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…seeking a kinder and gentler world


Citizens Against Hate is a watchdog site that monitors, tracks and reports on racist groups and individuals, hate crimes, and injustices. We work closely with and provide outreach programs for law-enforcement, civic groups, and educational institutions. Our work is well documented and has proven quite successful over the last decade Nicole Nichols is the Executive Director. Nicole has been tracking and monitoring these groups and people for thirty years and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table.

Eye On Hate is the media arm of Citizens Against Hate. Floyd Cochran is our Public Relations Director and Director of Eye On Hate. Floyd was a high ranking member of the Aryan Nations. For the last 15 years he has been educating the public to the dangers of organized hate groups. He is the foremost authority on hate groups in the United States today and has been featured on a vast number of television news shows and documentaries.

Together, Nicole Nichols and Floyd Cochran have created a unique team in the battle against racism and bigotry throughout the country and intend to continue the war on hate. We encourage our readers and our listeners to get involved so that together we can make the world a kinder and gentler place.


17 Responses to “About”

  1. Ms. Gardner said

    While I agree with much of the platform of Dr. Ron Paul, I am dismayed to discover his ties to racist groups. I read recently that he has addressed the League of the South, and would like to see a transcript of the speech, if possible. Would you be able to locate it and forward it to my e-mail address? Thank you.

  2. Seth said

    Are you kidding me? If a crazy group of people decide to support Ron Paul he is not at fault. How is this even an issue, the NAACP president who has known Paul for 20 years backs him up.

  3. 🙂

  4. Ja-wat said

    Americans don’t know what racism is. How much of your laws are re: African-Americans in terms of “minority rights” and how much in terms of “racism”. I bet nether The African-Americans or the rest know every country has minorities, you hear racism but nether languagesism or religeonsism, how many muslim Jews are there again? or how many white African-Americans. I am White and from South-Africa, Ms Nicole Nichols, I dare you to have a debate about race with me, I think you are so misgided and lost you don’t have what it takes.

    You have my e-mail lets see!

  5. I am LORI EDEN David Duke’s ex. I would like to know WHY you are putting this crap up here??? and mentioning my name as well. If you got a problem with me then contact me directly! at

  6. kyledeb said

    What’s the best way to contact the owner of this blog? Can whomever is reading this contact me at kyle at citizenorange dot com?

  7. nicolen said

    Kyle – I sent you an email.

  8. MT said

    You racist piece of shit! You are just another hate mongerer trying to stir up more hate. If you had any knowledge of interracial violence you would know that 90% of interracial violence between whites and blacks is perpetrated by 50% of overall crimes in this country. White people were the shit back in the day but these days no ones scared of them anymore, and in 2005 37,500 white women were raped by a black man and less than 10 black women were raped by a white man. I hope you were one of the 37,500 but you probably have no black friends anyway…most people that think like you don’t. You and people like you are what’s wrong with white people and why no one respects white people anymore. You are pathetic.

    How come you aren’t covering the story of the white kid that had alcohol doused and him and was lit on fire by 2 black kids and a latino in deerfield beach?

    • mark said

      MT you are the racist, first of all where are you getting your statistics? you didnt cite your sources, like any middle school student coud do with ease. secondly, interacial violence is nothing compared with violence from a bunch of kkk, neo-nazi revisionist, separatist, gangs and the violence you inspire. And i am white, but i tell you; there is no white supremacy. i am an engineering student, and whenever i visited engineering schools they were full of asians. And when i see business and law schools they are full of Jews. And when i watch ufc, i see thai, brazilians, and blacks are the champions. Same with boxing. Muhamad ali, George foreman, sugar ray leonard, and the only great white boxer was rocky machiano or whatever. And he is way in the past and buried. and the arabs invented modern medicine and i assume you use 1,2,3 arabic numerals (who uses Roman numerals for much). grow up! and accept that we are not better, we are just one of the many racial group on this planet

  9. Sentenarios said

    Precisely, what “crap” are you speaking of?

    -March 25, 2009 you f*cking wh*re!!!
    Liberal sack of sh!t. How’s the self hating going bitch? Get any sleep yet, those bags under your eyes are doing a number on your face c*nt.

  10. ichicoo said

    disgusting woman. obsessed with white “racists”
    Whites are being murdered and abused all over the world.

    Why dont u talk about that.

  11. Allison Hunt said

    This blog doesn’t read like your promoting an anti-racist point of view. It reads exactly like someone promoting the Jew view. You’re selling Jew propaganda, Jew misinformation and little else. You wouldn’t by chance be a Jew, would you? No need to answer, really.

  12. j said

    Nicole, do you have an email address where I can email you? I’m working on some research on extremist groups. Thank you!

  13. Me said

    Well you would be hating too if some broad that went to the same high school as u hooked up with your elderly father and abused him financially and mentally. Kept the family out of the way, moved him out of state and stole $4,000,000.00. You aren’t the only one with that name.

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