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Posted by nicolen on January 8, 2008

Jan.8 UpDate,JUST In:
The New Republic
Angry White Man
by James Kirchick
The bigoted past of Ron Paul.
Post Date Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So…label us “liberal” but know that we were right. Last Wednesday night, Floyd Cochran and Nicole Nichols aired a Special Edition of Eye On Hate where we talked about Ron Paul, the Republican presidential hopeful. We spoke of the mob of thugs and degenerates who are lining up behind Paul and their strong-arm tactics. Today, a video of some of those followers was published on the internet showing them chasing and throwing things at Sean Hannity. We told you – and we called it right.


Okay…I’m pissed and the gloves are coming off. Oh yeah – I have really been handling Ron Paul and his entourage of thugs with kid gloves whether you could tell it or not. But, that’s over.

Now, I can’t stand Sean Hannity and I find FOX News an exercise in bias and convolution. I think that keeping Ron Paul out of the New Hampshire debates was a big mistake on their part – and really wish they would have let him show his ass to the American people once more. Regardless of being somewhat liberal in my politics and world view, I don’t like censorship or depriving candidates of their rights to free speech.

However…the cult-like gathering of thugs who attacked Hannity on behalf of Ron Paul should all be neutered. What a truly despicable display of mob mentality that was. Of course, they simply made the point that many of us on the internet have been trying to make when it comes to Ron Paul supporters. Being enthusiastic is one thing, but acting like a pack of wild dogs in the name of patriotism is something altogether different.

As many have already articulated – Ron Paul zealots are making a mockery out of this process and are attempting to create a climate of fear and intimidation for those who disagree with Paul or who have criticisms. In short, they lack class and integrity and have put Paul in a much more negative light than he was already in.

Now…on top of everything else…they are attempting to equate this man with Martin Luther King, Jr. Videos have been popping up everywhere claiming that Paul and Dr. King are very much alike – well bullshit. As I waded through some of these blasphemes – I was enraged that the Paul campaign is attempting to exploit our celebration of a national hero into another “Money Bomb” for their Messiah.

While the supporters claim that this is not part of the “Official Campaign,” this move toward another attempted fund raiser is moving forward without an apparent hitch – and the videos are hitting the internet hard – without one word from Paul or his campaign headquarters. Of course, if you are Ron Paul, you don’t have to denounce anything because according to him, people are going to do what people are going to do. Which simply means, in this case, if it adds to the treasure trove who cares.

Principled? I think not. Ron Paul is neither principled nor smart. As a matter of fact, he may have just stepped right in the middle of the biggest cow patty in the pasture. While the delinquent miscreants over at the Vanguard News Network Forum are getting themselves all worked up over Paul sidling up with an African-American hero, the tea-cups over at Stormfront are trying to work this to their advantage.
Scottsman4096 viewed it this way…

“We really are marching in a parade that borders on surreal. Lets all keep in mind the objective and why we are all doing this. I can bear holding my nose when I see an MLK day fundraiser for Paul ( I won’t donate on that day ) because in the end, Ron Paul needs their votes too. I joined a local meetup group to promote Ron Paul, and we’re doing all kinds of activities to get the word out, sign distribution and waving, sidewalk chalking, trade shows, and mass mailings, but I’ve really had to bite my tongue a bit and keep my mouth shut about my WN. And I’m absolutely certain there are others ( one lacked enough tact not to name the jew in front of the group ). This is something we ALL need to take a lesson on if we want to be successful in the future : infiltration and subterfuge. If RP loses the nomination or election, we try something else, but for the meantime lets blend in with the “Berkeley freaks” and help sell the candidate.”

And there you have it. It’s a real game to these people. You see, they firmly believe that Paul will further their agenda and they realize that he isn’t even attempting to moderate or exercise any control over this campaign…hence Speak Out Right Now had this to say…

“A White nationalist will monitor where the donations are coming from and then will report back with an article that demonstrates that 95% of all donations originated from white liberals in white areas of the country. The same article will conclusively prove that balcks didn’t contribute more than 5% of the donations in the name of their own hero, MLK.

“Blacks don’t read. Black men do nothing on the Internet but view interracial pornography, and blacks aren’t benevolent and altruistic people, they don’t donate money to any cause but their own insatiable desires to fornicate.

“Remember, RP doesn’t really control those that campaign for him. If someone wanted to, they coul;d easily start a “Algerian Midgets for Ron Paul fundraising campaign.” It’s simply a matter of doing so.”

Last Wednesday night (January 3, 2008) on Eye On Hate Radio Floyd Cochran and myself spoke of the mob of thugs behind Paul’s campaign and the strong-arm tactics being employed. We were the first to bring this to the general public. We were the first to say what others have thought better of. Now, we have the video. The angry mob screaming, chasing, and throwing things at Sean Hannity because Fox left Paul out of a debate – those were precisely who we spoke of. And we were right.

At 72 years of age, one would think that Ron Paul would at least realize that adopting a look of innocence and claiming no knowledge might work for a 7 year old – but a seasoned veteran of politics? How absurd.

After viewing the video, ask yourself what might happen should one of his hooligans believe that there was foul play or voter irregularities at a particular precinct. As yourself what that mob might be capable of if their numbers were to increase. Ask yourself if this is representative of the type of leadership America needs.

Read the statements by the racists on Stormfront who support Paul and ask yourself if he is capable of duplicity – of running a chameleonic campaign. And remember – silence = acceptance.

The gloves have definitely come off – and the “Ron Paul Revulsion Part II” will reveal even more about Dr. Ron Paul.



  1. Jack said

    Don’t you understand what happend during a revolution? Sean Hannity is a turd and so is Faux News.

    You don’t think the American public can voice their opinions?

    Good luck to you.

  2. Jason in Orlando said

    Nicole: You are part of an organized Communist gang. Patriotic Americans must stand up and fight against Communists and their sympathizers. We must never allow the tyranny of Communism to engulf America. The REAL reason you want America to become a non-White majority country, is because you hope to use the non-Whites as your new Proletariat social class, to launch a Communist takeover of America, where White people will be sent to Gulags, and Jews like yourself will rule over a brown-skinned America with the lower races as your Proletariat.

  3. Jason in Orlando said

    Take your statement, “… We spoke of the mob of thugs and degenerates who are lining up behind Paul and their strong-arm tactics….”

    And replace just a couple of words: “… I speak against the mob of COMMUNIST thugs and degenerates who are lining up behind the ANTIFA and their strong-arm tactics….”

    And you will see EXACTLY what I think of you!

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