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Dreams Sometimes Do Come True

Posted by nicolen on June 4, 2009

Hal Turner

Hal Turner

Writing about Hal Turner comes almost as second nature since I have been doing just that for years now. However, writing about Hal Turner being arrested has only been a dream of mine – until now. I only wish that the charges would come from another source – but I’ll not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Several people on both sides of the ideological spectrum are asking the same question in the aftermath of yesterday’s arrest – “Why now when Hal has been doing much the same thing that he is charged with for years?”

Well, I am no legal expert in these matters, but here are my thoughts – all of which are racing right at the moment.

The charges brought are state felony charges much like those brought against Bill White several months back. Unlike the White case, there have been no federal charges – yet.

In reading the news accounts and the internet post that resulted in these charges, I was struck by a couple of pronouns that Turner used – these might have done him in. Example:

Thankfully, the Founding Fathers gave us the tools necessary to resolve tyranny: The Second Amendment..

TRN advocates Catholics in Connecticut take up arms and put down this tyranny by force. To that end, THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT ON “THE HAL TURNER SHOW” we will be releasing the home addresses of the Senator and Assemblyman who introduced Bill 1098 as well as the home address of Thomas K. Jones from the OSE.

After all, if they are so proud of what they’re doing, they shouldn;t mind if everyone knows where they live.

It is our intent to foment direct action against these individuals personally. These beastly government officials should be made an example of as a warning to others in government: Obey the Constitution or die.

If any state attorney, police department or court thinks they’re going to get uppity with us about this; I suspect we have enough bullets to put them down too

Using the pronouns “us” and “we” along with words like “intent,” “direct action,” “personally,” and “put them down” pretty much implies that you and some one else intends to cause harm to your target.

Hal Turner has always been this shock-jock hate machine who vomits vitriolic threats all over the internet looking for some sort of attention. Prostituting himself for his own personal, self-serving gain has garnered him a few more than his 15 minutes of fame over the years. As others of the same persuasion have been arrested for much lesser offenses than those committed by Turner, it has been suggested that he has been more beneficial to law-enforcement running amok rather than behind bars. Considering the fact that just a couple of days ago, Turner posted a map to the Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago highlighting the location of the built in anti-truck bomb barriers while targeting three circuit court judges, it will be interesting to see if other charges are brought against this reprobate.

As expected, there are those who are decrying the arrest as a direct affront to the First Amendment. Even some who have been severely critical of Turner in the past, fear this to be an omen of future abridgements. The question that this writer would ask is, perhaps, one that would incite the protecors of that freedom even more – when the First Amendment was written, what was the intent?

Was it intended that anyone could say anything at anytime? If that was the case, then are we to assume that it is okay for another to threaten harm to you and your family? Was it intended that your right to free speech be able to interfere with my right to live, love, and raise my family without fear of intimidation or threat? I don’t think the Founding Fathers intended any such thing.

There are many things happening in our country and, indeed, within the government that need our attention. We can criticize…we can protest…we can campaign…we can lobby…we can vote…we can use all sorts of peaceful means to effect change. Holding people hostage through intimidation and threats of violence is not, however, acceptable in this society – or under the Constitution.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Hal Turner. It will also be interesting to witness the reactions of those who support him regardless of the outcome.

The biggest question that seems to be looming, however, is still “why has an arrest not come before now?” Hal Turner has, certainly, pushed the envelope. In January of 2007, his violent outburst to a group of youngsters who had been harassing him sent shocks and shivers down the spines of the reader when he wrote:

The ONLY thing any of you are accomplishing is raising the level ofbrutality I intend to use when I take revenge.

Here is how I will mete out justice according to the action committed:

1) Some of you are going to get the shit beaten out of you.

2) Others are going to be beaten to death, and finally;

3) Others are going to have firebombs thrown through the windowsof their houses WHILE THEY ARE HOME and when they – and their familiescome out, their throats will be cut.

This is the price I will exact for :

1) Harassing my wife (who has nothing to do with my radio show)2) Recording the harassment of my wife and putting it on the net and3) Harassing my senior citizen mother.

I am so motivated to to physical violence to these people that Idon’t even care to state my intentions publicly. Neither cops, norProsecutors, nor Judges will be able to stop me.

Hal Turner

When the Anonymous group threatened to turn him in to the appropriate internet authorites, Hal did nothing but scoff and say:

The AOL Police? Big fucking deal.

THe U.S. Secret Service has been “monitoring” me since the year 2000because of the things I say about the President and VP

The U.S. Marshal Service has been watching me since 1997 when Istarted make life uncomforatble for federal judges.

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force has had me in their sights formore than three years as have the New Jersey State Police (Office ofCounter Terrorism).

Do you REALLY think I give a shit about AOL?

Think again.

Do you know why those law enforcement agencies watch me so closely? Because they KNOW I hurt people; they just can;t prove it.

THey KNOW homes and businesses have been fire bombed becuase of me;they just can;t prove it.

They KNOW a federal judges family was killed in Chicago because of me;they just can’t prove it.

So you and your pals just keep fucking around. YOU TOO can become just another part of a long string of people I have “dealt” with.

Hal Turner

Turner has been notorious for targeting judges and elected officials with his threats and promises of  violence.  One can only speculate as to why nothing has been done sooner.


4 Responses to “Dreams Sometimes Do Come True”

  1. Jason said

    For every White Patriot your put in jail …. Ten more will stand up in their place. You cannot destroy the movement.

  2. nicolen said

    So…you believe that Hal Turner is a “white patriot?”

  3. Jason said

    Hal’s entire motivation in life, as well as all our people, is love: The great love we/he have for everything that is clean and pure and decent. It is people like you who want to create a bizzare, nightmarish world, where everthing that is clean and pure and decent is twisted into something monsterous.

    You are an advocate of Bestiality. Look it up in a dictionary. Beastiality = sex with an animal. We consider inter-racial sex to be a form of bestiality. If a white person has sex with a Negro they are guilty of engaging in an act of bestiality, just as if they had sex with a monkey, or an ape, a gorilla, or a rodent.

    You are an advocate of bestiality. You want to force us to breed with the subhumans. As part of your sick Jewish plan to destroy the White race.

    Seig Heil!

  4. incogman said

    Hal Turner has recently admitted he was a PAID FBI INFORMANT.

    I guess that might throw your little world view askew? But, of course, you will merely ignore that and come up with some kind of jibberish to explain it away.

    The Jews have often been caught purposefully setting-up Nazis. Why would they do that, pray tell?

    You are a fool and it’s fools like yourself who have been USED by the REAL MAN. These are the same people behind much of the world’s evils and yet you still go on attacking Whites who have seen right through it.

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