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Posted by nicolen on December 13, 2007

kiss.jpgI am reminded today of a guy I dated for a few minutes. He was a gentleman, a little timid, and quite well read. He brought me gifts and phoned on a regular basis. You see, he was somewhat “needy.” While I appreciated many things about this person, I started to become uncomfortable with this “neediness.”

A little over a month into the relationship, Valentine’s Day rolled around. As I returned from work that afternoon, I had a note on my door from a florist telling me that flowers had been left at a neighbor’s house. I was certain they were from him and I asked my daughter to retrieve them. While she was doing that, I went to the mailbox where I found this oversized card which was also from him and proclaimed his undying love.

Now, I guess many women would be absolutely ecstatic to be the recipient of such a shower of affection, however, I was, inexplicably, bothered. As my, then 7 year old,  daughter turned the corner I noticed that she was struggling behind a vase almost as tall as her filled with 3 dozen red roses.

The flowers were beautiful and would have been resplendent in a posh hotel lobby with cathedral ceilings. In my living room, however, they took over the entire room.

I logged into my email and found 17 messages from “him.” They were all e-cards! It was as if he had sat at the computer all day surfing card sites and sending them to me. Needless to say…I was somewhat overwhelmed.

As I sat down at the dining room table to help with homework, the doorbell rang. There he was…all smiles, shuffling his feet like a shy schoolboy, carrying a 5 pound box of Godiva chocolates! Cute? Yes. But…for someone that I had known for only a little over a month, I just couldn’t get ready for this. It was definitely overkill.

So…why am I reminded of that today? Well, as I went to my email box, I had been the recipient of 21 emails – all espousing the greatness of Ron Paul. As I have been surfing the blogs, I have found it difficult to avoid articles and discussions extolling the virtues of this presidential hopeful. Personally, I’m sick of it. It’s OVERKILL! Even if I were a Ron Paul groupie, I would have had enough.

This almost cultish group of people supporting Ron Paul are starting to appear almost desperate in their need to spread the word. As we get closer and closer to the Iowa Caucus and other primaries around the country, they are becoming almost shrill in their proliferation of the “Ron Paul message.”

Ron Paul has failed to step forth and address the many issues questioning his attracting those from the extremist elements in our society. His close ties to racists, conspiracy theorists, Christian Reconstructionists, etc. have been well documented. While his stance on the war may be very popular, his stand on education, abortion, economics, etc., are intolerable to many.

Now his supporters have reached absurd levels of annoying the voting populace and are engaging in absolute overkill which is sure to alienate even those who were considering giving Paul their vote. The last thing we need in a leader is someone who brings with them a cult mentality and endorsement.

Ron Paul will probably not win the Republican nomination. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is those who have pissed people off with their continuous bombardment of message boards, discussion groups, and internet users in general. The first clue should have been when Paul supporters were barred from posting in certain forums. And if that wasn’t a strong enough hint, the fact that so many have complained about their annoying “Johnny On The Spot” defense of the candidate and their non-stop proselytizing across the net.


3 Responses to “OVERKILL…”

  1. There is controversy surrounding every single candidate. Some will vote for Hilary because she’s a woman, some will vote against her because she’s a woman. Some will vote for Obama because he’s black and some against. The people seem so desperate right now because of the idiot in office. Never before have I looked at a man and thought to myself, now there’s a fool but I see one when I look at Bush. Sadly, I see one.

    At this point everyone is willing to accept anything other than Bush but I fear the relief many will feel will be short lived if they vote for someone based on gender, race or religion. After all, isn’t that how Bush got into office? They certainly didn’t vote the issues. He fits the profile of other presidents and he like many others has left a mess that may or may not be mended.

    Austin (not for the cult of R Paul)

    by the way, I really like that Diversity painting on your sidebar.

  2. nicolen said

    Thanks Austin. I agree that people are so desperate they are willing to vote for anyone…and that is my biggest fear.

    Right now, they appear to be in a real frenzy. I’ll be happy when the primaries are over and we can focus on the real candidates.

    You know, I can’t remember a time when a President has caused be to feel such dislike. The minute he appears on TV, I feel the anger welling up inside me. How dare he!

    But, we really do need to be cautious and not jump from the frying pan into the fire.

  3. Jason in Orlando said

    Nicole is a member of an organized communist gang. We must defeat these orgainzed communists. Their plan for America is the same fate happening to White people in Zimbabwe and South Africa right now. South Africa has the highest per-capita rate of rape in the world. Every day, there are hundreds of White people in America who are attacked by these apemen. If Whites become a minority in America it will be a time of mass rape and murder, just like what happened in East Prussia when the Soviet army rolled in. Little German girls, some as young as 6 years old, were gang raped to death while their parents were forced to watch, while the sadistic communst monsters laughed. Barack Obama, if elected president, will order the mass rape of every white woman in America, visa via Chanon Christian & Christopher Newsom in the Knoxville horror. Every white woman will be gang raped by five Black thugs, and her husband/boyfriend will be forced to watch the apemen rape his woman as a sadistic form of psychological torture.

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