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$2.9 Million Awarded

Posted by nicolen on October 31, 2007

While this may not stop them, it sure will slow their butts down. Sometimes there is justice to be had.

phelps.jpgPhelps Clan Ordered To Pay $2.9M In Anti-Gay Military Suit
by The Associated Press

Posted: October 31, 2007 – 5:00 pm ET
Article Found At

(Baltimore, Maryland) A federal jury on Wednesday awarded the father of a fallen Marine $2.9 million in compensatory damages after finding an anti-gay Kansas church and three of its leaders liable for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress for picketing the Marine’s funeral in 2006.

The jury was to begin deliberating the size of punitive damages after receiving further instructions, although U.S. District Judge Richard Bennett noted the size of the compensatory award “far exceeds the net worth of the defendants,” according to financial statements filed with the court.

Albert Snyder of York, Pa., sued the Westboro Baptist Church for unspecified monetary damages after members staged a demonstration at the March 2006 funeral of his son, Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder, who was killed in Iraq.

Church members routinely picket funerals of military personnel killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, carrying signs such as “Thank God for dead soldiers” and “God hates fags.”

A number of states have passed laws regarding funeral protests, and Congress has passed a law prohibiting such protests at federal cemeteries, but the Maryland lawsuit is believed to be the first filed by the family of a fallen serviceman.

Snyder’s suit named the church, its founder the Rev. Fred Phelps and his two daughters Shirley Phelps-Roper and Rebecca Phelps-Davis, 46. The jury began deliberating Tuesday after two days of testimony.

The York, Pa. man claimed the protests intruded upon what should have been a private ceremony and sullied his memory of the event.

The church members testified they are following their religious beliefs by spreading the message that the deaths of soldiers are due to the nation’s tolerance of homosexuality.

Their attorneys argued in closing statements Tuesday that the burial was a public event and that even abhorrent points of view are protected by the First Amendment, which guarantees freedom of speech and religion.

The judge said the church’s financial statements, sealed earlier, could be released to the plaintiffs.

Earlier, church members staged a demonstration outside the federal courthouse, which is located on a busy thoroughfare a few blocks west of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, while passing motorists honked and shouted insults.

Church founder Fred Phelps held a sign reading “God is your enemy,” while his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper stood on an American flag while carrying a sign that read “God hates fag enablers.” Members of the group sang “God Hates America,”‘ to the tune of “God Bless America.”

Snyder sobbed when he heard the verdict while members of the church greeted the news with tightlipped smiles.


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Seriously, With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies « Tiny Cat Pants

Posted by nicolen on October 30, 2007

This article was written a few months ago but remains germain in the discussion of immigration. Superb job.

Seriously, With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies « Tiny Cat Pants

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Posted by nicolen on October 29, 2007


coldshotsm5.gifAt 9:00 Eastern time, Cold Shot will be on the air. Just go to EYE ON HATE and click on the Winamp Button.


*The Westboro Baptist Church and Reverend Phelps in Court

*The further break-up of the National Socialist Movement and Jeff Schoep’s desperate attempts to save what’s left.

*The Ouster of Taylor Bowles and a hysterical look at his campaign “platform.”

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Black People Want Handouts « brotherpeacemaker

Posted by nicolen on October 29, 2007

A highly recommended article from a fellow bogger. Please read…

Black People Want Handouts « brotherpeacemaker

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Ron Paul – Viral Marketing or Viral Infection?

Posted by nicolen on October 26, 2007

paul.jpgRon Paul – Viral Marketing or Viral Infection?

Words that are spoken often leave permanent scars – and regardless of one’s efforts they cannot be taken back. People can change. People can alter their ideologies. What people can’t do is keep those beliefs hidden forever. Presidential hopeful, Ron Paul, may not have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever hearing “Hail to the Chief” as he graces the red carpet – but he is making his mark among those who believe him to be the “Great White Hope.”

Watching the drama unfold as the 2008 Presidential Candidates bloody each other up while seeking their party’s endorsement may not be something that tops the list of America’s entertainment seekers. However, even the most apathetic among us would have to agree that the list of candidates is an interesting one. An African-American, a woman, a bevy of right wingers and a racist are all jockeying for position and ultimately the right to lead the country.

One of those candidates, Ron Paul, probably won’t make it to the forefront but he is creating a ruckus on the internet. A few days ago, Political Editor of the Huffington Post, Thomas B. Edsall, wrote a column entitled, “To His Dismay, Ron Paul Becoming Magnet for White Supremacists.” Well…DUH! As I read Edsall’s piece I couldn’t help but wonder where this man had been all his life. The article states:

“The Paul campaign dismissed the pro-Paul activities among these groups. “We don’t know who these people are,” said Jesse Benton, Paul’s communications director. “Their support has “nothing to do with Ron Paul, and what he stands for….His message of freedom, peace and prosperity – that’s why people support him.”
“Paul has not made racist or anti-Semitic appeals to the controversial organizations and their members. Instead, their support is based on Paul’s libertarian opposition to government generally, including the IRS and the powers granted to the federal government under the Patriot Act – views that are shared by many on the conservative fringe of the spectrum.”
Forgive me, but I think I might be sick. Let’s just look at who this Dr. Ron Paul is. Ron Paul is no newcomer to the political arena and no newcomer to extremism. That’s always been his stock-in-trade. From far right-wing milita and tax-evasion groups to downright racist organizations and individuals Paul has built a bastion of bigotry and laid the foundation for this moment.
Like the racists, he couches his rhetoric in euphemistic speech and coat-tails on to popular movements as a means to further his racist and anti-Semitic agenda.
It has been said that Ron Paul is so far right that he is almost left. It’s a very weird and, sometimes confusing, set of precepts and concepts with which Paul has spun his web. He was once a Libertarian and sought the Presidency in 1988. Today he runs as a Republican with some claiming that he is the closest thing to what a Republican conservative should be and others claiming that he is anything but.
Highlighting the confusion, and almost bizarre, incongruences that Paul is noted for, the late Molly Ivins, well known Texas columnist had this to say during the 1996 congressional race in Texas:
“In the amazing 14th, Democrat Lefty Morris (his slogan is ”Lefty is Right!”) faces the Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul, who is himself so far right that he’s sometimes left, as happens with your Libertarians. I think my favorite issue here is Paul’s 1993 newsletter advising ”Frightened Americans” on how to get their money out of the country. He advised that Peruvian citizenship could be purchased for a mere 25 grand. That we should all become Peruvians is one of the more innovative suggestions of this festive campaign season. But what will the Peruvians think of it?”
Ron Paul has had a long-standing relationship with the “Patriot Movement” and the “Tax Resistance Movement.” The Patriot Network, an anti-tax, anti-government group, held a dinner in Paul’s honor in 2004, and heavily endorses him for President. The Patriot Network has overlapping ties with a lot of other militia and Christian Identity groups.
The alliance with these types of groups doesn’t stop there for Dr. Paul, however. If you are truly judged by the company that you keep, then it shouldn’t be too much of a leap to determine just who Ron Paul really is. Among his friends and supporters you can add Tom DeLay, who contributed at least $6,000 to Paul’s campaign. In return, Paul voted to allow DeLay to continue in his position after an indictment was handed down for criminal conspiracy and money laundering.
Perhaps even more disturbing is Paul’s close and enduring friendship with Christian Reconstructionist Gary North, who is a leading figure in that movement and who served on Paul’s staff at one time.
Gary North has many ties to the radical right and to policy makers in the halls of government. Some might remember North best for his inaccurate prognostication of a cataclysmic event concerning Y2K. According to Wikipedia, “North’s economic views are libertarian, and he is a believer in the Austrian School of economics. However, socially, he is an advocate of theonomic rule (“the rule of God’s law”) and proposes a strict legal system based on Biblical laws, which might execute people for violations of those laws (such as sodomy, adultery, witchcraft) that are not capital offenses under current U.S. laws.”
North was also a harbinger of doom over the spread of AIDS. According to NNDB,
“In his wryly-titled 1987 essay The Plague Has Come at Last, North predicted millions of deaths by AIDS, full hospitals by 1992. Quoting Camus and forecasting a global epidemic, North wrote:
“In 1992, we will run out of available hospital beds. This means that when you take a family member to stay in the hospital, you will either be sent away, or be sent to a very expensive private hospital, or they will start stacking AIDS victims up in minimal-care, crowded facilities.
“By then, many victims will be heterosexuals.
“But after 1991, it starts getting really serious. Unless a cure is found, or for some reason the disease ceases to be lethal, the doubling process gets us. Those infected today now number between three million and four million. The incubation period, says Dr. Koop, is ten years. They don’t know how many people presently infected will actually get full-blown AIDS, but it may be as high as half. It may be 100%, if we wait long enough. But the disease is spreading fast. If it continues to double, 64 million Americans will be infected by the end of 1990. If it slows to half the present rate, and does so immediately, then “only” 15 million will be carriers in 1990.
“The article begins as a somewhat cogent diatribe, but quickly degenerates into the usual palm-waving and all-caps text of a junior high Robert Mcelwaine:


Gary North, on top of everything else, sits on the Council for National Policy along with several of his friends. The Council for National Policy is a highly secretive group of extreme right wingers who are very wealthy and very powerful.

In 1992, Ron Paul produced an independent newsletter. During this period, statements made by Paul raised more than a few eyebrows and are coming back to haunt him today. Here are Paul’s own words:

“Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5 percent of blacks have sensible political opinions, i.e. support the free market, individual liberty and the end of welfare and affirmative action,”

Paul continued that politically sensible blacks are outnumbered “as decent people.” Citing reports that 85 percent of all black men in the District of Columbia are arrested, Paul wrote:

“Given the inefficiencies of what D.C. laughingly calls the `criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal,” Paul said.

“…although we are constantly told that it is evil to be afraid of black men, it is hardly irrational. Black men commit murders, rapes, robberies, muggings and burglaries all out of proportion to their numbers.

Paul even had the chutzpah to say that African-American youths who commit crimes should be tried as adults. He has come under severe criticism not only for his remarks, but for using statistics that were published and skewed by the infamous racist Jared Taylor.

Not surprisingly, once this information surfaced, Paul started back-pedaling claiming that he didn’t write those remarks and that a “ghostwriter” had been the culprit. Few believe this to be true, but even if it were he would not escape culpability as he allowed the statements to stand until that time when they might prove harmful to his bid for office.

Consequently, it is with great amusement that I have watched bloggers – of the conservative kind – ask the question, “Why is Stormfront endorsing Ron Paul? Moreover, they wonder why Paul doesn’t rebuke their ideology and refuse their support.

Well…um…first of all, as reprehensible as the Stormfront website might be, they do have the right to support and endorse anyone they choose. Secondly, Ron Paul, as one reporter put it, is a “magnet for white supremacists.” He attracts them because of his extremism and his right wing stance. He has also attracted a few from the other end of the spectrum, because of his stand on the war. So…what did they expect?

An endorsement from Stormfront is a logical and not unexpected move as David Duke and Jamie Kelso have tipped their hat in Paul’s direction. Duke and Kelso have a huge following among Stormfronters and are joined at the hip with Don Black, Stormfront’s owner and leader.

Ron Paul has also been a favorite among those at the Council of Conservative Citizens and the League of the South. He has been interviewed on Political Cesspool, the wildly popular radio show which proffers the racist and anti-immigration stances of the Council. Additionally, Paul’s campaign progress is continuously monitored by the Council and Political Cesspool.
He is also the chairman of the Liberty Caucus, which includes some of the most conservative members of the House including Tom Tancredo, Jimmy Duncan, and Virgil Goode. Ron Paul is a member of Tom Tancredo’s Immigration Reform Caucus, as well.
Tom Tancredo is another favorite among the racist and neo-Confederate groups to which he has pandered.
Paul has been termed the “Internet Darling” by the media because of his wide-spread support on the internet. He is ranked among the top internet search engines as generating the most hits and his YouTube videos have achieved an all time high with at least 33,000 subscribers.
Some claim that it is a mere handful of puppets who are “padding and skewing” the internet statistics, while others prophesy a real upset in the making., a popular Republican website, recently banned new Ron Paul supporters from engaging in any commentary referencing Paul. Chastising and warning Paul posters, the notice read as follows:
“Attention, Ron Paul Supporters (Life is *REALLY* Not Fair),” begins, “Effective immediately, new users may *not* shill for Ron Paul in any way shape, form or fashion. Not in comments, not in diaries, nada. If your account is less than 6 months old, you can talk about something else, you can participate in the other threads and be your zany libertarian self all you want, but you cannot pimp Ron Paul. Those with accounts more than six months old may proceed as normal.”
Redstate founder, Erick Erickson stated, “They’re terribly annoying and they don’t add to the debate. If people are adding to the debate we don’t have a problem with them coming here. But they’re just coming to promote Ron Paul. They talk over everyone. They yell at everyone.”
Actually, isn’t the only internet site that is upset with Paul’s computer savvy group of well-wishers. Many discussion groups throughout cyberspace have been the recipients of the spam-like overzealousness of Paul supporters.
Ron Paul has been repeatedly ignored and omitted by the media as well as many prominent groups seeking the presence of presidential hopefuls. That’s not too surprising given the fact that, generally speaking, front-runners get most of the publicity. This is frustrating for those who seek to push Paul into the Republican forefront and perhaps accounts for the rabidity with which they promote their candidate.
 Certainly, Ron Paul cannot be held responsible for those who seem to like his ideas. Certainly, no one can be held responsible for the fact that unsavory and unscrupulous people align themselves with him – that is, if they are uninvited. The question that looms and begs an answer is whether or not he sent the invitation.

I contend that by virtue of those with whom Ron Paul associates with, and by virtue of his comments the invitation is a tacit one – but an invitation just the same.

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Posted by nicolen on October 25, 2007

Should Hanging a Noose be a Hate Crime ? Tonight on Eye On Hate Radio Live at 9pm

Eye On Hate Radio Oct. 25th Broadcast line-up

Tonight, we have what I believe will be an interesting and exciting show, our special guest will be OPPForum’s own Crypto – of course, Nikki from Citizens Against Hate will be joining us and hopefully Laurie from SOAR !

We will be discussing my recent visit to the Penn State Campus in Mont Alto,PA;

Asking the question should”hanging nooses be a hate crime”;

Fascist leader of the British National Party (BNP) will in Michigan this week. Eye On Hate will ask why this is possible;

Why the media is ignoring the right wing fascists support of Ron Paul;

plus much more –

During the show you can call-in or leave your questions and comments at

Show starts at 9pm est and will be archived shortly afterwards.

To tune in to the live Eye On Hate Radio broadcast at 9pm go to and click on the winamp link at top of page.

Hope you can join us !

Floyd- Eye On Hate Radio

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An Unconscionable Number

Posted by nicolen on October 23, 2007


 Around the world, 27–30,000 children die every day.

That is equivalent to:

  • 1 child dying every 3 seconds
  • 20 children dying every minute
  • A 2004 Asian Tsunami occurring almost every week
  • An Iraq-scale death toll every 15–35 days
  • 10–11 million children dying every year
  • Over 50 million children dying between 2000 and 2005

The silent killers are poverty, hunger, easily preventable diseases and illnesses, and other related causes. In spite of the scale of this daily/ongoing catastrophe, it rarely manages to achieve, much less sustain, prime-time, headline coverage.

Read More…

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Posted by nicolen on October 22, 2007



*The Jena 6 Congressional Hearings
*Dr. James Watson & His Unintelligent Remarks
*Hal Turner’s latest foray into fantasy land
*A look at the current NSM and Wild Bill Hoff’s Colorful Past


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Little Wonder…

Posted by nicolen on October 16, 2007

Little Wonder…
By Nicole Nichols

During the last few weeks, out in the Blogosphere that has become home, and almost second nature, for pundits, truth-seekers, philosophers, and some really good writers, it has become evident that racism and bigotry is flourishing in these United States of America. As is the thinking man’s disposition, a reason for such things is always desired. Therefore, it is the norm, rather than the exception, for each of us to attempt to present viable and well-thought out explanations for this upsurge in hateful and discriminatory actions and rhetoric.

How can one explain something that is utterly indefensible, you may ask. Is it even possible to attribute any logic to something as illogical as racism? Probably not. However, the variables at play, which may be accountable for the recent public display of that which has previously been kept at a low boil just below the surface of the American landscape can certainly be explored.

It has been noted by a few that discussion of race and race relations are subjects that have been almost forbidden in modern society. A cursory surf of internet discussion boards will attest to that assertion. Generally speaking, once the dialogue changes to address those topics, either the subject is changed or interchanges cease. Additionally, race, racism, etc. is certainly not part of dinner party repartee.

This refusal of people in our society to even broach one of the most important and acute issues facing Americans today only exacerbates a situation that has reached malignant proportions and promises to reach dangerous heights in the coming years. The first step in finding a solution is always acknowledging that there is a problem.

Hate, in and of itself, is a natural emotion. Racism is not. How many of us didn’t hate whoever was responsible for the September 11th attacks? In the aftermath, we wanted revenge. We wanted an eye for an eye. Initially, we wanted Al Qaeda so bad that the hatred in this country was almost palpable. However, when we saw the anguish that goes along with war, when we saw the destruction of human life, our hatred began to wane. We were still angry. We still wanted revenge. But, we didn’t want revenge at the cost of innocent people – unlike the terrorists.

Racism, on the other hand, knows no such boundaries. It is hate and that hate is vengeful and relentless. For that reason, it is little wonder that organized hate groups in this country have been labeled “domestic terrorists.”

After the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, hate groups, militias, and the like went underground for awhile. Realizing that many believed and held them responsible for such an act made them a little more than leery of recruitment and public displays of anti-government and racist ideology. But, that hiatus didn’t last for long.

Immediately following the attacks of 9-11 the hate groups went into high gear. Because the enemy was one of color, they intended to capitalize on that hatred that Americans were feeling. They saw this as an opportunity to recruit and to further, not only their racist agenda, but their anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel, as well.

People like David Duke, William Luther Pierce, Billy Roper, et. al. stepped to the forefront and pointed a racist and bigoted finger at the people they held responsible while applauding, yes applauding, the prowess, dedication, and bravery of the terrorists.

Interestingly, and unfortunately, they experienced a little success in reaching out and touching the American people. Albeit a brief moment in the sun, these groups exploited American emotion. At the same time, some of the entities were undergoing a metamorphosis. Understanding that their previous approach to mainstream America was not palatable to most, they decided to “clean up their act” and become more “mainstream.”

Using euphemistic verbiage, the language among these racists changed. A person was no longer a “racist” but a “racialist” or “racially aware.” White supremacists were now “White Nationalists.” They were no longer about “hate,” but about “love” – love of the white race. They no longer fought against “equal rights” but for “white rights.” And, so it went.

This attempt at appearing more “civilized” worked to an extent and is affording them a little kinder treatment by mainstream media. While changing the language, they also recognized the need to be more involved in social issues.

As an attack on Iraq started to appear imminent, the anti-war movement started to build. Seeing an opportunity to endear themselves to hundreds of thousands, many racists signed on. Carrying “No War For Israel” banners and signs, they took to the streets to protest right along side the other groups. Few were fooled, however, and the anti-war folks usually sent them packing.

Frustrated by not getting as much mileage out of their chameleonic attempts, the groups began to factionalize. Many were tired of this sanitized version of hate and they joined with other, more militant and overtly racist, organizations.

Perhaps the most receptive and nourishing cause for the racist movement to hook its’ sails to in modern times has been the anti-immigration movement. Adroit leaders within the racist realm have, historically, recognized a climate of unrest and tension as an optimal period for recruiting and furthering their agenda. The anti-immigration groups have created a fertile and enticing atmosphere in which racism, bigotry, and prejudice can flourish.

Steeped in intolerance, fanaticism and, sometimes, ignorance the movement itself has been joined and enjoined at the hip with the racist and his ideology thus providing a vehicle into mainstream American culture.

Much as the Ku Klux Klan was able to ingrain itself into the hearts and minds of America during its’ heyday, the anti-immigration movement has made inroads into every aspect of our society. Hence, so has racism and bigotry.

In a free society, such as ours, we tend to “go with the flow.” We are easily influenced by the media and the spin-doctors of the world. We latch on to what is “popular” at the moment – so do public personalities, politicians, advertisers, and the media. The war is no longer popular. George Bush is no longer popular. Discriminating against immigrants is popular.

We have lost the war on drugs. We know that the war on terror is a farce. Our economy is in rapid decline. Health care is critical. Our justice system is broken. Voting people in or out of office doesn’t seem to change anything. The middle class is disappearing. More and more people are feeling disenfranchised – and there is nowhere to vent our frustration. In times like these, hate thrives.

Anti-immigration rhetoric has given way to anti-minority rants and more and more people are joining the fray. Why? Because we have to have someone to blame. All of this cannot be our fault. That’s human nature. It may not be right. It may not be accurate. It may even be reprehensible – but true, nonetheless.

When humans feel control over their lives and their destinies they often strike out at others in an attempt to demonstrate that they are still the pilots of their fate and that they still have something in the way of power.

It is understood that those most susceptible to being oppressed, subjugated, or dominated are those who lack financial and social resources, hence they become the target of those seeking to control something – anything.

Knowing all of this doesn’t solve anything, but it does beg the question “Who is it that feels the loss of control the most?” The answer is, just as it has been for decades, “white America.”

Fear is a powerful motivator – and fear of losing that “specialness,” that “White Privilege” has been fueling and motivating the racist arena for decades as well. It matters not how irrational this fear may be because, once it reaches its’ peak, it is all consuming leaving no room for any sort of rational thought.

Consequently, we, in America, are now witnessing the rise of a tide of fear cloaked in racism and hatred. Only, this time, the target for their catharsis is mightier than in the past and is armed with the knowledge that comes with life’s experiences.

Nooses can be hung, children can be exploited, graffiti can be painted, men can be dragged, and talking heads can rant, but I predict that those acts of intimidation and fear-striking preludes to oppression will have a less than desirable affect on the mark. White America will have to find another whipping boy for its’ purification.

It has become evident that while we have been so busy portraying ourselves as the “superior” nation, as the haven of diverse and multicultural lifestyles, as the American Dream we forgot how to just be who we really are – humans striving to be human.

History really does often repeat itself. Sometimes, however, it does so with a twist.

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Posted by nicolen on October 16, 2007

coldshotsm2.gifCold Shot Archive of 10-15-07 Show can be downloaded HERE.

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