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Still Doubtful About Ron Paul…

Posted by nicolen on January 17, 2008

paulgray.jpgWell…the news just keeps coming and coming, doesn’t it. In the wake of James Kirchick of The New Republic reporting on the now infamous newsletters bearing Ron Paul’s name and, in some cases, signature, it seems that researchers and bloggers are unearthing even more information lending more and more credibility to the ties that bind Dr. Paul to extremists around the country.

Dave Neiwert has the latest:

The clearing view of Ron Paul
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

— by Dave

Well, we’ve been saying all along that Ron Paul’s presidential campaign — which is charged up enough with very public xenophobia as it is — is attracting white supremacists and other extremists in large droves because, largely, that’s who Ron Paul is.

Clearly, more people are coming to realize this, thanks in no small part to Jamie Kirchick’s superb reporting in The New Republic last week on Paul’s long history of publishing newletters riddled with racism, homophobia, and conspiracy-mongering. Kirchick has a follow-up this week with even more newsletters, and as he observes at the TNR blog:

At this point, it seems that the only people still defending Ron Paul are the openly bigoted or the comically credulous. For the former, the revelation that Paul had (at best, negligent at worst, complicit) involvement in the publishing of and profiting from paranoid and bigoted newsletters for over two decades neatly confirms the reasons why they had chosen to support the Texas Congressman presidential campaign in the first place. For the latter, no amount of evidence will ever convince them that “Dr. No” is anything less than some saintly, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” caricature.

Now comes the revelation that one of Paul’s organizers in Michigan — a man he’s seen posing with in the photo below, located on the site — is also a notorious neo-Nazi and Klan organizer in that neck of the woods.

Phenry at DailyKos (who has been doing a bang-up job tracking Paul all along) has the details:

As voters in Michigan go to the polls to vote in today’s primary, volunteer coordinators for the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are working hard across the state. One of these is Randy Gray, a 29-year-old resident of Midland, Michigan whom the Ron Paul 2008 Michigan Campaign Web site lists as the Midland County coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign. Gray’s campaign profile page, a cached version of which can be seen here, doesn’t go into much detail; there’s a picture of Gray with the candidate, along with Gray’s statement that “I support Ron Paul because he is in the fight for freedom.” The page contains no mention of one of Gray’s other roles: organizer with the Knight’s Party faction of the Ku Klux Klan.

Modest Mouse goes on to detail this:

Randy Gray is referenced in our Far Right in West Michigan Database due to a speech he delivered at the fiftieth anniversary of the Knight’s Party faction of the Ku Klux Klan…. Since 2005, Gray has filed the paperwork necessary to air the program “This is the Klan” on Midland Community Television. The program, hosted by Thomas Robb and Rachel Pendergraft, is a thirty minute program designed primarily for viewing on the Internet….

Gray has attended various racist events with and without the Ku Klux Klan in recent years as well. He is quoted in a May 2004 article in the Tennessean in which the Ku Klux Klan planned a rally against a “Gay Day” event at the “Dollywood” theme park…. Gray was twice (1, 2) kicked out of city council meetings for protesting the city’s permitting process in relation to a Klan protest against the Martin Luther King holiday.

There’s also a video of Gray speaking at that white-power rally in Tennessee:


… [S]o many of these savages, according to our statistics, they’re murdering our people, on a daily basis, and there’s nobody in our legal system that would dare say, “Bring back the rope! Bring back the electric chair!” Instead, they take our tax dollars and they feed these animals at the cost of our race!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have been lied to about diversity and multiculturalism. The immigration crisis that’s being pushed upon us by the race traitors of Washington, D.C. — they don’t care about our people, they’re too concerned about the homosexual rights! They’re too worred about protecting the rights of the Highlander communist school in New Market, Tennessee, that pushes this immigration, this race problem in our nation today — comes right out of the communist school. It was closed down originally in 1960 by the state of Tennessee, but they are in New Market, Tennessee, and we were up there yesterday taking photo pictures…



15 Responses to “Still Doubtful About Ron Paul…”

  1. Stevo said

    Reposting of a smear.

  2. stopfightingeachother said

    Cut and Paste

  3. Galileo said

    Ron Paul opposes the federal death penalty because too many mistakes have been made.

    What kind of shit do you peddle on this website?

  4. Earl E said

    I could care less who else supports Dr. Paul. I support him for reasons not related to any of this dribble you are wasting cpu cycles on.

    I know what is important to you, keep slamming them Iraqis and keep stealing their oil. Print the money, give it to the CEOs.

    You are a joke, this article is as close to hate as I have read, and it is just a compilation of crap put together by weak little tax and spend neo-cons.

    Have fun in the upcoming recession, you can always write for free. As for a kinder gentler site, you stir up hatred in me. Hate for you and your group.

    But then people who often claim to be fighting racism, are actually supporting it themselves.

    Are you trying to rally the KKK around a man whom represents hope for all individuals?

    You’re an idiot and a coward. Please enlist in the Army and go die in Iraq.

  5. Liz said

    Great smear piece… too bad it’s not very original and the “guilt by association” slant is really being overdone. It would be almost funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  6. nh4ronpaul said

    Such bullshit.

  7. Derek Anderson said

    I can’t imagine that this Dave Niewert rolled up and announced who he was and what he stood for.

    Being the great person that Ron Paul is, I’m sure that he agreed to a photo op just as he would to anyone else that might ask.

    Where are the pics of him consorting with the elderly? Maybe a photo of him talking with a mom or possibly a child.
    What would these photos suggest? Ageism, Adultery…or worse?
    Get a clue.
    It was just a simple photo.

  8. nicolen said

    Just a photo? Did you not understand that Randy Gray is the Midland County coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign?

  9. nicolen said

    Earl E. You exemplify everything that people are complaining about when it comes to Paul supporters. I wish you well in your endeavors and hope that you make good choices when the dust settles and Ron Paul is just an echo on the campaign trail.

  10. nicolen said

    Liz…actually, the “guilt by association” is precisely what started all the investigating and research. You truly are judged by the company you keep when in the public view.

    Ron Paul is cozy with a lot of people who are nefarious by definition – maybe he should step up to the plate and clear this all up. And maybe he should have shunned his association with Lew Rockwell and other racists a long time ago.

  11. Earl E said

    If you think Paul is a racist, prove it. But to try and sell it, is to sell hatred of a man based on lies.

    To sell it without knowing for sure, and then as a result destroy Paul’s chances, is gambling with the long-term survival of humanity.

    That kind of irresponsibilty breeds grave hatred.

    If the photo of Paul and this man is just a posed shot, and Paul didn’t know who this man was, then you are guilty of the worst kind of hate, one sold with lies.

    Christians would call you evil. I would just nominate you for a Darwin Award.

    If I exemplify negativity now, do you think I will improve when we are deep into a recession and surging in Pakistan?

  12. badmedia said

    I quit reading when it called me a bigot for still supporting Ron Paul. I obviously know I’m not, so therefore the article can’t possibly be worried about telling the truth.

  13. Eric said

    Nicole N is a racist. Prove me wrong.

    There, see how wasy that is? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Good thing nobody takes you seriously.

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