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Posted by nicolen on July 7, 2008

After a bit of a break Nikki Nichols and Cold Shot will air Monday night at 8:00 Eastern time.

Join Nicole Nichols as she discusses gangs in the military; the extreme right groups – League of the South and Council of Conservative Citizens; the anti-immigration movement; and the discussion of race in America.



One Response to “COLD SHOT RETURNS”

  1. Fredrik Palmgren said

    Curt Maynard, what the hell kind of a White Man are you?!

    * Long time reader, first time writer. I am Swedish and I live in southern Sweden *
    – Firstly I must thank you people for the excellent reading material for I have learned very much here. –

    Curt Maynard of I have read and despite your crude language I have very much enjoyed your writings. What has caused me to make this statement of anger is that you have commited two very bad actions. You are anti Zionist and Daryl Bradford Smith is anti Zionist, but you attack him. You call him an agent and this is not true. He has struggled against the Jew and the Jew helpers.These are lies that you say and if you have any honor you would beg him for apology.

    The action that has made me very angry is that you align yourself with a violent non White person and give him a A+ on the front of your homepage. This person hates White Nationalist and swears at us. He wants us to race mix and destroy the White race. You must publically denounce him!

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