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Posted by nicolen on March 4, 2008


You might not want to miss tonight’s Cold Shots. Recent events have brought Bill White – the Roanoke Nazi – back into our crosshairs as well as a couple of others.


• The fledgling Nazi – Bill White
• Is he is or is he ain’t a Nazi?
• God’s Gift to Ignorance – Alex Linder
• The Linder vs White Will War
• The Secret Agent Man – Hal Turner
• VNN Agents Mutiny Against Turner’s Orders?



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Posted by nicolen on January 28, 2008

Obviously, we had technical difficulties tonight. The January 28th Cold Shot can be downloaded here.



*A Success Story – From Hatred to Harmony

*Another Violent Creator

*Hate Crime Charges Filed On Munson

*Mayor Funkhouser Funked Up

*Jose Padilla, Timothy McVeigh, Al Qaeda, Domestic Terrorism


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Posted by nicolen on January 17, 2008

Feedom of speech is cherished in this country, as it should be. Most people who are sane, rational, educated, and imbued with a modicum of integrity realize that with such rights there comes a certain degree of responsibility. However, when those who fall short in any of those areas decide to wave a banner and orate from a dais or tree stump we can expect there is a cost to the rest of us.

That cost may be extracted in the form of hurt feelings, civil or racial unrest, bruised psyches, and yes…even dollars. The following article appeared in the City Pulse in Lansing, Michigan and demonstrates the inherent dangers of racism and racist reasoning as well as the cost to others when administrators are hamstrung between the rock and a hard place. To read the article in it’s original form click here.

Black Hats on Campus E-mail
Written by David Holthouse   
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
Preston Wiginton is one busy neo-Nazi.

In October 2005, he won the “Strongest Skinhead” contest at Hammerfest, a racist skinhead festival in Draketown, Ga., where he announced that he was organizing secret paramilitary training in preparation for the coming race war. In the following days, Wiginton posted more than 300 messages to the white nationalist online forum Stormfront, writing in one that “beating down a mud,” or non-white, is a “righteous act of collective preservation.”

Since then, Wiginton has continued to appear at white supremacist events across the United States — and abroad, too. Just this Nov. 4, Wiginton spoke to a crowd of 5,000 Russian ultranationalists at a Moscow rally against non-white immigration that included calls for Serbian-style ethnic cleansing. Waving his black cowboy hat, the Victoria, Texas, resident said, “I’m taking my hat off as a sign of respect for your strong identity in ethnicity, nation and race.” The audience responded with Nazi salutes and chants of “White power!” in English.

But Wiginton, ever the activist, has not neglected smaller venues. A mere 10 days before the Moscow rally, Wiginton served as master of ceremonies at an appearance in East Lansing, by British Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, the national chairman of the white supremacist British National Party.

This time, Wiginton’s venue was not a skinhead keg party, backwoods cross burning or neo-Nazi rally on foreign soil. It was a lecture hall on the campus of Michigan State University.


Kyle Bristow (far right) and four other members of YAF-MSU (who declined to be identified) protesting Sen. McCain’s appearance Sunday at the Kellogg Center over his position on illegal immigration (E.J. Jocque/City Pulse).

Wiginton, 43, is not a Michigan State University student. He’s not an alumnus or a faculty member, either. But he is chummy with MSU junior Kyle Bristow, the 21-year-old chairman of the Michigan State University chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, or MSU-YAF — the only university student organization in the country listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Acting in collusion with elder white supremacists like Wiginton, and with the financial and logistical support of a major conservative foundation, Bristow and a handful of cronies have roiled their campus and the surrounding community by hosting speakers like Griffin, issuing vicious homophobic and racist insults, and staging publicity stunts masked as political demonstrations that seem inspired in equal parts by the movie “Animal House” and the Hitler Youth.

“He’s become a divisive force,” former MSU-YAF member Kari Lynn Jaksa, an MSU junior who describes herself as a Republican with strong libertarian leanings, says of Bristow. “Frankly, he’s embarrassing.”

A YAF a Minute
In November 2006, MSU-YAF organized a “Straight Power” demonstration in downtown Lansing to protest a proposed local civil rights ordinance (which passed unanimously) protecting gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgener individuals from discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation. YAF members carried signs that read “End Faggotry” and “Go Back in the Closet.”

Also last year, Bristow and Wiginton co-administered two racist online groups — “True American Patriot” and “Jobs a White Man Won’t Do” — within the Facebook social network. (The pair also share a fondness for black cowboy hats. Bristow wore his while anti-racist protesters outside the MSU building where Griffin spoke on Oct. 26 beat a piñata effigy of Griffin with sticks.)

MSU-YAF has since cosponsored a “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” contest, held a “Koran Desecration” competition, jokingly threatened to distribute smallpox-infested blankets to Native American students, and posted “Gays Spread AIDS” fliers across campus.

Last spring, when the MSU leftist group Students for Economic Justice hosted a lecture by a Colombian labor organizer detailing allegations of union busting and murder by the owners of Coca-Cola bottling plants in South America, Bristow and his minions jeered, waved American flags and conspicuously guzzled from large bottles of Coke while the speaker tearfully described witnessing his best friend being gunned down by paramilitary thugs.

“YAF’s ridiculous tactics are making all conservatives at MSU look bad,” Jaksa, an international relations major, told the Intelligence Report. “It’s gotten to the point where I hate to even say I’m a conservative anymore in class discussions or private conversations, because people automatically assume that I’m with Kyle Bristow. It’s important to me that people know there are sane conservatives on this campus. We’re not all racists and fascists.”

Jaksa said that when she joined MSU-YAF her freshman year, “It was basically just the action wing of the College Republicans.” Now, according to Jaksa and other sources, the College Republicans at MSU have asked Bristow to stop attending their meetings.

“We protested in favor of fiscal and social conservatism. We held demonstrations against liberal senators who voted a way on a bill that we didn’t agree with. But our agenda was very much what I could categorize as mainstream Republican,” Jaksa said. “That was before Kyle took it over [in spring 2006] and YAF went off the deep end.”

Friends in High Places
Despite its notoriety, MSU-YAF is widely supported by mainstream conservative politicians and power brokers in Michigan. The group was influential enough in rallying support for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative — the deceptively named affirmative action ban that Michigan voters approved in 2006 — that MCRI Executive Director Jennifer Granz thanked MSU-YAF by name in her election night victory speech.

Last May 2, a few days after the SPLC named MSU-YAF a hate group — a move that received a great deal of public attention in the state — Michigan Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis endorsed MSU-YAF and defended Bristow on a talk radio show. “This [Bristow] is exactly the type of young kid we want out there,” Anuzis said. “I’ve known Kyle for years, and I can tell you I have never heard him say a racist or bigoted or sexist thing, ever.”

In fact, Bristow and his minions frequently single out and ridicule individual MSU gay, lesbian, and non-white students online, posting their photos and calling them “freaks,” “scum” and “savages.” Last September, Bristow criticized MSU’s decision to establish a Chicano/Latino Studies doctoral program in a news release headlined, “MSU Offers Doctorate in Savagery.”

And last March 31, roughly one month before Anuzis defended Bristow against accusations of bigotry, Bristow posted this comment on the MSU-YAF Web site: “If Christopher Columbus didn’t bring civilization to the Americas, the Indians would still be running through forests in loincloths, scalping each other, shoving bones through their noses, worshipping pagan gods, and spreading syphilis. Thank God Christopher Columbus put an end to this backward culture.”

Bristow politely refused a request to be interviewed for this article, saying that his “legal counsel” had advised him against such an interview because he’s considering legal action against the SPLC, which publishes the Intelligence Report, for defamation.
But there are some clues to his personality.

In a recent online dating profile, Bristow wrote that he plans to enroll in law school after he graduates from MSU in the fall of 2008 with a degree in international relations. Among his hobbies are “conservative politics,” “watching the History or Court TV channels,” “shooting my pellet gun” and “looking at my coin collection.”
Several MSU students who’ve been in classes with Bristow described him as a classmate who participated infrequently in seminar discussions, rarely asked questions and generally kept his political views to himself.

Jaksa, the former MSU-YAF member, said that she and Bristow hung out together quite a bit during their first year at MSU. “He was just a relaxed, normal kid at the beginning of our freshman year,” Jaksa said. “But then he underwent this odd transition. You know how most people, when they get to college, either move to the center or become more liberal in terms of their political beliefs? Well, Kyle did the opposite. It was like he kept moving farther and farther to the right to counterbalance all the people around him he saw moving to the left.”

Ted Madsen, another MSU international relations major who’s now in his junior year, said that he first met Bristow a few days after their freshman year began in the fall of 2005. “He struck me as very driven and very strait-laced,” recalled Madsen. “He was quite vocal about the fact that he was against drinking and smoking but, all in all, he was a fairly likeable guy.”

Bristow in Power
In spring 2006, shortly after he assumed control of MSU-YAF, Bristow ran unopposed and was elected to represent James Madison College — the college attended by all international relations majors — on the Associated Students of Michigan State University, or ASMSU, the university’s student government body.

Just before the academic year ended, Bristow posted his 13-point agenda online. It included these goals: “Hunt down illegal immigrants in the Lansing area and have them deported”; “Eliminate funding for all non-heterosexual student organizations”; “Create a Caucasian Caucus and give them representation on the ASMSU”; and “Eliminate representation to ASMSU for all of the following groups: Alliance of LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender] Students; the Arab Cultural Society; the Black Council; the International Students Association; the Women’s Council; the North American Indigenous Student Organization,” and practically every other non-white, non-heterosexual, or non-Christian student group at MSU.

“I was outraged when I saw it,” said Madsen. “I told him, ‘Your agenda of hate has got to stop, Kyle.’ He’s used that phrase repeatedly in a mocking fashion since.”

Madsen gave Bristow a choice: “Either resign and apologize to the James Madison community for fouling our name, or be removed from office.” Bristow did not resign and did not apologize. It took Madsen and his supporters only two days to gather enough signatures on a recall petition to force a vote, which took place in the fall of 2006, at the beginning of Bristow’s sophomore year. Ninety-six percent of the James Madison students who cast ballots voted to recall Bristow. He was forced to relinquish his seat on the ASMSU.

“I don’t regret it [leading the recall effort], although I do realize that his being recalled only further marginalized and radicalized Kyle to the point where he’s become a joke to many people,” said Madsen. “YAF is routinely ridiculed and mocked on campus, but what many people who refuse to take Kyle seriously may not realize is that Kyle believes all press coverage is good coverage, and while 10,000 people who read what he has to say will be disgusted, one or two will be intrigued. He’s using the media coverage to reach those one or two people at a time and that’s what concerns me about YAF, because what he’s articulating is dangerous.”

The University’s Role
Whatever its potential harm to society, MSU-YAF’s offensive antics have pinned university administrators between the rock of protecting free speech and the hard place of encouraging multiculturalism. For now MSU-YAF remains a registered and officially sanctioned student organization, meaning it’s entitled to certain benefits, including the free use of MSU facilities and university accounting services.

MSU also has to pay for security at YAF events, which invariably draw heated protests. Last April, for example, the university shelled out $3,780 to rent metal detectors for one night to place at every entrance to a YAF-sponsored lecture by nativist extremist leader Chris Simcox, founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a border vigilante group.

Simcox was introduced to an unruly crowd by Jason Van Dyke, a neo-Confederate lawyer based in Denton, Texas. Van Dyke once attended MSU but did not graduate. By his own account, he was kicked out in 2000 after being arrested for domestic violence, possession of a banned weapon and firearm safety violations. (Van Dyke said he was merely transporting a rifle across campus on the first day of hunting season.) Also, according to Van Dyke, MSU police found extremist literature, including the race war fantasy novel The Turner Diaries and the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in his on-campus residence.

When he attended MSU, Van Dyke was a hotly controversial columnist for the State News, an MSU student newspaper. Now, like a former high school football star haunting his old campus, trying to relive the glory days, Van Dyke posts daily rah-rah messages on the MSU-YAF Web site and often travels to East Lansing for MSU-YAF happenings. He and Bristow often wear matching black cowboy hats.

When MSU-YAF held its “Koran Desecration” contest last August, Van Dyke offered this entry: “I would catch Osama Bin Laden and then take a power drill and hollow out a section of the Koran as he was forced to watch. After doing this, I would cut Osama Bin Laden’s genitals off with a rusty hacksaw, place them in the hollowed-out Koran, wrap it in an American flag infected with smallpox, and send the whole package directly to Mecca.”

Van Dyke was equally statesmanlike at the Simcox lecture, which was initially attended by about 40 Simcox supporters and about 100 anti-Simcox protesters, many if not most of them Latino MSU students. Addressing the protesters, Van Dyke said: “Remember, the First Amendment gives you the right to use four-letter words. So I have two more words for you: ‘work’ and ‘soap.’”

Already tense, the situation in the lecture hall erupted. Protesters banged on seats and shouted angrily, preventing Simcox from speaking. MSU police arrested five demonstrators and cleared the room of anyone they perceived to be anti-Simcox, which included virtually all Latinos. This in turn led to allegations of racial profiling, since the campus police officers allowed white protesters to stay.

One week after the Simcox event, a group of 11 students filed a formal complaint with the MSU Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives. They accused MSU-YAF of violating the university’s anti-discrimination policy, which prohibits the bias-motivated harassment of any “University community member” but includes this caveat: “These prohibitions are not intended to abridge University community members’ rights of free expression or other civil rights.”

The complaint filed against MSU-YAF accuses the group of “systematically — as a matter of regular organization practice — targeting groups and individuals for harassment, intimidation and public ridicule.”

University officials declined to discuss the complaint with the Intelligence Report, citing a pending investigation.

Behind the YAF Brand
Young Americans for Freedom was originally a centralized organization of rabidly anti-communist university student groups created in 1960 by National Review founder William F. Buckley. The original incarnation of YAF was also strictly opposed to the civil rights movement and, in 1962, gave its first annual Freedom Award to segregationist South Carolina Sen. Strom Thurmond.

YAF remained active nationwide through the 1980s, but is now essentially moribund. The YAF national headquarters Web page consists of a notice of sadness at the “recent news” of Ronald Reagan’s death, which occurred in June 2004. Now, Young Americans for Freedom is basically just a brand name for radical right-wing student activism, taking form as a loose and decentralized network of campus chapters, each one appearing to act independently.

In fact, the YAF brand is being co-opted and promoted by the Leadership Institute, a hard-line conservative nonprofit organization based in Arlington, Va., that is dedicated, according to its mission statement, to “identifying, recruiting, training and placing conservatives within the public policy process in the U.S. and abroad.” Republican National Committee executive committee member Morton Blackwell — who orchestrated a campaign against Anita Hill at the University of Oklahoma after she came forward with sexual harassment allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas — founded the Leadership Institute in 1979 and is still its president. Major donors include the Coors Foundation and Rich DeVos, founder of the troubled Amway multilevel marketing firm.

Christian Coalition founder Ralph Reed and disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff were both trained by the Leadership Institute, as was Jeff Gannon, the fake White House news correspondent who lobbed softball questions for President Bush from 2003 until 2005. That’s when it was revealed that Gannon had been a gay prostitute before attending the Leadership Institute Broadcast School of Journalism, after which he somehow obtained White House press credentials as a reporter for “Talon News,” Gannon’s one-man operation.

Bristow and Van Dyke both interned at the Leadership Institute last summer. There are currently more than 20 YAF organizations on campuses across the country, most of them started in the past five years by Leadership Institute-trained activists. (The Campus Leadership Program division of the Leadership Institute, according to its Web site, “fosters permanent, effective, conservative student organizations on college campuses across America.”) MSU-YAF is by far the most radical. Its most recent event, the lecture by British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin, was promoted by overtly white supremacist organizations including the American Renaissance newsletter, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and Stormfront. Attending the Griffin lecture incognito were members of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, a white nationalist group founded by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, as well as members of the Keystone State Skinheads and the National Alliance, both neo-Nazi organizations that promote violence against non-whites, non-heterosexuals and Jews.

The only violence surrounding the Griffin event, however, was directed at MSU-YAF when a handful of its members were chased by an angry mob of anti-racist activists afterward. Bristow claimed members of the mob were carrying baseball bats and pieces of lumber. No injuries were reported.

Demeaning MSU?
MSU President Lou Anna Simon has been fairly tight-lipped on the ongoing MSU-YAF controversy. Reacting to the MSU-YAF sponsored “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” back in September 2006, Simon chided MSU-YAF for sponsoring an event she described as “demeaning to individuals and to the values of Michigan State University.”
But Oct. 25, the day before Griffin’s lecture, Simon issued a statement making it clear that putting up with racist propaganda is the price that a university must pay if it is committed to free speech.

“A university should be an open marketplace for the free exchange of ideas,” Simon said. “There are individuals who speak at campus events whose rhetoric and ideas I find reprehensible, and although I may not appreciate their positions, I do respect their right to share their views. The more extreme the view, in either direction, the more it tests us.

“Although we may disagree with one another’s positions, we must respect the rights of individuals to express their positions without fear of intimidation or physical harm. … Acts intended to prohibit the free speech rights of any individual or group, such as destroying informational materials, preventing access to an event, or shouting down a speaker do not support this philosophy and undermine our efforts to encourage robust intellectual discourse.”

MSU student Claudia Gonzalez experienced Bristow’s favorite mode of discourse first-hand when she participated in a protest outside an MSU-YAF event featuring anti-immigration hardliner Tom Tancredo, a Republican congressman from Colorado. “He [Bristow] came up to me and told me, ‘The one thing I’m most proud of is that my granddaddy stole Aztlan from your granddaddy,’” Gonzalez said.

Shortly after that exchange, MSU-YAF named Gonzalez “Leftist Freak of the Year” and posted her photo online. A few days later, the San Bernardino, Calif.-based hate group Save Our State posted her home address, phone number and parents’ home address, along with the message, “Please go and express your views.”

“I don’t feel completely safe on campus or at my home anymore because of YAF,” Gonzalez said. “And neither do a lot of other students of color and GLBT students, because YAF is clearly networking with these other hate groups, and they’re basically issuing an open invitation to skinheads and [anti-immigration] vigilantes and Nazis to come to MSU, who otherwise would never step foot on campus. … If it weren’t for YAF, MSU wouldn’t be on the hate group radar. But now it is.”


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Posted by nicolen on December 17, 2007


December 17th 2007…Cold Shot will air tonight at 9:00 Eastern Time – and you don’t want to miss this one.


*Why we are going after the Roanoke Nazi Bill White
(You might have noticed that he is making a feeble attempt to intimidate us today)

*Playing Politics With Justice

*Megan Williams case is victim of political pissing contest

*Racist & anti-Semitic politicans hide in plain sight

*Illinois congressional candidate Arthur Jones

*I’m an independent woman

*About Fear & Intimidation


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Posted by nicolen on November 13, 2007






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Listen To Cold Shot Tonight

Posted by nicolen on November 5, 2007



 Cold Shot will air at 9:00 Eastern Time Tonight on the Eye On Hate Radio Network.

Tonights Topics

*Are You One of the Good People?

*Trying Times & Scapegoating

*Headlines In Hate – Focus On Dangers

*Fred Phelps Court Decision, Ron Paul’s Internet Presence, & Hal Turner Is a Con Man

*The Confederate Flag – Popularity In Pennsylvania – Is It a Hate Symbol.

Just Follow the Link and click the Winamp Button. And while you are there – check out the new look!

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Posted by nicolen on October 29, 2007


coldshotsm5.gifAt 9:00 Eastern time, Cold Shot will be on the air. Just go to EYE ON HATE and click on the Winamp Button.


*The Westboro Baptist Church and Reverend Phelps in Court

*The further break-up of the National Socialist Movement and Jeff Schoep’s desperate attempts to save what’s left.

*The Ouster of Taylor Bowles and a hysterical look at his campaign “platform.”

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Posted by nicolen on October 22, 2007



*The Jena 6 Congressional Hearings
*Dr. James Watson & His Unintelligent Remarks
*Hal Turner’s latest foray into fantasy land
*A look at the current NSM and Wild Bill Hoff’s Colorful Past


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Little Wonder…

Posted by nicolen on October 16, 2007

Little Wonder…
By Nicole Nichols

During the last few weeks, out in the Blogosphere that has become home, and almost second nature, for pundits, truth-seekers, philosophers, and some really good writers, it has become evident that racism and bigotry is flourishing in these United States of America. As is the thinking man’s disposition, a reason for such things is always desired. Therefore, it is the norm, rather than the exception, for each of us to attempt to present viable and well-thought out explanations for this upsurge in hateful and discriminatory actions and rhetoric.

How can one explain something that is utterly indefensible, you may ask. Is it even possible to attribute any logic to something as illogical as racism? Probably not. However, the variables at play, which may be accountable for the recent public display of that which has previously been kept at a low boil just below the surface of the American landscape can certainly be explored.

It has been noted by a few that discussion of race and race relations are subjects that have been almost forbidden in modern society. A cursory surf of internet discussion boards will attest to that assertion. Generally speaking, once the dialogue changes to address those topics, either the subject is changed or interchanges cease. Additionally, race, racism, etc. is certainly not part of dinner party repartee.

This refusal of people in our society to even broach one of the most important and acute issues facing Americans today only exacerbates a situation that has reached malignant proportions and promises to reach dangerous heights in the coming years. The first step in finding a solution is always acknowledging that there is a problem.

Hate, in and of itself, is a natural emotion. Racism is not. How many of us didn’t hate whoever was responsible for the September 11th attacks? In the aftermath, we wanted revenge. We wanted an eye for an eye. Initially, we wanted Al Qaeda so bad that the hatred in this country was almost palpable. However, when we saw the anguish that goes along with war, when we saw the destruction of human life, our hatred began to wane. We were still angry. We still wanted revenge. But, we didn’t want revenge at the cost of innocent people – unlike the terrorists.

Racism, on the other hand, knows no such boundaries. It is hate and that hate is vengeful and relentless. For that reason, it is little wonder that organized hate groups in this country have been labeled “domestic terrorists.”

After the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, hate groups, militias, and the like went underground for awhile. Realizing that many believed and held them responsible for such an act made them a little more than leery of recruitment and public displays of anti-government and racist ideology. But, that hiatus didn’t last for long.

Immediately following the attacks of 9-11 the hate groups went into high gear. Because the enemy was one of color, they intended to capitalize on that hatred that Americans were feeling. They saw this as an opportunity to recruit and to further, not only their racist agenda, but their anti-Semitism and hatred for Israel, as well.

People like David Duke, William Luther Pierce, Billy Roper, et. al. stepped to the forefront and pointed a racist and bigoted finger at the people they held responsible while applauding, yes applauding, the prowess, dedication, and bravery of the terrorists.

Interestingly, and unfortunately, they experienced a little success in reaching out and touching the American people. Albeit a brief moment in the sun, these groups exploited American emotion. At the same time, some of the entities were undergoing a metamorphosis. Understanding that their previous approach to mainstream America was not palatable to most, they decided to “clean up their act” and become more “mainstream.”

Using euphemistic verbiage, the language among these racists changed. A person was no longer a “racist” but a “racialist” or “racially aware.” White supremacists were now “White Nationalists.” They were no longer about “hate,” but about “love” – love of the white race. They no longer fought against “equal rights” but for “white rights.” And, so it went.

This attempt at appearing more “civilized” worked to an extent and is affording them a little kinder treatment by mainstream media. While changing the language, they also recognized the need to be more involved in social issues.

As an attack on Iraq started to appear imminent, the anti-war movement started to build. Seeing an opportunity to endear themselves to hundreds of thousands, many racists signed on. Carrying “No War For Israel” banners and signs, they took to the streets to protest right along side the other groups. Few were fooled, however, and the anti-war folks usually sent them packing.

Frustrated by not getting as much mileage out of their chameleonic attempts, the groups began to factionalize. Many were tired of this sanitized version of hate and they joined with other, more militant and overtly racist, organizations.

Perhaps the most receptive and nourishing cause for the racist movement to hook its’ sails to in modern times has been the anti-immigration movement. Adroit leaders within the racist realm have, historically, recognized a climate of unrest and tension as an optimal period for recruiting and furthering their agenda. The anti-immigration groups have created a fertile and enticing atmosphere in which racism, bigotry, and prejudice can flourish.

Steeped in intolerance, fanaticism and, sometimes, ignorance the movement itself has been joined and enjoined at the hip with the racist and his ideology thus providing a vehicle into mainstream American culture.

Much as the Ku Klux Klan was able to ingrain itself into the hearts and minds of America during its’ heyday, the anti-immigration movement has made inroads into every aspect of our society. Hence, so has racism and bigotry.

In a free society, such as ours, we tend to “go with the flow.” We are easily influenced by the media and the spin-doctors of the world. We latch on to what is “popular” at the moment – so do public personalities, politicians, advertisers, and the media. The war is no longer popular. George Bush is no longer popular. Discriminating against immigrants is popular.

We have lost the war on drugs. We know that the war on terror is a farce. Our economy is in rapid decline. Health care is critical. Our justice system is broken. Voting people in or out of office doesn’t seem to change anything. The middle class is disappearing. More and more people are feeling disenfranchised – and there is nowhere to vent our frustration. In times like these, hate thrives.

Anti-immigration rhetoric has given way to anti-minority rants and more and more people are joining the fray. Why? Because we have to have someone to blame. All of this cannot be our fault. That’s human nature. It may not be right. It may not be accurate. It may even be reprehensible – but true, nonetheless.

When humans feel control over their lives and their destinies they often strike out at others in an attempt to demonstrate that they are still the pilots of their fate and that they still have something in the way of power.

It is understood that those most susceptible to being oppressed, subjugated, or dominated are those who lack financial and social resources, hence they become the target of those seeking to control something – anything.

Knowing all of this doesn’t solve anything, but it does beg the question “Who is it that feels the loss of control the most?” The answer is, just as it has been for decades, “white America.”

Fear is a powerful motivator – and fear of losing that “specialness,” that “White Privilege” has been fueling and motivating the racist arena for decades as well. It matters not how irrational this fear may be because, once it reaches its’ peak, it is all consuming leaving no room for any sort of rational thought.

Consequently, we, in America, are now witnessing the rise of a tide of fear cloaked in racism and hatred. Only, this time, the target for their catharsis is mightier than in the past and is armed with the knowledge that comes with life’s experiences.

Nooses can be hung, children can be exploited, graffiti can be painted, men can be dragged, and talking heads can rant, but I predict that those acts of intimidation and fear-striking preludes to oppression will have a less than desirable affect on the mark. White America will have to find another whipping boy for its’ purification.

It has become evident that while we have been so busy portraying ourselves as the “superior” nation, as the haven of diverse and multicultural lifestyles, as the American Dream we forgot how to just be who we really are – humans striving to be human.

History really does often repeat itself. Sometimes, however, it does so with a twist.

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Until They Kill Part 2

Posted by nicolen on October 12, 2007

michele-cossey.jpgI can’t help but wonder where people get the idea that buying weapons for a fourteen-year-old, troubled, and unstable youth is acceptable parenting behavior. As I read the account, and watched the video, concerning the young boy who was arrested in Pennsylvania yesterday for planning a “Columbine -like attack” on the local high school, I kept asking where were the parents. I saw the cache of weapons that was stored in the teens bedroom and shook my head in disbelief. How is it that he could have all of those guns, clips, greanades, and literature without the parent knowing? Well, of course, the parents knew – they bought them!

Prosecutor: Mom bought weapons for boy

  • Story Highlights
  • Mother faces multiple counts for allegedly buying son guns, powder
  • Parents tried to coddle “social outcast” son, prosecutor says
  • Judge orders psychiatric, educational evaluation for boy, 14
  • In separate incidents, six teens arrested in West Virginia

From Allan Chernoff and Brian Vitagliano

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (CNN) — A woman bought guns and bomb-making material to indulge her socially outcast 14-year-old son, a prosecutor said Friday.

Michele Cossey, 46, faces charges in connection with her son’s alleged plan for a Columbine-like attack on a school. She is accused of buying him a .22-caliber handgun, a .22-caliber rifle, a 9 mm semiautomatic rifle and black powder used to make grenades.

“There’s a lot of things at play here,” Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor Jr. said. “You have a child who is obviously emotionally disturbed and a social outcast, and no doubt the parents feel sorry for him and are indulging him.

“This is not the best parenting I’ve ever seen, obviously, and she has to be held accountable for that.”

Cossey was charged Friday with unlawful transfer of a fiream, possession of a firearm by a minor, corruption of a minor, endangering the welfare of a child and two counts of reckless endangerment.

A search of the family’s home Wednesday in Plymouth Meeting outside Philadelphia turned up the rifle, about 30 air-art_arsenal_wpvi.jpgpowered guns, swords, knives, grenades, a bomb-making book and videos of the 1999 Columbine High School attack, Castor said.

Castor said the weapons were plainly visible in the boy’s bedroom.

“We alleged that she purchased the 9 mm rifle for her son, allowed him to have black powder, gunpowder and the instruments to make the grenades,” Castor said.

“I don’t think she had anything to do with planning this attack, but by virtue of her indulgence she allowed him to get into this position.”

During a hearing Friday in juvenile court, a judge ruled authorities could continue to hold the teen during their investigation.

The judge also ordered psychiatric and educational achievement evaluations for the youth, who withdrew from school in 2006 and was reportedly home-schooled.

The teen was charged as a juvenile with solicitation to commit terror and other counts and was being held at a youth facility. If he is found delinquent, he could face long-term detention and counseling.

The boy was brought into court in handcuffs. At the end of the hearing, he blew a kiss to his mother and whispered, “I love you.”

As Cossey sat sobbing in the courtroom, Castor walked over to her and informed her that he had a warrant for her arrest. He told her to go to his office on a lower floor of the courthouse, where the warrant was served.

The boy’s father, Frank Cossey, also could face criminal charges pending an investigation, police said.

Police said Frank Cossey was sentenced to house arrest for failing to acknowledge a 1981 manslaughter conviction when he tried to buy a .22-caliber rifle for his son in 2005, The Associated Press reported.

School officials said police acted on a tip from a Plymouth Whitemarsh High School student and his father. They said they believe the tip was prompted by Wednesday’s shooting at a Cleveland, Ohio, school in which a 14-year-old killed himself after wounding two teachers and two other students.

In separate incidents in West Virginia, six teens have been arrested and charged with making terrorist threats at two high schools.

In Marion County, four students are suspected of involvement in attempting to set fires at Fairmont High School, and a fifth is accused of making unrelated threats against students and teachers, Marion County Prosecutor Pat Wilson said.

In Greenbrier County, a Greenbrier East High School student was arrested Thursday morning after students alerted police that he was making threats of a school shooting, said John Curry, county schools superintendent.

CNN’s Catherine Clifford, David Mattingly, Diana Miller, Caleb Silver and Citabria Stevens contributed to this report.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

Where does it all end?

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