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Posted by nicolen on April 11, 2008

When Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church brings his family to town it usually creates a scene much like this. As they picket the funerals of our fallen soldiers in an attempt to send their convoluted message of hate to the rest of the world we look on, shake our heads, feel utter disgust and sometimes shout back. But, what do we know about these people?

The children who travel with them are Phelps’ grandchildren and the young of some of his followers. We often gasp as an eight or nine year old waves up a sign that we know he cannot begin to understand. How is it that anyone could allow their children to be permeated with such hate and such vitriol?

Unfortunately, the Phelps’ clan has been engaged in such reprehensible acts for decades. The inner-workings of this cult are hair-raising and chilling beyond belief. In 1994, a reporter, working for Stauffer Communications filed a lawsuit against his employer for the rights to publish a book about the Phelps’ that he had been working on. Stauffer Communications claimed that the work belonged to them. In the court filings, Michael Bell, included a copy of his work making it public record. Eventually, the document was sealed but not before thousands of copies were circulated.

Below is a link to the work as well as the court document. Before the reader begins, however, I must warn you that this is not for the squeamish. It’s not for the faint of heart. It is a look into the sickness that has plagued generations of Phelps’ and the graphic nature of the story causes the stomach to turn. Please keep that in mind…



7 Responses to “ADDICTED TO HATE”

  1. noname said

    Great post. I received some inside info into them that might say something about the real reason behind their strong anti-gay and anti-American stance. Check it out here –

  2. They recently came to my town. The anti-Phelps protest was great. I posted pics on flickr:

  3. Barry said

    The much anticipated confrontation in the little town of Silverton, Oregon occurred a few hours ago. I will be posting some pics on my site. But I just want to report, for now, that it was so heartening to see such a huge response in town. At least 200 people showed up, many with their own handmade signs, protesting the WBC’s presence, supporting mayor-elect Stu Rasmussen and showing such solidarity. An unidentified male showed up in a Lincoln rental car with three young women with their signs of hate, flashing them as they stood on the American flag. You know, at one point, I wanted to conduct a prayer, forgiving them for they know not what they do. What is sad is that one of the young women admitted to have been doing this sort of thing for 15 years. She couldn’t have been older than 6 or 7 when she started. I saw the pictures on their website of young children holding up their signs and it fairly made me sick. But, today, the good guys won and I am proud to live in Silverton.

  4. This guy is literally the bottom of the barrel of humanity, and I use the term “humanity” loosely in his case.

  5. Annika said

    Dear whoever wrote the very offense piece refferimg to heath ledger. Even though you may think it’s funny, I as a Heath ledger devoted fan do not. Can you please take this off your website and all webspace, as it is majorly offensive, and please post something pleasent or do not post anything at all.

  6. Network Unidentified…

    […]ADDICTED TO HATE « Citizens Against Hate[…]…

  7. Kid Skank said

    Fred is getting old, and I believe his family will understand when we protest his funeral.

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