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Posted by nicolen on April 24, 2008


RONZONE: End the silence

A day to remember violence against the LBGT community

By: Raquel Ronzone

Posted: 4/24/08

The charge against him is murder as a premeditated hate crime and gun possession. If convicted, the gunman will face 52 years to life in prison.

The most lenient sentence, then, means that Brandon McInerney would walk freely at age 66. Although they were not able yet to drive, the 14-year-old gunman and his 15-year-old target Lawrence King were not too young to become victims of a homophobic society.

Yes, both teenagers were victims – casualties of an America that is not absolutely accepting of homosexuality and is thus culpable for harboring the attitudes that spurred the act of fatal violence between the two boys.

Lawyers have a few weeks – until May 8, the date of McInerney’s arraignment hearing – to decide whether the teenager will remain in adult court or return to juvenile court. The poignant reality, however, is that no legal proceedings – not even the conviction and life sentence of Brandon McInerney, will eradicate the intolerant mentalities that incite homophobic crimes.

The rulings of medical professionals have not changed those mentalities either. In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association finally removed homosexuality from the “Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders.”

The homophobic motives for the teenage gunman and the classification of the lifestyle as a psychological abnormality are without warrant at best and highly unethical at worst. King’s premature death demonstrates how society still views homosexuality with contempt, judging it as a deviation from normal and correct relationships.

Lawyers and psychiatrists cannot alter this narrow-minded perspective of sexual identity. That is our responsibility. We cannot numbly allow these groundless points of view to thrive, to murder and possibly incarcerate our school-age population.

Tomorrow, the 12th annual Day of Silence, you will have the opportunity to promote acceptance of homosexuality. Vows of silence taken by students will bring attention to the “name-calling, bullying and harassment – in effect, the silencing – experienced by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) students and their allies,” according to This year’s student-led call to action will honor the eighth-grade murder victim.

The Web site states that “500,000 students at nearly 4,000 K-12 schools, colleges and universities organized Day of Silence events” in the past. Despite this outpouring of support, some people refuse to respect others’ right to live without verbal and physical abuse.

The Day of Truth, a project of the Alliance Defense Fund, “was established to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda and express an opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective,” according to The ADF states, “It is part of [GLSEN’s] overall strategy to change how our society perceives homosexual behavior. But the Day of Silence is a misnomer because what is truly being silenced is the Truth.”

Can anyone deny that a 15-year old is dead because of his sexual orientation? Can anyone say that raising awareness of the discrimination that our youngest citizens face is dangerous enough to warrant a counterargument?

The “Christian perspective” allegedly promoted by the Day of Truth is far from Christian – turn to theological statements for the actual Christian understanding of homosexuality. The pastoral statement, “Always Our Children,” compiled by U.S. bishops in 1997, declared, “Every person has an inherent dignity because he or she was created in God’s image. A deep respect for the total person leads the church to hold and teach that sexuality is a gift of God … Everyone should acknowledge and accept his sexual identity.”

The intrinsic, divine worth of each person is indeed a true concept but one that will yield to public opinion of homosexuality if we do not take action. By taking a vow of silence tomorrow, you will commemorate Lawrence King, Brandon McInerney and countless other victims of homophobia. With time and diligence, we will no longer need to distinguish LGBT rights from the rights of other Americans.


Raquel Ronzone is a freshman from Philadelphia, Pa. She can be reached at


14 Responses to “END THE SILENCE”

  1. incogman said

    Gays risk every person’s health in this country and their behavior is spreading the flesh-eating bacteria USA300. Plus, Insurance rates are going sky-high thanks to them. Gay bashing? I call it self-defense.

  2. Charles Martel said

    BTW, that picture that you taunt of yourself is an obvious fake. I can tell by your vocal inflection that you are in fact a negro. You should stop with the fake identity. You are fooling noone.

  3. nicolen said

    To incogman: Your ignorance is showing.

    To Charles Martel: You caught me. What can I say? You are just too astute for me.

  4. incogman said

    That really hurts Nicolen, deary. Your cutting wit has shown me the error of my ways.

    I guess you love being confused with Negroes, huh? That Martel comment sure made your day, hell, maybe your life up till now.

    You should read the little floating comment I have on your link on my blog. Now that makes my day!

  5. Jason said

    Here is a really good White pride video. Please watch it. There’s no hate. Only pride shown in the video. This is the kind of life we want for our people.

    The video shows a beautiful white world with beautiful white people and beautiful white children and beautiful young white couples falling in love, having white families, building a life for their people. A world free from the dark faces and alien sounds. A world free from black rapists and black criminals. There are no interracial couples in the video! No disgusting, filth. There are only white people, white families, & white children in a white community. And it’s beautiful! It’s the world I dream of living in.

    We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

  6. incogman said

    Jason, don’t even try with this woman.

    She’s a self-hating white who will always have these delusions right up until she gets a big dose of reality when she’s visciously raped and beaten by some roving black gang. Hell, she might even like it by the sound of her.

    Nicorette: You show your true cowardice by your failure to even debate one thing on my blog. Why? Because you know well that there is nothing you could possibly say to logically defend your views. You have few facts, whatsover. Only sentimental emotions.

    My blog is now enjoying great traffic as more and more whites reject your delusional nonsense and wake up to reality. You can’t stop it and cry bitter tears as your Mulitcult fantasy comes to an end.

  7. Jason said

    Nicole is not 100% White. I think that’s what drives her. She is racially mixed with American Indian blood and possibly Jewish ancestory. Look at her picture. Her hair is FAKE blonde.

  8. nicolen said

    Jason – nice video. But…what is your point? What the video depicts is the Hollywood version of what a happy life is. Never mind race, Jason – if you were to watch that through the eyes of most PEOPLE they would all say – “Yeah, I want to fall in love, have a family, live in a beautiful house, play in the surf, walk through fields of flowers, etc.

    The fact that you show a video in which all people are white and happy doesn’t mean that in an all white world everything would be like the video. Hell, white nationalists/supremacists, whatever can’t get along with each other right now much less in a world where they would have no one to hate. They’d have to start hating something – because they thrive on that.

    You are very unrealistic in all of this, Jason.

  9. incogman said

    Yeah, I think you might be on to something, Jason.

    She may well be a Jew. Jews really hate white people and thrive on sowing division and corruption in the Goyim. It’s like sport for them.

    Fortunately, Whites are waking up to their on-going perfidies and lies, so that bleached blonde Jewesses like Nicorette here, will once again have reasons for crying the blues.

    Hell, they don’t really need any reasons, when you think about it. It’s another sport for them!

  10. Jason said

    incogman: I checked out your website and I really like it. I just finished reading historian Antony Beevor’s book, “The Fall of Berlin”. It talks of the mass rape and murder of civilians during and after I feel so sad about all those people who suffered. I assume Nicole is opposed to rape, but she never talks about this historical example of mass rape. The Soviet army was an entire army of rapists. I learned that 4 million Germans – were sent to Siberia after the war as slaves. It’s true! Our media never talks about it. The Gulag camps peaked in population at 9 million by 1947. I also learned that Roosevelt, Truman, and Churchill knew about it and approved. In the Yalta agreement there is a clause that states they can take german civilians for labor (meaning against their will, kidnapped, and sent to slavery in Siberia). This happened to 4 million Germans. Nicole harps about Black slavery in America hundreds of years ago. But she never talks about this example slavery the communists, which happened in the 20th century.

  11. Jason said

    Nicole: I have a question for you. How come you always harp about Black slavery in America hundreds of years ago. But you never talk about slavery in the Siberian Gulags under communists, which happened in the 20th century?

    Could it be it’s because it doesn’t “fit” with the worldview you are trying to push? It doesn’t “match”? And your website is nothing but communist, far left, propaganda? Could it be that you secretly want to exterminate the White race and you are part of a sinister Jewish conspiracy to exterminate all White people? Your Jewish tricks won’t work on us any more!

  12. nicolen said

    Yep – you, Jason, have just pegged me. My sole purpose in life is to obliterate the white race and to populate the entire earth with people of color. I think the mixing of races would enhance the beauty of the world and give each and every human the best qualities of each of their ancestors.

    (sigh) I just hate it when someone smarter than I am comes along.

  13. Jason said

    Nicole: You still have not responded to my post. Do you believe, yes or no, there was a mass rape of 2 million German women and girls (some as young as 6 years old) at the end of WWII? Please discuss this on your show tonight. For background material please reference Antony Beevor’s book: “The Fall of Berlin”. He is a noted historian and a link is provided below, or you can check the book out of your local library.

  14. incogman said

    Nicorette cares only for “people of color.” Even if it was her own family made victims, she would find a way to justify it.

    History and truth mean nothing to such people. They live in some artificial dreamworld created by the Marxist Jews of the Frankfort School, that which sought to attack anything White and Male.

    She latched onto this kind of thinking at a early age and still hasn’t grown out of it. As such, she works overtime at trying to justify her world view — and one that will soon be on the dust heap of history.

    Then she’ll pretend she was always pro-white as she tries to blend back in. Traitors like this need to be exposed to the harsh light of a angry America, one day. Maybe we’ll get to meet Nicorette! It won’t last long — I promise!

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