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Ron Paul, Don Black, and Stormfront…

Posted by nicolen on December 22, 2007

paul-and-don-black2.jpgGood friends are worth keeping. Earlier this week, mainstream media went a little nuts when, after all this time, they realized that Don Black, owner/operator of the largest White Nationalist forum in the world, had contributed $500 to the Paul campaign. What, I guess, they don’t know is that Black has apparently contributed another $1000 this quarter. And, if there is any doubt about what circles Paul really moves in, I have received this picture from 5 different sources – left to right, Ron Paul, Don Black, Derrick Black (Don’s son).

Additionally, Bill White – the Roanoke Nazi and self-appointed “Commander” of the American National Socialist Party, continues to name those within Paul’s inner circle with affiliations to the hate movement. In his latest missive White states:

“Ron Paul and / or his staff, including Norman Kirk Singleton, whose name I’ve been trying to remember, and Daniel McAdams, his legislative aide, have apparently told the New Republic that they did know me, but it was “in the early 90s” when I was a “paleo-libertarian”.

He further explains that he would have only been a young teen at that time and that they actually met him in 2002 and 2003, at which time he was a “full-blown anti-Semite.” At any rate…Ron Paul has a lot of splainen’ to do.


26 Responses to “Ron Paul, Don Black, and Stormfront…”

  1. Jeffrey Bubb said

    not really

  2. Robert said

    Yeah this is messed up, Ron Paul should get some support from real racists on their new crusade of high altitude bombing against those those non-whites over in the middle east.

    Stormfront who? give me a break. /rolleyes

  3. blueollie said

    Robert, there are many of us who absolutely despise the Iraq war and want us out, now, at least in part for th reasons you bring up.

    I am backing an anti-war candidate.

    But the fact is that many of the racists (David Duke, for example; check out his website) happen to be anti Iraq war, anti Patriot act, and think very poorly of President Bush.

    That doesn’t mean that I am going to side with them, even if my skin were several shades lighter.

  4. To us libertarians, all these ideologies are on the Left: Liberal Anti-War activists, Paleo-Cons, Populists, Racists like Duke.

    They all oppose Freedom and Liberty. Thus you see them all aligned against the War on Islamo-Fascism in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    It’s all quite consistent. Just different flavors of Leftism/Big Government.

    Those of us who are Goldwaterites, are consistently Pro-Freedom: Free Market economics, Social Tolerance on Civil Liberties matters, and for Global Democracy and Human Rights.

    Thus you see Ron Paul for instance, not caring about Castro in Cuba at a recent debate in South Florida. Or, making a comment at another debate last month that the Communist “Vietnamese are our friends.”

    Paul could care less about the millions killed by Communism, like in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese boat people. He could care less about the millions yearning to be free in Cuba. He could care less about the atrocities in the Sudan, or the liberation of the Iraq and Afghani peoples from the opression of Saddam and the Taliban.

    He’s at least consistent. Consistently anti-Freedom.

    Eric Dondero, Fmr. Senior Aide
    US Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX)

  5. blueollie said

    Mr. Dondero: thanks for your post. I’ve read that there is actually a split among Libertarians these-a-days; there is a strain among you that is isolationist.

    I’ll check out your blog/website.

  6. No, thank you for allowing me to post my thoughts here.

    Yes, there is a great split. The majority of libertarians are Anti-War and oppose our intervention in Iraq. I am on the other side, in the minority. I fully support the War on Islamo-Fascism in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I Chair a group called the Libertarian Defense Caucus. We support Human Rights around the world, and a strong US Military to protect them. We’re the Goldwater wing of the libertarian movement, opposite of the Rothbard/Rockwell/Ron Paul wing.

    Hey, can I get you on my radio show some time?

  7. nicolen said

    Eric: It seems that you are saying that Mr. Paul is a charlatan and that he is duping people into believing that he is all about freedom – correct me if I am wrong.

    As a former aide to Mr. Paul, would you say that he is a Christian Fundamentalist? An isolationist?

    I applaud your support of human rights around the world and am particularly interested in the current situations in Darfor` and Cuba. What role would you suggest America play in these areas?

    Thanks for being here,

  8. Kit said

    I am absolutely sure that this is just one of more than a hundred “anonymous” photos Ron Paul allowed to be taken at a campaign stop, just like every other candidate.

    I saw Ron Paul in Columbia, SC a few months ago. He was very gracious, and stayed late after his speech to allow many people to take photos and get autographs. My daughter and I had our picture taken with him.

    Ron Paul doesn’t know who I am, but if I held some beliefs anathema to you, you could use my photos (on Flickr) to pillory him as well.

    Have you read about how Dr. Paul wants a black man (Walter Williams) as his VP? Have you seen how diverse Ron Paul’s rallies are? Have you read the article where RP repudiates racism as merely another “ugly form of collectivism”?

    “Ron Paul and / or his staff”
    This kind of blurring the lines by using people near RP or things ghostwritten 15 years ago is as close as you’re going to get to finding some tinge of racism. You know?

    Because it ISN’T THERE.

    This kind of yellow journalism is unfortunate, but it is to be expected as Dr. Paul’s rise continues.

  9. Kit said

    Now the NYT has printed a retraction on the Bill White stuff:

    “… Paul has never knowingly met Bill White. Norman Singleton, a congressional aide in Paul’s office, says that he met Bill White at a dinner gathering of conservatives several years ago, after which Singleton expressed his indignation at the views espoused by White to the organizer of the dinner.”

  10. Kit said

    Here’s a good speech where Ron Paul took the House floor (one of only two white Congress critters to do so) in support of a resolution to honor Muhammad Ali:

    Part of the speech:

    “… he practiced what Martin Luther King made popular, civil disobedience, because he disagreed with the war. I thought his comments were rather astute at the time … He stood firm, a man of principle, and I really admired this as a quality … we as a Congress still do not have the conviction that Muhammad Ali had”

    “I see what Muhammad Ali did as being very great. He deserves this recognition, but we should also praise him for being a man of principle and willing to give up his title for 3 years at the age of 25 at the prime of his career. How many of us give up something to stand on principle? He was a man of principle. He believed it and he stood firm, so even those who may disagree with his position may say at least he stood up for what he believed in. He suffered the consequences and fortunately was eventually vindicated.”

  11. nicolen said

    Wow! Kit – are you absolutely obsessed with this guy? First – of course, the picture might have been one of many photo ops at a fund-raising dinner. That isn’t the point. The point is…many neo-Naizi and White Nationalist individuals are coalescing behind Ron Paul – and there are a number of them working fervently in his campaign.

    So…what is it about Ron Paul that draws such people into his quarters? As to Walter Williams – I believe the comment was that “someone like Walter Williams” would make a good running mate. And…so what? Paul is smart enough to know what he has to do to be elected.

    You cannot bury previous comments made by Paul himself that are racist and anti-Semitic in the extreme – no matter when they were made. They will haunt him forever. Additionally, I find your eager attempt to “prove” that Paul is not racist more than just a little jejune. His applauding or Muhammed Ali does not negate the fact that he has racist views and takes detrimental stands on issues that are decidedly race based.

    Politicians are generally savvy enoug to realize that African-Americans and other minorities vote and that being overtly, in-your-face, racist would not serve the ultimate goal well. Hence, it is imperative that voters look to who is associated with a particular candidate and where they stand on various issues. That’s what we are doing here.

    If you have not done so yet – please read “The Ron Paul Revulsion” and stay tuned for “Part Two.”

    Paul cannot escape his long time association with known racists, Holocaust deniers, and anti-Semites – I will make certain of that.

    • Bill Case said

      What racist comments did Paul make? Can you attempt to be more specific? I want the date, the quote and please don’t refer to the 25 year old newsletters he didnt even write. You can surely do better than that Nicole.

  12. Henry said

    This “Nicole” character is digusting I`ll bet is is a Jew

  13. Pauli said

    This “Nicole” character is digusting I`ll bet is is a Jew

    LOL. Proofread much? Maybe Nicole N is paying you to help make her point.

    You’re “digusting”, Henry.

  14. K said

    nicolen, what you are doing is disappointing. As I read through your comments I see that you are Hell-bent on making Paul out to be something you only have weak circumstantial evidence for. Yet you latch onto it and nurture it because you clearly love muckraking… is that the sort of journalism you promote at this site… an “anti-hate” site? Show some consistency, please.

    Your argument boils down to guilty-by-association. Hate to tell you this but everyone is guilty by association with regards to something. I’m sure there’s skeletons in your closet… but you’re not running for president so one will take the time to find out.

    The associations with racists are easily explained: Bill White and Don Black are libertarians, and Ron Paul is also a libertarian. Hence they are going to cross paths and dinners where both were invited. Hence these racists will donate money. Do you really thank you can translate that into “Ron Paul is a racist”? Shame on you.

    The Earth-Liberation Front, the well-known eco-terrorist group, openly endorses certain “green” politicians. They even donate money, no doubt. If Al Gore, say, accepted their donation do we get to call Al Gore a terrorist? What if Ron Coronado attended a dinner with Al Gore? What if Rod and Al had a picture taken together? Does Al Gore now advocate or tacitly endorse the destruction of property in order to “save the environment”? If you are honest with yourself you would have to admit there is no difference between this hypothetical scenario and Ron Paul’s scenario. Yes, I realize one is hypothetical, but the point remains: if the Al Gore scenario DID occur you would NOT call Al Gore a terrorist. Yet analogously you will call Ron Paul a racist or a racism defender.

    And, of course, Ron Paul has openly said that racism is a form of collectivism. He also openly opposes government policies that only further racism by dividing groups. Of course, you refuse to take him at his word because you WANT him to be a racist.

  15. K said

    Correction: in one instance I said Rod Coronado and in another instance I called him Ron. His name is Rod. He is perhaps the most well known eco-terrorist.

  16. Mack said

    OK people Ron Paul is not a racist.

    Austin NAACP President Nelson Linder, who has known Ron Paul for 20 years, unequivocally dismissed charges that the Congressman was a racist in light of recent smear attempts, and said the reason for him being attacked was that he was a threat to the establishment.

    “Knowing Ron Paul’s intent, I think he is trying to improve this country but I think also, when you talk about the Constitution and you constantly criticize the federal government versus state I think a lot of folks are going to misconstrue that….so I think it’s very easy for folks who want to to take his position out of context and that’s what I’m hearing,” said Linder.

  17. Eric said

    You should retract this entire page. disgusting.

  18. nicolen said

    Considering the fact that we all have different viewpoints, Eric, and that this happens to be my blog, the only thing that I find disgusting here is the inability of a few to see through all of the evidence that continues to be presented – the evidence that demonstrates how unworthy Dr. Paul is for the office of President of the United States.

  19. Michael said

    “We know that he’s not a white nationalist. He says he isn’t and we believe him, but on the issues, there’s only one choice,” Black told the Associated Press today.

    If Paul were a racist wouldn’t black be shouting it from the roof tops? The guy clearly has black friends, i heard the audio from the NAACP saying he wasnt a racist. Nicolen who are you supporting for President?

  20. Joy said

    nicolen, frankly this site look more like a site for hate-mongering and (very) faulty analysis. I don’t want to comment any more and make it look like there is anything worth seeing – I just had to add my 2c and let you know that your faulty reasoning did not fool over this web visitor.

  21. […] Their class-based political theories are a bit nutty, though. In a recent post to the Phoenix Class War Council’s blog, which describes itself as a "fanatical, revolutionary anarchist group," the writer invites the local libertarian community to join the anarchists on November 7 in protesting the Nazis. Um, sorry, but the Ron Paulites and teabaggers are a little too close to the swastika-lickers for comfort sometimes, "states rights" being the battle cry of neo-Confederates, and all that. Paul himself had no problem accepting a campaign contribution from Ron Black, proprietor of the white supremacist messageboard He even appeared in a photo op with Black and Black’s son. […]

  22. Matthew Rogers said

    Ironically the only “hate” I see here is the hit job against Ron Paul who is perhaps the only mainstream electable candidate against police state at home and empire abroad. And note I say this as a proud Green party supporting leftist who has been arrested for environmental activism. IMO the grass roots must unite against the corrupt corpratist/bankster Dimocrap/Repiglicon center who are the people actually murdering hundreds of thousands of people of color in the middle with their illegal and immoral war.

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