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Posted by nicolen on January 15, 2008

130707pers.jpgThe New Republic’s James Kirchick has been relentless in his documentation of the racism, bigotry, and aberrant thought processes of Ron Paul’s earlier years. Today, The New Republic published more of the newsletters bearing Dr. Paul’s name and, suspected, approval.

Interestingly, Lew Rockwell’s name does appear as editor on one of the “Investment Letters”, while Ron Paul is listed as editor on another. Additionally, there are many items in all of the publications previously published, as well as those which have been presented today, which demonstrate that Dr. Paul must have had knowledge of the content and even contributed to. I will be working to pull all of that together in the next article.

Paul’s campaign is suffering as many of his white nationalist and white supremacist supporters are taking issue with an announcement that another “Money Bomb” is planned for Martin Luther King Day. David Duke, who never passes up an opportunity to capitalize financially is encouraging those on Stormfront to send their money to him, declaring it a “David Duke – My Awakening Money Bomb.” At the same time, he is telling all of his fans to vote for Dr. Paul as he is “the only game in town,” for white nationalists.

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