, in effect, is a government by the Jewish media bosses.
    NOW do you get it?

    Now when you’re wiping off the stench of humiliation, in the cold harsh light of this morning, NOW do you get it?

    Even supporting a man who wanted a black, or jewish running mate, a part jewish, pro-immigration, anti-racist multiculturalist, even after selling out every principal, and lying to yourself, and others, every day, for a year, even after throwing away everything you believe in, and probably often falling out with friends over your actions, you still ended up as a loser.

    NOW do you get it?

    YOU were the problem, because you left White Nationalism, and you followed another path instead.

    White Nationalism is our future, turn your back on it for neo-con, or libertarian compromises, and you are going to lose every time.

    How do we know?

    Because we see it every four years.

    Until you wake up to that message there never will be a solution, because YOU will be the problem.

    The saddest part of all?

    Some of you actively conned yourself, openly, in front of the whole world, that the reason you could justify being the problem, was because you could use this to reach out to other people, and bring them into White Nationalism.

    Well what happened?

    You’ve spent the last damn year not even mentioning White Nationalism, because you’ve been cheerleading the GOP!

    And the real kicker?

    “Even if we lose we must keep this up…”

    Yeah, great plan, because Ron Paul is never going to run again, so what are you keeping it up for?

    A man who wanted a black, or jewish running mate, a part jewish, pro-immigration, anti-racist multiculturalist candidate not enough for you?

    With no Ron Paul will you perhaps support Tancredo next time?

    I know he supports the Israeli lobby, but hey, facts never stopped you last time…

    Or if Tancredo isn’t running, what about McCain, I mean he’s better than Giuliani, isn’t he?

    Or how about Giuliani himself, I mean that would be better than letting in Obama, wouldn’t it?

    Yes, keeping it up, making the same mistakes over and over again, is a really good plan…, I don’t think.

    Welcome to the GOP guys.

    Can you see what they’ve done yet?

    Remember that plan, reach out to others and bring them over to White Nationalism?

    Now look again, you’ve just helped take OUR people over to the GOP.

    They played the very tactic that you talked about, and they won.

    You’ve just damaged White Nationalism, because YOU are the problem.

    So what is Dr. Frank’s remedy?

    How can you get over this, and solve the problem?

    To solve the problem you have to look to yourself.

    You have to accept that you got it horribly wrong.

    You have to break the cycle, and swear to yourself that never again will you make the mistake of returning to a failed system, and wasting your time and money on it.

    You have to stop listening to losers, and con men, and start looking to those who give you the truth, and guide you in the right direction.

    But most of all you have to become a White Nationalist again.

    Read this thread, start to finish, supporting Ron Paul was an act of racial treachery, no White Nationalist would ever do it.

    A White Nationalist does not, can not, compromise, he can’t support jews, blacks, or asian saviors, he can not find the answer in half measures, or by squinting, or burying his head in the sand, and pretending things are different from how they really are.

    A White Nationalist lives White, acts White, and dies White, he follows only one path, the path of racial survival, and he understands the crooked nature of the system, and the need to work outside of it, and to build a new future, rather than find himself tied to an endless cycle of frustrating reverses.

    A White Nationalist understands this:

    White Nationalism & Jewish Supremacism [2008 version – Volume I]

    And he distances himself from the schemes of people that don’t.

    He cuts the ties to the failed, and instead he tries to build that which will work.

    A White Nationalist is not a defeatist, who pins his hope on nearly solutions, he’s a revolutionary that provides total solutions.

    Only a fool can not see that the race is truly over now, and only a traitor will not move on, and realize that he was part of the problem, and know that instead of that now it’s time he became part of the solution.

    Ask yourself this, has the time not come to walk away from the same old tired losers, who have sold you a rather expensive defeat, and start to work with winners, who want to build a future, one you can be proud of, and one that your children will thank you for?

    Welcome to White Nationalist Future, it’s time to make a choice, are you for the White race, or against it?

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