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Posted by nicolen on February 1, 2008

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Tangled web of murder
An investigation of two brutal killings in Hingham in 2005 exposes a seamy underworld of crime, violence, and hatred stretching across the South Shore


 A single cross marks the site near Hingham’s Bare Cove Park where two homeless men were bludgeoned to death in 2005 in an old military bunker. Inset are James Winquist (left) and Eric Snow at their arraignments in Hingham District Court. (Matthew J. Lee / Globe Staff; Inset: AP Photos)
Email|Print| Text size – + By Milton J. Valencia
Globe Staff / January 31, 2008
The scene was undeniably gruesome. Two homeless men had been bludgeoned to death in the old military bunker they shared near Bare Cove Park in Hingham. Blood was everywhere. One victim’s hand had been cut off. The crime, in the spring of 2005, was the worst the comfortable seaside town had seen in recent memory.

more stories like thisAs police have pursued the killers, they have encountered an equally violent local underworld reaching further across the South Shore. It is a world in which players go by nicknames such as “Twisted” and “Mental” and “Killa,” and the stories they have since told police have only helped confuse the prosecution’s case.

So sketchy is the list of witnesses, and so tangled the versions of events, that the confusion could undermine the trial against the two men eventually charged with the crime: James Winquist, 24, of Bridgewater and Eric Snow, 26, of Weymouth. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Defense attorneys have submitted a series of court requests, and one plans to seek dismissal of the case. While court motions are routine in criminal matters, the lawyers say in this case they’re based on questionable evidence and testimony gleaned from witnesses just as shady as the suspects.

“Every person who said they heard anything is being reported by the government as being a liar by everyone else,” said Gerald T. FitzGerald, a New Bedford lawyer who represents Snow.

“The bottom line here is, what is the quality of evidence here?”

Prosecutors would not discuss the case or the witnesses, saying it’s up to the courts to decide what happened.

“The appropriate place to deal with this is before a court of law,” said Bridget Norton Middleton, a spokeswoman for the Plymouth County district attorney’s office. “And that’s where we’ll do it.”

Nevertheless, the list of court requests and testimony is set to expose the backstory of the murders, and what happened that night in the dark woods just off a walking trail at the Back River in Hingham.

Court records show that prosecutors have been faced with contradictory testimony. A witness pointed to one man before blaming another. A man who witnesses said bragged about committing the murders in an apparent celebration of the killings is now himself a star witness.

These witnesses, meanwhile, have sought immunity and lenient sentences for a variety of crimes, some of which are just as shocking as the murders.

Violence and mental illness are very much part of the network of alleged killers, witnesses, and affiliates in the case, court records show. Many in the group are white supremacists. Some brag of earning their “bones,” a reference to taking a life, according to court documents.

As one police official put it, “It’s quite a crew.”

Chilling chronology

The bodies of William Chrapan, 44, and David Lyon, 46, were found May 9, 2005, in the military bunker closest to the Bare Cove Park trail. Medical examiners said they were killed sometime within 10 days before their bodies were discovered.

Two months after the killings, in July, a witness led police to a hand that was buried near power lines in Bridgewater, near Eric Snow’s home. Tests later showed it belonged to Chrapan.

There, the investigation began. It led detectives from Hingham to Bridgewater to Weymouth, and eventually to Snow, Winquist, and their friends – a group of men who have served time, espouse white supremacy, and call themselves the Brothers of Blood.

Winquist and Snow met in 2003 in jail, where both were introduced to a loose network of local white supremacists. When he returned home, Winquist hung a Nazi flag in the basement of his home in Hingham. Snow has tattoos that promote the white supremacist movement.

Whether the suspects’ white supremacy views are relevant in this case is a matter of dispute. The victims were white, and friends of the suspects and a witness in the case, according to court records, describe Brothers of Blood as “a joke crew” that may advocate white supremacy but did not follow the discipline of established gangs such as the Aryan Brotherhood. Snow had a black friend, for instance.

A defense attorney says prosecutors’ mention of white supremacy is a ploy. But police say the white supremacy network the two young men discovered while behind bars eventually drew them to a dark world that celebrates murder.

Winquist, known as “Twisted,” had a history of breaking into cars, homes, and boats on the Hingham and Weymouth waterfront. In 2003, the year he met Snow in jail, Winquist was charged with stabbing a man in Harvard Square. He was later acquitted in that attack.

Snow, who has “Killa” tattooed on his neck, has been charged with such crimes as assault with a hand gun, and assault and battery. In one case, after the murders, authorities say he took part in a home invasion, and was armed. He served two years in jail for home invasion and armed assault with a gun.

William Sylvestre, a 28-year-old who dated Snow’s sister, served two years in jail for his role in that home invasion. According to court records, Sylvestre had earlier told police that Snow had told him that he and Winquist killed people.

Mike Alfano, 27, known as “Mental,” spent time in jail for nearly killing a man with a sledgehammer in 2003. He then cooperated with the FBI as an informant in hopes of getting a favorable sentence, according to records.

Alfano, described in court records as the leader of the Brotherhood of Blood, is a key witness against Snow and Winquist, according to court records. He sought leniency from prosecutors for his testimony in this case, and a detective said “we would assist him in any way we could if the information he provided to us was beneficial,” according to a defense attorney in the case, citing police reports.

Alfano originally told police that another member of their network, David Courage, claimed he committed the killings, according to court records. Now, Alfano says Snow and Winquist did it.

Courage, 18, of Hingham, bragged about the killings, according to court records that cite witness testimony. He was initially at the center of the murder investigation, according to investigators. He later testified against Snow and Winquist with the promise that he would not be prosecuted for what he said, and he is now a key witness, court records show.

Courage could not be reached for comment, but a prosecutor said in court that he denies testimony by defense witnesses that he waved the severed hand around at a party.

Ryan Bois, 20, of Weymouth, was arrested in August on charges he kidnapped, raped, and murdered his 6-year-old cousin. Just before he was arrested, Bois called Winquist eight times on his cellphone, according to prosecutors. Prosecutors never explained why the calls were made, and friends of Winquist said he did not answer the calls.

But within days after Bois was arrested, police started knocking on Winquist’s door, asking about the calls. A month later, Winquist and Snow were arrested and charged with the Hingham murders.

They were indicted in October. Bois, in a mental institution pending his murder case, is now a witness against Snow and Winquist.

Court records describe testimony from witnesses who name Winquist and Snow as the killers. One witness told police she was passed out on a couch in the basement of Winquist’s home and let the two men borrow her car. An hour later, Snow and Winquist came back laughing, saying they “beat up some bums up the street.” The witness said Winquist and Snow took off their clothes and put them and bats into a black trash bag.

The same witness said she drove Snow to his home in Bridgewater that night and watched him bury a bag near the power lines behind his home. The witness told police she used her car to light the scene for Snow.

Police also describe a visit they made to that same scene in July 2005, based on a tip by a confidential witness. There, they found Chrapan’s hand, apparently slit at the wrist. Another witness describes a party at Winquist’s home, located a half-mile from the military bunker where the murders occurred. The witness told police that Snow and Winquist had kept the hand in a plastic bag and cooler, and passed it around while they ridiculed the victims.

The two imitated the homeless men’s pleas for mercy, and the gurgling sound they made as they died, witness later told police.

It was after that, according to court records, that Snow and Winquist told their friends they “made their bones.”


All that remains at the murder site now is a mound of dirt, with a cross that somebody placed on top. Hingham officials demolished the military bunker after the bodies were discovered.

Two and a half years later, the court case is inching forward. Winquist is due in court next week. Both men are being held without bail – Snow in Plymouth County and Winquist in Norfolk County.

Winquist’s lawyer has requested more information from prosecutors about the investigation. Snow’s lawyer plans a motion to have the case dismissed, and has sought the criminal histories of witnesses in the case, seeking information that “might be used to impeach a witness.”


52 Responses to “A TANGLED WEB OF MURDER”

  1. marie said

    if you r against hate you shouldn’t publish peoples names so easily. Defense attorneys jobs are to discredit witnesses, any and all people who came forward should not be scrutenised buy supported, to come forward against a group like that as serious as you described itwould be putting their life in jeapardy to do the right thing. It is a cult setting and disadvantaged youbger kids were manipulated by these two evil people. Winquest also slept with a child and got her pregnant, and his mother encouraged it. How do you have a flag like that hanging in your house and not know? sinple you do and you provide a deadly environment for other children to escape to. A little common sense and better research might be helpful. How old were the witnesses when it happened? How old were the murderers? Were they introuble with the courts before meeting them? Did anyone look at the big picture? This just allows people to spread hate. Nice job being ignorant and yet being able to write, only in America! Keep up the mediocre work it is so unimpressive.

    • Alyssa said

      His mother did NOT encourage it. She supported BOTH of them because her son was going to be a father & that ‘child’ was going to birth her granddaughter. I know them personally and his mother is one of the most down to earth woman you will ever meet. She is blinded to the bad, and only wishes to see the good… which was a mistake in this case, but you can’t help who you are. She should not be blamed for any of this in any way, they were grown adults who knew better than to do what they did.

  2. nicolen said

    Marie – I didn’t “publish people’s names” – the story came from the Globe – you can see it by clicking on the linked title.

  3. julie said

    Look, if the medical examiner is saying that the bodies were 10 days old when they were found then killa and Twisted are innocent because i was with them in southington CT. right up until 3 days before the bodies were found, none of even knew of the murders until we heard it on the news and when me and the guys were in CT. we never left the hotel room for more than an house and to go from bridgewater MA. to southington CT, it takes around 3 hours if not more, i can actullt prove my statement without a shadow of a doubt that they are innocent not to mention that i have known Killa and Twisted for most of my life & even though they are far from perfect they could never commit 1 murder let alone 2 of them….they are not built that way…give us our day in court, we will beat these charges just like we always have, we fear nothing & never will………

    • google said

      You know what Julie.. When I first read this I was extremely doubtful that they were innocent.. Now I am beginning to see that may not be the case.. Why aren’t the police investigating David Courage? anyone? Oooo thats right because hes an informant.. Funny how this kid was the one who was at the parties showing off the hand and also boasted to 5 people about killing them himself. Why don’t all papers or articles mention that?

  4. Look, if the medical examiner is saying that the bodies were 10 days old when they were found then killa and Twisted are innocent because i was with them in southington CT. right up until 3 days before the bodies were found, none of even knew of the murders until we heard it on the news and when me and the guys were in CT. we never left the hotel room for more than an house and to go from bridgewater MA. to southington CT, it takes around 3 hours if not more, i can actullt prove my statement without a shadow of a doubt that they are innocent not to mention that i have known Killa and Twisted for most of my life & even though they are far from perfect they could never commit 1 murder let alone 2 of them….they are not built that way…give us our day in court, we will beat these charges just like we always have, we fear nothing & never will………

  5. Dave Courage, Killed these men, i swear on my own life i am telling the truth about that, see a few months before these men were killed Dave Courage was over at the Winquist’s home and he set the basements on fire with a flar, he also lead the police to where the hand was burried, he has a very violent criminal history, and if you read the papers it says that before these men were murderd a flar was set off into the bunker where the victims were living, well killa and twisted have never owned a flar in their lives and that can be proven nor did they ever have access to flars, killa and twisted are very smart men and if they really were to do something like this they sure as hell would never have spoken about it let alone carry a human hand to a party, only the true killer would have known where that hand was burried and you real killer is Dave Couage, also Dave Courage was tell everyone that would listen about how he killed those homeless men and he knew every single detail of this cold blooded act of violence,, also you might want to know a few things about these so called witnesses are are being called to testify against killa and twisted, Kelly has had her children removed from her custody because of drug abuse and her rights as a parent were terminated, she is a known hooker to everyone on the streets, Mike Alfano and i went to school together along time ago and even as a child he was known for being violent and one time i actually saw him throw a teacher threw a plate glass window when we attended the chamberlIn school in middleboro ma, then there is Dave Courage who is the real killer in this cold blood case, i have met Courage and i was scared just looking at him, he is cold blooded and has always been a bad seed, he actually makes Charles Manson look like an angel that is just how evil Dave Courage is, if any of you should ever see or meet Dave Courage run for your life, because he has killed before and he will kill again it is just a matter of time. i would like to also address the people that think that Killa and Twisted are skinheads,YOU ARE ALL WRONG,these are men that have black friends ,jewish friends, spanish friends, gay friends, bisexual friends and listen to rap music, look at the tattoo on Killas neck it is the same one that tupac had on his neck, yes they are white and yes they are proud of it but no more than i am proud of the fact that i was born a female, and no more than Martin Luther King was proud to be black. I am very proud to know Killa and Twisted because they have filled my life with laughter and love and they have never once let me down, i am not trying to make them out to be saints but if you got to know them you would know that they are far from killers.give us our day in court….we will prove you all wrong.

    Killa & Twisted, I love you and miss you, see ya real soon!!!!
    Love Always

    • david courage said

      are u retarded we fed off fear and hatred i was young and dumb no excuess but ya they were racist james has 88 witch means what hail hitler retard just saying shit dont make it true i just saw him him in the hole still the same

      • southiejim said

        don’t you mean p c ????

      • Samantha said

        Courage end of story you are a fucking coward I dont give a fuck about eric but james was a good person.

      • Samantha said

        you just always wanted to be someone feel important you and jake you are fucking weak, talk such a big game , tell everyone you burnt his house to the ground trying to be a bad ass.ill see your fucking ass in hell.

      • Samantha said

        and now james is taking the wrap for it because eric was too weak to serve the time for the crime HE commited. You may not have done anything but you are no better.

    • southiejim said

      I don’t think I’ve ever herd anything so stupid in my life are you serious or are you joking oh wait now I get it your like 12 yrs old or close I forgot James and Eric only mess with stupid little girls with no class I mean really what person would have anything to do with them anyway

      • POORKIDS said

        I agree… Look up Ashlee Clifford from E. Bridgewater on Facebook…. Her twin boys Cameron & CHristian are Eric Snows,,, Dont know if he ever even knew but the kids may be better off anyhow, Ashlee doesnt have them either her parents do!!! Ashllee may be in her 20s but you would NEVER know it LMFAO!!!

      • Ashlee DoesntKnowWhoPostedButThinksTheyreStupidAsHell said

        Wait a minute!!!! How the HELL did MY name and my children’s names get brought into this???!!!? My sons are NOT Eric’s!!!! Wtf!!!! I met that kid like 4 times and DISPISED him from the second I first met him. He was friends with my boyfriend at the time. WHO THE HELL IS SAYING THAT MAGGOT IS THE FATHER OF MY SONS???!!? NASTY ASS!!!! And my mother has my kids????? My husband and I are doing a damn well job or raising all 5 of our children. Whoever wrote that needs to mind their damn business and get their facts straight before they run their mouth about stuff they have no clue about. Fucking weirdo. ***FYI NEITHER I NOR ANY OF MY FAMILY ARE ASSOCIATED IN ANY TYPE OF WAY WITH THAT SAD EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN**** thank you very much!!!!!!

  6. nicolen said

    Okay – so, according to you, David Courage is turning on the others to save himself? What role did Ryan Bois play in this? How is he connected? Are all of these people part of this Brotherhood of Blood?

    • Samantha said

      Ryan bois had no part of the “brotherhood” we just all lived together and people will think what they want to think and put us all into the same catagory because it helps you sleep at night dont get me wrong what ryan did was terrible but ask people about the things he endured as a child.Society and psycho parents breed killers

  7. katies said


    Do not waste your time trying to talk to Julie. She is a poorly educated person (just read through how she writes) who will lie to no end about anything. I have dealt with her personally and have only wished that I never met her. I am not a medical professional, however throughout life, as many people have, you meet all kinds of people and become a good judge of character and I do believe that Julie Hunt is a pathological liar. I have heard so many statements made by her that she then goes on to contradict (even within one conversation) it is pathetic. She claims to hate “drama” but she feeds off of it, as you can very well tell from her need to continuously argue with people and be involved with the type of people who supply endless amounts of it. Not only does she lie constantly, she associates with Eric and James. I am not saying they are guilty of murder as I believe in our system and people are innocent until proven guilty, but they have been proven guilty of many things. To continue to associate with people with such criminal records is reckless behavior. Personally, I believe in order to be a true upstanding citizen one needs to realize that no matter if they are your life-long friends or even relatives people of James and Eric’s nature bring down society as a whole. One should not support such behavior in fellow citizens and when those closest to them remain close even after everything they have done it could be preceived as acceptable. Again I am not talking about the pending trial, but their past.

    As for Eric and James if they were such wonderful men they would not even be in this situation. If they were the kind of people that know they made a mistake and corrected their behavior they would not have such lengthy criminal records and would not have ever served time (which ironically is how they met). There are only so many times you can end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, Julie may know them and be extremely close to them, but honestly you can not know every detail of a person’s life unless you are attached to them, watching everything that they watch and doing everything that they do. They could very well be killers, she can not possibly know. She claims to have been with them, however I have two problems with that claim. First, she lies about anything and everything, it would not be surprising if she was lying about being with them especially since she wants them set free. Second, the day of death could be off, medical examiners are not always exact, leaving the surrounding days for them to have committed the crime. Can she account for them every second of every day?

    Eric and James will have their day in court and the truth will hopefully be found. Whether guilty or innocent it probably won’t be much longer before they are sent to jail for good. They are career criminals.

    The real focus should be on the lives of the men who were needlessly murdered. For now the only people that know the truth about what happened are the killer or killers and the poor souls of William and David. I wish there were not people in this world that are so cruel as to do what the killer or killers did to them, but sadly there are. May justice be served for William and David!! As that is all that should matter.

  8. iron myke said

    I am James’ uncle. I am not necessarily proud of it, but family is family. I doubt this case will hold up against the burden of proof. Whether or not they are guilty will most likely be between them and their God, as any jury must surely see that a myriad of possibilities exist, thus reasonable doubt will never be established. Julie, if you write to my nephew tell him his father and uncles are pulling for him.

  9. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    I wouldn’t be proud to be in the same family either. If my nephew was a murderer I would not be standing by him.

    As for reasonable doubt not being established… we’ll see. The public is not aware of what is really happening in the court process. They will answer to the justice system! It is obvious that neither believe in anything but Evil. They let go of God a long time ago.

    I am glad there is no death penalty in Massachusetts. The two beasts deserve to sit in cells until they die at a very old age.

    Have people forgotten that two lives were distinguished? I know the families of the victims and they have truly been tortured!

  10. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    Sorry, so angry about this case I typed too fast and used an incorrect word. It should read extinguished.

  11. nicolen said

    This case has spurred so much discussion across the internet and in many venues that it is difficult to keep the family members and friends straight. What always amazes me, however, is that there seems to be so little concern about men who were killed and their families.

    Justice for Bill & Dave – I don’t know all the facts – but from what I have seen and read – I doubt that we ever will know everything.

  12. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    Nicolen, I believe you are correct when you wrote, “I doubt we ever will know everything…” But, as someone very close to this case, I must believe in the justice system and know the commonwealth will prove their case.

    And thank you for mentioning the victims and families… if you, Nicolen, would like to contact me, please feel free. I would be happy to speak with you. But no one else.

  13. david courage said

    fuck you julie this is david courage i am not a witness i have nothing to do with this and for those who want to talk like u know me fuck you dont know me u bunch of yuppie cunts

    • google said

      funny how you weren’t involved blah blah blah and yet your name is mentioned in all the papers? YOU ARE A INFORMANT! THATS WHY YOU ARE GETTING AWAY WITH THIS SHIT

  14. david courage said

    i am apsolutly pissed u dont think this shit affects my family i hear people like u talk shit behind my back all the fucken time im sick of it

  15. david courage said

    by the way julie james and eric are fucked up ,evil people and if u dont know that your a dumb bitch

  16. lisa call me cucks brother said

    i maybe able to with money for a lawer you remeber chuck

  17. bryan d. said

    i know dave courage quite well..i didnt meet him till after these things supposedly happened, but from the time i have known him i really dont think he is that kind of person to kill people…he may be a kid that talks a lot of shit, but he isnt a killer…

  18. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    I am very pleased to announce that we are finally progressing towards trial! After nearly 2 years of the defense trying to have the case dismissed it has been denied by the judge.

    Maybe Bill and Dave will finally get justice!

  19. Margaret Downey said

    The scary thing about all this is now there is a specious death here in Hull, where Mr. Courage now resides and particulary a person that he was “friends” with. A young mother who was known to party with Mr. Courage and his gang of friends dies speciously down the beach Violet Nicholson. Does bad luck just follow this young man? or should people be locking their doors and watching out for him? Time hopefully will tell.

    • Jim said

      What do you know about Violet’s death? All that was released is that she was found dead on the beach, that’s it. No cause of death, nothing. Her and Dave had a close relationship, and this was causing problems with another girl that Dave had a relationship with. So did Dave Courage kill her? I’m tired of nothing being done about this. I can’t say what happened to Violet, because the paper’s won’t even give a cause of death. But if she was murdered, why has the killer not been brought to justice?

      • david courage said

        actually i was always there for her she cried all the time about how carl hit she was homeless how she wanted to be with me but i didnt with her i wouldve but i was haven my daugghter with emily and couldnt break it off me and dan deal and his family were the onlyones there for her when shed get stuck outside in hull id sneak her in i was her friend not her killer sometimes people die and fuck u dont ever point a finger at me she was found wearing the sweat shirt i gave her she had nothin but her son and had no home she had to give him to carls mom and i was there for her then 2 ya of course emily hated her she was getin told i cheated on her and no she wouldnt eather and just for you fyi these dumb ass dykes that are sayin this shit should grow up not that many ppl were there for her and she knew it and i heard her say sum of these ppl commenting on her fuck u oh but wana go point a finger over more bs jon mullin he fired her and brought her to her breaking point i loved her she was havin my kid befor carl forced an abortion i grew up im a father now and am not a killer i used to be an asshole but that gives none of u to fuckin speak shit u know nothing about jim sorry i dont but she called me from dan deals and said she loved me and wanted to see me she did somethin dumb i saw her for a sec and left her with dan and his mom very good ppl to her but i wish i took her with me i love her so much and all i wanted to do was say a prayer at her wake and dip but fake ass ppl sayin shit like this is why i didnt go o AND IM VERY GOOD FRIENDS WITH HER BROTHER JAY NICHOLSON STILL HE KNOWS I LOVED HER and i g2 live with the maybe if i did go out with her shed still be here im glad i was there to get to know such an awsome girl violet was a real sweet girl that i will always miss her

      • paul said

        Fuck you Dave, you did go to her wake and her family chased you off. Everyone thinks you killed her, but I don’t think you did. You’re a pussy and I don’t see you doing your own dirt. But you know something, and eventually all your bullshit will catch up with you.

      • Whatuknow said

        Dave Courage we all know you killed Violet. It’s just too bad it wasn’t you that her brother Jay killed. Fucking scum. You should be the one dead not Violet. But then again look around and at most of these people commenting. This is what heroin does. Hopefully one day you are caught and tried for the scummy things you have done.

  20. dism said

    and it’s dism released

  21. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    Nothing has been dismissed and no one has been released.

    Trial date has been scheduled for February 6, 2012.

    • Daniel walker said

      I really hope you get your justice and Eric & James both get life with out parole god knows they deserve it for what they did to those men cowards both of them Iv’e known them both over 10 yrs a couple wanna be Nazi’s that don’t know anything about it

  22. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    Continued…May 7, 2012

  23. wrist bones…

    […]A TANGLED WEB OF MURDER « Citizens Against Hate[…]…

  24. southiejim said

    I hope they finally get this trial over with and lock those dudes up for good they have it pretty good right now kicking back in Plymouth and Dedham are kiddie camps they should be at Shirley max with the rest of the animals

  25. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    At long last… the trial begins tomorrow.

  26. Justice for Bill & Dave said

    Justice has finally been served. GUILTY!!!

  27. Tommy said

    no it hasnt… I believe dave did it.

    • Justice for Bill & Dave said

      I would have preferred Guilty in the 1st degree with extreme atrocity but 2nd degree is still guilty. It’s almost shocking the stupidity that spews from some people’s mouths. So content knowing Winquist is suffering in prison and the other monster, Snow, is suffering in hell.

  28. Indidgenous said

    I have never seen a person as disrespected as Violet Nicholson. Every time I saw her, she was in tears. All of her friends and family at her wake…. were crying in pity feeling sorry for themselves as if they themselves lost something but they were expressing nothing but self guilt. Her wake was absolutely full of crap. During the beautiful eulogy pre-written by the funeral home, Dave showed up to pay his respects (even though that was not called for, he should have known not to go there, because he was warned by friends and family members that it would be disruptive), but the point being, THAT WAS VIOLETS WAKE and during her only eulogy, her friends and family interrupted it and left the room to fight!!! I stuck around (and I was not a close friend at all, but did see this coming) I watched all of these friends and family members tell Jay and Carl that they’d be there for them, if they need anything, call, ask, reach out. Who didn’t have a ride home after the reception? Who didn’t have a ride or a home to go to after the reception? I drove these two to Hanson to a tiny trailer park where they only had mids to smoke. I’m not sure what Dave and Jay had to do with this crime (with the men in Hingham) but they both got really loaded one night and told me that they were being accused of it. They didn’t admit to killing these guys (but I think they liked putting the fear into people and taking credit for this crime) However they did admit to beating a pedophile to death with a baseball bat after the bars closed. I never found that article, though. Violet Nicholson died for unity. Had she lived, she would have been continuing a very lonely life stuck in duality of pain and fear and reincarnation cycles of addiction. That was her life, and she had chosen to end it and should be respected for that. People really need to start killing their egos before the dragon consumes them. Yeah, the dragons……..

  29. leslee barbosa said

    Indidgenous, I’m so sorry about Violet. I hope she is now at peace… After sitting through the trial, I believe justice was served for Bill and Dave. Though I do believe others knew more than what they said…. It is a hideous underworld where Eric and James and others decided to live.

  30. Posts are great! Thanks for the author

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