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Racist Groups Target Our Youth Again

Posted by nicolen on March 22, 2009

cinnaminsonCinnaminson, New Jersey is a small town of about 15,000 people bordering the Delaware River and just outside of Philadelphia. Ninety-one percent white, Cinnaminson derives its’ name from the Native American Lenni Lenape tribe which loosely translated meand “sweet water.” The township itself is just 8 miles sqaure and claims the following, “The Township of Cinnaminson is a community of families, neighbors and businesses. Taking our name from the Lenni-Lenape Tribe, we are the place where fresh waters and fresh ideas flow. We pride ourselves on an effective education system, on neighbors who care about our homes and one another and a well-run local government dedicated to serving citizens fairly and economically.” But there is trouble brewing in Cinnaminson these days and we hope they can get a handle on it.


Last week, two teenagers were arrested in Cinnaminson after it was discovered that they had tortured, shot, and buried a beautiful black Labrador. Upon investigation, the police found hate literature and the boys claimed to be members of the Aryan Nations. Charges brought against the young men include animal cruelty, weapons possession in connection with the killing, committing a crime on behalf of a criminal street gang and solicitation of another to join a criminal street gang.


According to the news report, there are other juveniles who are believed to be part of this gang and the police will be working with the local school district to identify and curtail their activities in that area.


Considering the fact that both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have become hotbeds for skinheads and other racist groups, it probably should not come as any big surprise that there are groups such as these operating in the suburbs of major cities. It is troubling, however, that these groups are recruiting children so young and gaining footholds with our schools.


Due to the many arrests and convictions of  leaders within the White Supremacy Movement over the last few years, paranoia has caused many adherents to build small cell groups or engage in lone wolf type activities.  Targeting our young people has always been at the top of their list. This is what makes it so necessary for educators, law-enforcement and parents to educate themselves on the signs to watch for and any effective tactics to use to prevent the hate-filled message of these groups from tainting the innocence of our children.


It’s Spring, folks – and the activity of hate-groups promises to be heating up.




3 Responses to “Racist Groups Target Our Youth Again”

  1. incogman said

    Yeah, and I bet you ran something about Michael Vick here, too. Or the Multicult and Holocaust brainwashing in the schools, news and any form of accepted media.

    Face the facts: You just hate being White. Hypocrite.

  2. incogman said

    Pretty bad when I happen to be in your top clicks line-up and the number of clicks for that is like 3. I also checked your hit numbers and it’s pathetic to say the least. My blog has been going off the charts in the last few months as America wakes up to you Multicult leftists. Enjoy your future, deary.

  3. cooper said

    leave it to a racist (incogman) to throw Vick- a famous black guy that made a mistake, under the bus. Only a dumbass can relate dogfighting to dog murdering. besides vick’s case was just wrong place, wrong time. oh and teaching about the holocaust isn’t brainwasing its called HISTORY- and teaching about the worst in order to avoid a ‘hilter’ in the future- face it you just hate being WRONG- asshole.

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