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Google Ron Paul? «

Posted by nicolen on December 18, 2007

Now, you really owe it to yourself to read this about Ron Paul – and please DO Google him!

Google Ron Paul? «


4 Responses to “Google Ron Paul? «”

  1. […] Google Ron Paul? « […]

  2. PauliticallyCorrect said

    RON PAUL. The Money Bomb celebrating the amazing Family Values of Dr. Ron and Carol
    Paul’s 51st Wedding Anniversary has begun. Feb 1st. Join the Fun and help make
    History. The Mega MAINSTREAM MEDIA is telling you that you must vote for who they
    want you to vote for aka McCain or Romney the Counterfeit Conservatives.
    Donate $51 dollars to honor 51 one years of marriage and to push for taking the
    USA back from those who are Destroying the US middle class. Spread the word. God
    Bless Everyone.

  3. Mike said

    Ron Paul advocated are getting worked into a frenzy over Obama and he hasn’t even entered office yet. They’re kind of scarey really.

  4. is the fat burning furnace a hoax…

    […]Google Ron Paul? « « Citizens Against Hate[…]…

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