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The Ron Paul Revulsion

Posted by nicolen on November 16, 2007


By Nicole Nichols

Fanatics of any kind piss me off. Their zealous aggressiveness, patently plastic approach, and dogmatically blinding perceptions are enough to make me just want to hurl. Can we all agree that extremism, in any form is a turn-off and can be detrimental both to the extremist and the victims of that extremism? Good…I thought so.

The last few months of trying to follow these presidential hopefuls has found me, more often than not, in the Ron Paul melee. Why? Because of the fanatical and sometimes boisterous antics of his supporters and his own refusal to allay the concerns that have arisen regarding the racists, loons, and genuine extremists who are bolstering his internet presence. For an instant, it looked as if those bullies and loud-mouths were going to steamroll right over those who dared to speak disparagingly about their messiah. That would have been interesting considering that Paul is somewhat of a Constitutionalist and wants to protect our rights to free speech. Uh…huh.

Before I begin to fillet Ron Paul and some of his supporters, let me issue a disclaimer. Not everyone supporting Ron Paul is a racist, nut-job, or fanatic. There…that’s done.

Consider, if you will, the ideology behind racist groups. They are against big government. They value their privacy. Many ascribe to the idea of state’s rights above all else. Many believe that taxation is illegal. Some desire segregation while others favor deportation or even genocide. They despise minorities and especially folks of the Jewish persuasion. Generally speaking, they deplore multiculturalism and non-white immigration into this country. So…what is it about Ron Paul that draws them into his backyard? In all seriousness…you have to look at the man and what he stands for to see the whole picture.

In a wonderfully researched article Andrew Walden, of American Thinker, has chronicled the racist and extremist support that has attached itself to the Ron Paul campaign. Walden accurately points out that most political candidates would do anything and everything possible to distance themselves from many of the people who are supporting Dr. Paul. However, it seems that distancing is not going to happen.

Let’s look at some of those extremists a little more closely.


Willis Carto, now in his 70’s, hails from the far right wing of American politics. He was heavily influenced by philosopher Francis Parker Yockey…who sympathized with Nazi War Criminals while prosecuting them at the Nuremburg Trials. He also argued for a race-based path for the preservation of western culture.

Carto founded the Liberty Lobby which has been sued out of existence. He now runs a newspaper entitled “American Free Press” which focuses on conspiracy theories, economics and Israel.

He acquired what was left of the Youth For Wallace group and turned it into an openly racist organization called the “National Alliance Youth,” which later became the National Alliance under the control of Dr. William Luther Pierce, the author of the “Turner Diaries.”

Carto, himself is a Holocaust denier, and promotes others who engage in the same kind of “revisionist” thinking. He joined in the signing of “The New Orleans Protocol” at the 2004 conclave put together by David Duke upon his release from prison. The protocol seeks to make the Duke brand of racism more mainstream.

Carto also publishes many of Ron Paul’s writings.


“Who is using who [sic]? Who is calling the shots? History supplies the answer to this. History tells us plainly who our Enemy is. Our Enemy today is the same Enemy of 50 years ago and before — and that was before Communism. The Communists are ‘using’ the Jews we are told. . . . [W]ho was ‘using the Jews 50 years ago –100 or 1,000 years ago. History supplies the answer. The Jews came first and remain Public Enemy No. 1. “Hitler’s defeat was the defeat of Europe. And of America. . . . The blame . . . must be laid at the door of the international Jews.”“If Satan himself… had tried to create a… force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews.”


David Duke is the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Duke won election to the Louisiana State Legislature and ran for president twice as both a Democrat and a Republican. (Interesting how if they don’t get in the door of one party, they just switch.)

“According to Wikipedia, “It is alleged that using the pseudonym Dorothy Vanderbilt, Duke published a self-help book for women, titled Finders-Keepers, in 1976. The publication gives advice to women regarding vaginal exercises, fellatio, analingus, and anal sex. The manual is no longer in print and hard to find; however, the Times-Picayune, a New Orleans newspaper, managed to find a copy and trace the trail of its proceeds to the original author via the publisher. Duke compiled information from various women’s self-help magazines, and published the book to raise money for his activities, though the book turned out to be a flop.”

“Duke worked in the National Alliance Youth.

Duke served 15 months in prison for failing to file his taxes and mail fraud. He is an avid white supremacist who seeks segregation of the races. He is a rabid anti-Semite and blames the U.S. support for Israel for the attacks of September 11th.

David Duke, who spends most of his time out of the counrty ardently supports Ron Paul in his quest for the presidency. Also, according to Wikipedia and major news outlets: “On November 24, 2005, Duke visited Damascus, Syria, addressing a rally which was broadcast on Syrian television, and later giving an interview. During the rally, he referred to Israel as a “war-mongering country”, adding that “Washington, New York and London and many other capitals of the world” are “occupied by the Zionists.”

After speaking to the Syrian people, Duke was interviewed, where he said that Israel “makes the Nazi state look very, very moderate.” Syrian parliament member Muhammad Habash replied that Duke’s visit gave Syrians a “new and very positive view of the average American.”

Now…aren’t we all thankful that Duke has portrayed us in such a manner to the rest of the world?


“What we really want to do is to be left alone. We don’t want Negroes around. We don’t need Negroes around. We’re not asking you know, we don’t want to have them, you know, for our culture. We simply want our own country and our own society. That’s in no way exploitive at all. We want our own society, our own nation….” ( Duke interview with doctoral student Evelyn Rich, who
traveled around the country with Duke while conducting
research for her dissertation on the KKK. March 1985)
“They’re trying to exterminate our race. I think, probably in a moral sense, the Jewish people have been a blight. I mean as a whole, not every Jew. And they probably deserve to go into the ashbin of history. But saying that and actually shooting or killing people in masses, are two different things. I’m not advocating extermination. I think the best thing is to resettle them in someplace where they can’t exploit others. And I don’t think they can live among themselves, I really don’t.” ( Evelyn Rich interview, February 1986)DON BLACK

Don Black runs the infamous website known as “Stormfront.” Stormfront is the first and largest hate site on the web. Black was also a Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He is close friends with David Duke in spite of the fact that Duke’s first wife is now Mrs. Don Black.

In 1981, Black was convicted of attempting an armed overthrow of the Dominican government in what was dubbed “Operation Red Dog,” or “Bayou of Pigs.” He was joined by nine other would-be mercenaries who were largely members of the Klan.
Don Black not only runs Stormfront, but he hosts, according to the Anti-Defamation League, a site called Bamboo Delight which is replete with anti-Semitic programs and pamphlets. At first glance in appears to be a cheesey website promoting Asian health aids…but look again. It is chocked full of statements such as:

“The next time you think about going to a Jewish doctor,
know the basic teaching for a Jewish physician and think twice about it.
“It is forbidden [for a Jewish doctor] to heal a non-Jew even for payment…”
an”It is forbidden to save non-Jews if they are at the point of death;
if, for example, one of them is seen falling into the sea, he should not be rescued.”

“Now do you know why diseases are never cured but only treated and treated and treated for money and more money and more money ???

“All Jewish physicians are devils. Don’t submit yourself to their swindles.”.

“Anyone who likes good food and good health should try my cooking method. But those readers who are Negroes
should immediately start using my cooking method. Because Negroes have more diseases and have shorter lives
than other people, they can immediately start regaining their Natural Rights to good health and long life that the
Junk foods of the Jewish Medical Conspiracy have robbed from them.”
And for a price, you can be the proud owner of a CD containing all of Frazier Glenn Miller’s speeches, or “Everything You Always Wanted To Know About the Jews but Were Afraid To Ask.” Or, you can order an 80 page Adobe book entitled “Jewish-Communist Brainwashing Techniques,” which will hip you to the Jewish brainwashing of Bill Clinton and Dr. Benjamin Spock.


Jamie Kelso is a Senior Moderator on the Stormfront forum and David Duke’s right hand man. He has been hugely successful in helping Don Black build the now Stormfront forum into the 119,000 plus members that it is today. He did this by encouraging some of the more prolific writers in the movement such as Sam Dickson, from the Council of Conservative Citizens, and Willis Carto to start posting on the forum. According to Wikipedia…

“He was the chairman of the May 2004 and May 2005 New Orleans conferences attended by a number of white nationalists, including Nick Griffin, chair of the British National Party; Jean-Michel Girard, Directeur de cabinet des affaires etrangeres of the Front National of France; and Lady Michele Renouf from the UK. Kelso lived at David Duke’s headquarters in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana during this time. He also organized an April 2004 international revisionist conference in Sacramento attended by attorney Edgar J. Steele, author of Defensive Racism; Paul Fromm, chair of the Canadian Association for Free Expression; and April Gaede and her daughters Lamb and Lynx, twin members of the band Prussian Blue.


“We can have peace and security only as long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood.”“You always want to paint your opponents in the worst possible light,” Kelso said of antiracist activists and other Stormfront detractors. “That becomes hard to do when an organization reaches large numbers. It’s not plausible to say hundreds of thousands of people are nuts. We’re striving to be seen as our own kind of mainstream, and that we’re not kooky.”EDGAR J. STEELE

Edgar J. Steele is an anti-Semitic and racist attorney out of Sandpoint, Idaho. He is probably most well known for his defense of Richard Butler, head of Aryan Nations, in a 2000, suit that was brought about when Aryan Nation’s guards attack a woman and her son. Steele lost the case and Richard Butler lost his compound.

Currently, Steele runs a website called “Conspiracy Pen Pal,” where he posts his anti-Semitic and racist rants as well as his support for Ron Paul.

According to the Anti-Defamation League…

“Steele also regularly attacks blacks in his books, columns and speeches. He alleges the existence of a “Black-on-White race war” in the U.S., and claims that blacks have “inherited” a distinctly “African” culture of “rape…murder…violence…[and] single-parent families.” He has also called for organized opposition to African Americans in the entertainment industry, asking his readers to join him in boycotting “products advertised with black actors and models,” and “TV shows and movies with black actors.”

“Steele publishes a weekly commentary on his Web site, and his writings are also distributed widely through E-mail lists. Steele’s open association with white supremacists has become well-known, and he is a sought-after speaker at conferences of right-wing extremists, including those conducted by the National Alliance, Volksfront, and the Institute for Historical Review.”


“Truly the Masters of Disaster on a national scale, Jews have been ejected from society after society, down through the ages — always for the same reasons and always claiming to be the victims of unjustified persecution. Today, however, they are engineering a disaster global in its reach — their “final solution,” if you will: the New World Order. And America is their intended vehicle. America’s founders were well aware of the dangers presented by the Jewish race.” (August 25, 2003)“Join me, won’t you? Boycott products advertised with black actors and models. Make a statement: If you see black, don’t go back. Boycott TV shows and movies with black actors. Send the message that we are fed up: If we see “black, we don’t go back. Cancel your subscriptions to newspapers and magazines that push black articles, columnists and advertisements into your face. There are plenty available that don’t. Not coincidentally, those that don’t promote blacks are the same ones that actually tell the truth about other things, too. Tell them when you cancel: If we see black, we don’t go back.”“Wherever blacks are congregated in America, one observes the manifestation of their inherited behavioral response patterns, directly traceable to the behavior to be observed in African blacks. Realizing that America’s black problems are rooted in African culture goes a long way toward explaining the black-on-white race war being waged in the streets of America, the rapes, the murders, the violence, the short-term outlook, the single-parent families and so on.”

“So, what color are Jews? Jews are the color of avarice and greed. Jews are the color of deception, manipulation and the lust for power. Jews are the color of dishonesty, selfishness and heartlessness. ”

“Jews are right about anti-Semitism being a disease, you know, just as fourteenth-century Europeans were right about the nature of bubonic plague. However, just as with bubonic plague, American Jews seem not to have identified the Jewish Plague’s real carriers. But you and I know who they are. Anti-Semitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews.”

“Jews, themselves, were responsible for Adolf Hitler. There is a pattern to Jewish tyranny in country after country, you know….Hitler was the response to the pre-World-War-II Jewish takeover and pillaging of Germany, similar to how Jewish robber barons recently gutted Russia.”

“Personally, give me real skinheads any day of the week for loyalty, honesty and passion, versus the girly-man traitors now running America! I learned that many years ago when I had the honor of helping to defend your right to free speech by representing Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations in a trumped-up lawsuit designed to silence them.”


Will Williams is a long time racist and activist in various organizations within the white supremacist realm. Ben Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator and author of the “White Man’s Bible,” and other publications, wrote about Williams and his stay at Klassen’s one-time compound. According to Klassen, Willliams assaulted his girlfriend and eventually had to leave. Williams also provided security for the late William Luther Pierce, founder of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.

Williams, at one point, was a great recruiter of young people into the National Alliance as he would distribute comic books entitled “The Saga of White Will.” The publication depicted a violent attack on a Jewish kid by the hero.

With more than 30 years of racist rallies, events, and recruiting under his belt, Will Williams has decided that Ron Paul is the candidate that will best represent whites and non-Jews. With a fervor, he has been promoting Paul across hate groups on the internet and he formed a “Meet-up” group for Tennessee. Refusing to compromise his hate speech, especially against the Jewish population, Williams became a prolific poster on the Ron Paul Forums where he berated what he calls “Jewish influence” and posted the writings of Dr. William Luther Pierce and others. When challenged by one supporter, Williams had this to say:

“It’s clear that proofs of anything mean nothing to you — right again. You must live a miserable existence trying to control everybody and what they can and can’t discuss. You’d make a compliant wage slave pushing mind slop at the Disney Corp, or maybe at the civil rights division of the DOJ enforcing hate speech statutes, locking away thought criminals like myself. I’m surprised you are attracted to Dr. Paul with your severely restricted view of what’s allowable under the First Amendment. It’s unpopular speech, dissident speech — Politically Incorrect speech, if you will — for which our founding fathers provided the highest protection. Those protections have been seriously eroded and I will talk about this and about who abrogated these sacred personal liberties until I’m gagged by thought police like you and whomever you whine to, or killed.”

Adam Holland has written extensively about Williams and some of the other racists behind the Paul campaign.


“I’m currently reading _Stalin and his Hangmen – the Tyrant and Those who Killed for Him_, by Donald Rayfield. Our Ally in WWII, “Uncle Joe” Stalin, and his buddies like Beria and Kagonovich and all those other nice Jewish boys, made Mr. Hitler look like a girl scout when it came to mass killing. One has to wonder why there are no movies about this, or TV shows, or many books for that matter, or holocaust museums, when there are literally thousands devoted to the evil Mr. Hitler and how he made lampshades and soap out of all those blameless, pious Jews who just wanted to bring to Germany and the rest of Europe what their kinsmen brought to Russia. I think it goes to what Mr. Napolean once said: “The victors write the histories.” The Jewish people certainly did win WWII, didn’t they Mr. Panken? They are sitting atop the world…or it that a powder keg?“After enough complaints from Holycause survivors I received a new plate from DMV in the mail one day, unsolicited, along with a letter instructing me to return my prized ZYKLON-B. I ignored the niggers and still have it. I had a RAHOWA! vanity plate before that, during late 80’s, early 90’s, but it didn’t raise many eyebrows back then because few knew what it meant.”Perhaps the most disturbing issue that surrounds the posts of Will Williams on the Ron Paul forums is the number of people who seem to agree with his anti-Semitism or are willing to tolerate it.


Ron Doggett is a former Klansman and current David Duke lackey. Out of Richmond, Virginia, Doggett used to host a public access show entitled “Race and Reality.”

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center,

“In February of 2001, Doggett testified to the Virginia Senate Rules Committee in favor of maintaining the state’s unconstitutional law against interracial marriage. He pulled off an even more remarkable coup a month later, when he convinced then-Gov. Jim Gilmore, who was also then heading up the Republican National Committee, to declare May “European American Heritage and History Month” — an astounding feat given Doggett’s local notoriety. Two months later, a red-faced Gilmore rescinded his proclamation.”


On the vandalizing of the Martin Luther King Bridge: “I not a fan of graffiti but that hit the mark.
Of course it could be argued that putting the name M.L.King on it was worse than any spray paint”

On viewing a heavily tattooed female: “I guess it will take all kinds to win this battle. Better to see that than race-mixing whore seeks ape, still funny though.”


John Ubele is the Operations Director for the Nationalist Coalition. The Nationalist Coalition is an offshoot of the National Alliance and was formed after a shake-up following William Pierce’s death and the later incarceration of Kevin Alfred Strom on child pornography charges.

The stated purpose of the Nationalist Coalition is:

“Through a loss of self-determination due to media control by a few individuals at the top, the organization purports that white values are being lost. The media has “… enormous power to lead the American people and their government in whatever direction they choose”. With this basic position, the organization is attempting to create a network of anti non-white immigrant, volunteers to fuel their own media intervention and thus expound their own white separatist beliefs.”

Ubele is also running for office in Florida while heading up the Florida Meet-up group for Ron Paul. He has garnered some local press over the last few months because of some very anti-Semitic flyers that he has been distributing which claim that our American soldiers are dying for Israel.

John Ubele is maintaining quite a web-presence as it appears that he is trying to cover all bases. Ubele also heads the Sons of Liberty group, which claims:

“It is our hope to positively affect the political, social, and economic well being of that constituency. Through political activism, organized to educate the citizens of Florida, we intend to cause the change of our political and social institutions to the extent that they are actively respecting and promoting the interests of European Americans’ heritage, on at least a basis equal to that of any other heritage, race, or ethnicity represented in the State of Florida.”

John appears to be a well-respected member of the Ron Paul group and is very active in that campaign.


Virginia Abernethy is a retired professor of psychiatry at Vanderbilt University. She has been deemed a “white supremacist,” but prefers the term “ethnic separatist.” Splitting hairs is not uncommon among racists and bigots. Vehemently opposed to immigration, Abernethy claims that “ethnic groups are more comfortable with their own kind.”

Abernethey is closely tied to the Council of Conservative Citizens and is a rabid anti-immigration proponent.

In 2004, Abernethy wrote a letter to the Washington Times which had described her as a “self-described ‘racial separtist'”. In that letter she stated, note that the nation has abandoned the motto, “e pluribus unum.” She wrote, “The goals of the multicultural game are ethnic separatism, ethnic privilege and ethnic power.” European-Americans are “late on the playing field” and need to catch up because if they don’t play the game “my family and kin will lose out”

She also served on the editorial board of The Citizen Informer, the newsletter of the Council of Conservative Citizens, a Neo-confederate organization. Abernethy regularly addresses meetings of the CofCC. She is on the editorial advisory board of The Occidental Quarterly, a pro-European-American scholarly journal of “nationalist thought and opinion.” Abernethy is on the Board of Directors of the Carrying Capacity Network, an immigration-reduction organization, and also on the Board of Population-Environment BALANCE, which advocates an immigration moratorium in order to balance population size with resources and the environment’s capacity to cope with pollution.

She likes hobnobbing with the anti-Semitic author and professor, Kevin MacDonald and, little wonder, has contributed financially to the Ron Paul campaign.


Meet Larry Pratt, the executive director of Gun Owners of America. Now, that, in and of itself, may not be too alarming to most Americans. However, his support of Ron Paul has caused some concerns, not because of his firearm views, but because of his other activities.

Larry Pratt was the former co-chairman of the Pat Buchannan presidential campaign during which time it was alleged that Pratt had attended white supremacist and militia meetings. Pratt denied the charges but resigned to avoid bringing any controversy down on the Buchanan campaign.

In spite of Pratt’s denials, it later came to light that in 1992, he had shared the stage with Louis Beam, a virulent white supremacist, and Richard Butler, the infamous leader of Aryan Nations. Pratt addressed a three-day gathering of neo-Nazi’s, white supremacists, and Christian Identity adherents who had gathered in Estes Park, Colorado following the Ruby Ridge incident.

Larry Pratt and his organization wields a lot of lobbying power. His personal friendshipt with John Ashcroft and his membership in the secretive Council for National Policy demonstrates how deeply anti-Semitic and racist ideology have been able to penetrate the halls of U.S. government.

In a close look at Larry Platt, an article entitled “God & Guns”sums up why we should be concerned thusly:

“What makes Larry’s story interesting is his link between the idea of God and guns. Pratt is an active participant in the Religious Right movement and carries great influence as a speaker and expert on both Bible and guns. The linking of God and guns is an interesting story because most believers would consider Christians somewhat pacifists on the arms issue.“What makes Larry scary to some folks is the way in which he is able to casually walk amidst some of the most violent right wing elements of society and fit in among them as a featured speaker. Larry is not only a gun lobbyist, he works for English First and Border Patrol which are groups who demand English be the official language of the nation and that something be done about the influx of Mexican immigrants. The official complaint against Larry’s liaisons was his addressing a meeting where there were Christian Identity and Aryan Nation people working to promote armed militia.”1” Larry has written a manual promoting the militia movement and is considered an expert on militia mobilizations. Christian Identity and Aryan Nations groups are rabid White Supremacy fanatics who have a sideline of hating Jews.“Pastor Pete Peters of Colorado once invited Pratt to speak at a meeting.”2” Peters is an anti-semitic preacher who is a White Supremist and advocates the killing of homosexuals as a splendid Biblical mandate for modern America.

“Larry Pratt’s web page is and features many interesting points of information. One part of the page warns about the U.S. government declaring martial law from the Y2K crisis. Right wing groups suspect a secret U.N. plot to take away Americans’ weapons. Listed in Pratt’s link are some patriot/militia groups with scary positions. The sight sells several tapes on the Waco Branch Davidian event. Right wing types like Timothy McVeigh are still infuriated over government intervention in taking away the weapons of Davidian cult members. Another tape sold claims the Oklahoma City Federal Building actually exploded from an insider conspiracy. Many right wing groups claim the government actually planted the bomb in Oklahoma City. This is a common tale among the militia people who still smart from government accusations about their propaganda. Another tape has Pratt defending Militia organizations. A book is featured about Michael New who refused to serve under the U.N. banner and faced a court martial for his actions. He is a cult hero among these mindsets. Dr. Rushdoony’s books are promoted. Rushdoony is a theocracy advocate who believes the Constitution should be abandoned for what he considers Biblical Law. Rushdoony advocates the modern use of the Old Testament Law for modern governments as the only official law. Under op ed pieces, Larry blames the Colombine school massacre on the fact that God was taken out of the schools. Pratt likes to blend the idea of gun ownership with his faith in God’s law.

“Larry, who is an active Presbyterian, responds on his web sight to charges of racism. He refutes the Christian Identity theology and takes a stand against racism. He says that his Biblical faith would not allow him to be a racist.

“Pratt definitely doesn’t pay attention to whom he allows his name to be associated with. He was shown on the A&E TV network speaking at a White Supremists’ rally. He openly endorses the most right wing of politicians like Ron Paul and Steve Stockman of Texas. Pratt also has close ties with would be Congressman Randall Terry. Terry borders on the terrorists fringe with some of the things he advocates in his positions.

“Pratt spoke at the 1996 National Affairs Briefing in Memphis and his taped message was advertised through the Southern Baptist Convention Christian Life Commission magazine. Pratt seems to move quite freely between the extreme Right and the more respectable Right.

“It has been suggested that Pratt needs to be given credit for helping to organize the Religious Right in the early eighties.”4″ He has traveled overseas advocating positions with foreign governments that Religious Right advocates have sought to address in distant continents.”5” If Larry is so middle America one wonders at some of the statements and associations he is identified with. He once said we need a militia because “Anti-Christian governments such as we have in the United States cannot be counted on to keep the peace”6”. It is no secret that Pratt holds great disdain for the idea of separation of church and state.

“Pratt’s Biblical rantings ask for people to pray for Gun Owners of America because he needs God’s wisdom to continue his Godly call to keep the guns flowing.”

And while we are looking at the Religious Right as it relates to Ron Paul, let’s look at another powerful individual, supporter, and long time friend of the candidate.


Gary Kilgore North is a writer and publisher from the Christian Reconstruction movement. Best known for his predictions Y2k of gloom and doom which never materialized. He also holds a doctorate in economic history. Like Ron Paul, North propses abolishing the fractional reserve banking system and a return to the gold standard while advocating for the Austrian School of Economics.

It is important to note that Gary North has been very close to Ron Paul for decades not to mention that he served on Paul’s staff in the 1970’s. While North’s economic views often echo those of many Libertarians, it is his religious views that are of the utmost concern. As previously mentioned, North is a Christian Reconstructionist and is the son-in-law of R.J. Rushdoony who is considered the father of the reconstructionists. It is no secret that Paul is against the separation of church and state and holds some very strong views in that area and Gary North has called him the “Mahatma of Self Government.”

In article just written by Aura Bogado, she claims that…
“Paul opposes the separation of Church and State. Yes, you read correctly, he opposes it. He says there is a war on religion, and that “Through perverse court decisions and years of cultural indoctrination, the elitist, secular Left has managed to convince many in our nation that religion must be driven from public view.” We should remember that when writing about the First Amendment of the Constitution (which clearly states that “government will make no law respecting an establishment of religion”), Thomas Jefferson coined the term “separation of Church and State”. If Paul’s theocratic concepts were instituted, we would have Old Testament displays at the nation’s courthouses, and Christian prayers would be part of each child’s school day.

“His religious conservatism seems to inform his views on topics as elementary as evolution when it comes to education. When asked if he would encourage presenting so-called facts to contradict the theory of evolution in schools, he answered yes. This “alternative view” on the theory of evolution means teaching the concept of intelligent design- a pseudoscience which real scientists dismiss as another attempt to once again introduce creationism into public classrooms. No thank you. Intelligent design may have its place in church, on the street or at home, but in terms of science, it doesn’t propose any hypotheses which can be tested through experiment; it’s simply not science.”

So, what about this “Christian Conservatism?” I’ll let Gary North explain his views in the following quotes:

“It is only in a period of civil impotence that Christians are under the rule to “resist not evil” (Matt. 5:39). When Christians are given power in civil affairs, the situation is different, and another rule is imposed: “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). The same holds true for the devil’s disciples. Martin Luther once saw the devil, or something he thought was the devil, and hurled an inkwell at him. He had other suggestions, even more earthly, as to how we should handle the devil. That should be the attitude of all Christians who possess authority. We pay the bribe until the day that God’s adversaries lose power, but not one day longer.” (Gary North, “In Defense of Biblical Bribery,” in R.J. Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law (Nutley, NJ: Craig Press, 1973), p. 846.)“Furthermore, there is that other great, intolerable evil of the New England Puritans: the Puritans took land away from the “native Americans.” You know, the Indians. (Liberals have adopted the phrase “native Americans” in recent years. They never, ever say “American natives,” since this is only one step away from “American savages,” which is precisely what most of those demon-worshipping, Negro slave-holding, frequently land-polluting people were…. This was one of the great sins in American life, they say: “the stealing of Indian lands”…. That a million savages had a legitimate legal claim on the whole of North America north of Mexico is the unstated assumption of such critics. They never ask the question: From whom did the Indians of early colonial America get the land? They also never ask the even more pertinent question: Was the advent of the European in North America a righteous historical judgment of God against the Indians? On the contrary, our three authors [Noll, Hatch, Marsden] ridicule the Puritans for having suggested that the Indians were the moral and covenantal equivalent of the Canaanites (p. 33). In fact, if ever a continent of covenant-breakers deserved this attribution, the “native Americans” did.” (Gary North, Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism (Tyler, TX: Institute for Christian Economics, 1989), pp. 257-258)“The long-term goal of Christians in politics should be to gain exclusive control over the franchise. Those who refuse to submit publicly to the eternal sanctions of God by submitting to His Church’s public marks of the covenant–baptism and holy communion–must be denied citizenship, just as they were in ancient Israel. ” (Gary North, Political Polytheism: The Myth of Pluralism (Tyler, TX: Institute for “The question eventually must be raised: Is it a criminal offense to take the name of the Lord in vain? When people curse their parents, it unquestionably is a capital crime (Ex. 21:17). The son or daughter is under the lawful jurisdiction of the family. The integrity of the family must be maintained by the threat of death. Clearly, cursing God (blasphemy) is a comparable crime, and is therefore a capital crime (Lev. 24:16).”Christian Economics, 1989), p. 87.)

(On Modern Israel)
“There is only one Bride; God is not a bigamist. He took no gentile wife under the Old Covenant, and He will not accept a pale imitation of Old Covenant Israel – modern Judaism – as His wife in the future. Gentiles could become part of God’s Bride in the Old Covenant only by abandoning their national gods and accepting the God of the Israelites, as Shechem did, by circumcision (Genesis 34). Today, the same rule applies in the New Covenant era: Jews can become part of the Bride only by abandoning their Judaism by being baptized. God is not a bigamist.” (Gary North, The Judeo-Christian Tradition: A Guide for the Perplexed (Tyler, TX: Institute for Christian Economics, 1990), pp. 16-17.)

NOTE: Sounds like Gary North and Ann Coulter are soul mates when it comes to Jews.

“Let’s get this straight: Christian reconstruction depends on majority rule. More than this; it depends on overwhelming acceptance of the biblical covenant, perhaps as high as the 80% range of adult acceptance. In the initial stages of the Constitutional reform movement, such as today, Christians are under the civil rule of the majority. We must work within a covenantally alien system, and we must do so peacefully.” (Gary North, Political Polytheism, p. 586.)

The Bible does not allow the imposition of some sort of top-down bureaucratic tyranny in the name of Christ. The kingdom of God requires a bottom-up society. The bottom-up Christian society rests ultimately on the doctrine of self-government under God, with God’s law as the publicly revealed standard of performance. It is the humanists’ view of society that promotes top-down bureaucratic power. …”

“…still another form of masochism is “burden-bearing.” The burden-bearer will play the role of public saint in order to atone for private guilt. The more unpleasant the public role, the more desirable its function for purposes of atonement. As a result, the guilty rich will indulge in philanthropy, and the guilty white men will show “love” and “concern” for Negroes and other such persons who are in actuality repulsive and intolerable to them….”

“A contrary development is increasingly in evidence in the Western world, and especially in the United States, i.e., the development by systematic indoctrination of a bad conscience. The political cultivation of guilt is a central means to power, for guilty men are slaves; their conscience is in bondage, and hence they are easily made objects of control. Guilt is thus systematically taught for purposes of control. Several instances can be cited readily. For example, the white man is being systematically indoctrinated into believing that he is guilty of enslaving and abusing the Negro. Granted that some Negroes were mistreated as slaves, the fact still remains that nowhere in all history or in the world today has the Negro been better off. The life expectancy of the Negro increased when he was transported to America. He was not taken from freedom into slavery, but from a vicious slavery to degenerate chiefs to a generally benevolent slavery in the United States. There is not the slightest evidence that any American Negro had ever lived in a “free society” in Africa; even the idea did not exist in Africa. The move from Africa to America was a vast increase of freedom for the Negro, materially and spiritually as well as personally. The Negroes were sold from a harsh slavery into a milder one. Slavery was basic to the African way of life, to the point that slaves were the actual money of the African economy. Elsewhere, gold and silver served as money; in Africa, it was slaves….

“The private ownership of slave labor in the American South has been the subject of extensive distortion. The Negroes were slaves to their tribal heads in Africa, or prisoner-slaves of other tribes. The monetary unit in black Africa was man, the slave. The Negro moved from an especially harsh slavery, which included cannibalism, to a milder form. Much is said about the horrors of the slave ships, many of which were very bad, but it is important to remember that slaves were valuable cargo and hence property normally handled with consideration. A Canadian legislative commission member in 1847 reported that the Irish immigrants were being transported on ships loaded with twice as many passengers as the ship should hold, huddled down between decks, with too little food and water, and in conditions “as bad as the slave trade.” The condition of the Irish immigrants on arrival was far worse than that of slaves: they had no master to feed and clothe them or to provide shelter. The Irish moved from semi-slavery in Ireland to freedom in America only a few years before the Negro gained emancipation. After a century and a quarter, or less, the Irish are a leading power in the United States, and the Negroes remain on the lowest strata. The basic difference between the Irish and the Negro has not been color: it has been character. The Negroes demand more aid, i.e., more slavery and slave-care, and dwell on their sufferings. The Irish have instead looked to the present and future and helped shape America. It is a significant difference that cannot be explained altogether by color or environment. The Chinese also came to the United States under very difficult circumstances and similarly overcame them.” (R.J. Rushdoony, Politics of Guilt and Pity (Fairfax, VA: Thoburn Press, [1970] 1978), pp 3-4, 19, 25.)

Again, I want to reiterate that not ALL supporters of Ron Paul fit into the mindsets of those profiled in this article. As a matter of fact, the biggest majority of them do not. It is also important to note that those mentioned here are but the tip pf the proverbial iceberg when it comes to who is supporting Dr. Paul.

All of those mentioned above and others unmentioned have the right to support the candidate of their choice. That is not what is being questioned. What is being asked is why there are so many racist and anti-Semitic people throwing in behind Paul. What is his attratction to this particular group? And, even more pressing, why is Ron Paul not speaking out against the racism and anti-Semitism that is being associated with his campaign? Why the silence?

As someone who fervently wants to see the United States of America delivered from the hands of one of the most corrupt and hateful administrations in modern history, I also don’t care too much about going from the frying pan into the fire. A candidate that allows himself to be associated with known racists and bigots and who graces such radio shows as “Political Cesspool” with his presence really has issues that need to be addressed.

America is a multicultural haven that has managed to somehow overcome many adversities. It’s not perfect and our struggle toward equality and peace is ongoing. Imagine, if you will, replacing a hateful and bigoted regime with another radical right-winger who has the support of people such as those outlined above. I don’t even want to go there. I hope you don’t either.

Something is amiss with a candidate who refuses to step to the plate and, not only, refuse to be associated with racists and anti-Semites, but condemn that ideology as well. I am, personally, revolted by Ron Paul’s tacit acceptance of support from these groups. I find it an affront to all things American. I find it, at the very least, a dismal statement that we can actually even consider such a person for the presidency.



41 Responses to “The Ron Paul Revulsion”

  1. David said

    Ron Paul has condemned their ideology, calling racism a “nasty form of collectivism.”

    As others have pointed out, we have become conditioned to politicians who dance to the tune of their paymasters. When a politician’s votes are bought and sold (“whored”), then a donation from a racist is a terrible thing, since that means the politician is going to support that racist.

    When a politician votes from a philosophy of freedom and a strong conscience, however, it does not matter who donates to them, because that politician will not be bought. Ron Paul is a fairly sterling example of this.

    Ron Paul’s campaign stated it best themselves (paraphrase): “If they want to donate to someone who they believe represents their view, but doesn’t, that’s their loss.” And their loss is our gain.

    Think about it… do you really want Ron Paul to be giving money to these people? That’s what you’re calling for…

  2. The American Thinker? said

    This is the kind of site you’re praising?

    As movie-goers, theatre owners and studio shareholders endure yet another wave of anti-American box office duds like Rendition and Lions for Lambs it is worth remembering that left wing propaganda has real roots in Hollywood. And thanks to the character of our media and cultural establishment, we rarely get to hear about them.

    Oh well, whatever else you think of Ron Paul, he’s really gotten liberals into reading the Pajamas Media/LGF circuit of websites.

  3. josef mengele said

    this article is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever read in my life and i have grow utterly weary of such tiresome inanities. best leave thinking to the grown-ups, little girl.

  4. nicolen said

    So…with a name like “Josef Mengele” and an email address such as you are also a critic who uses the word “inane?” That’s pretty damn funny.

  5. Rob said

    You said, fanatics of any kind piss you off. Their zealous aggressiveness, patently plastic approach, and dogmatically blinding perceptions are enough to make you just want to hurl. You asked, can we all agree that extremism, in any form is a turn-off and can be detrimental both to the extremist and the victims of that extremism?

    I can agree, and I’d say that you anti-racists are fanatical extremists. Your dogmatically blinding perceptions and zealous aggressiveness to slander and smear Ron Paul makes many of us want to hurl. Instead of focusing on Ron Paul’s policies, you’re concerned solely about some of his supporters. The Left is notorious for this sort of one dimensional thinking; one dimensional thinking that has proved detrimental to America on so any levels. Before you start with Bush and the rest of the neoconservative crowd, there’s nothing conservative about neoconservatives. But, I digress.

    As David stated above, Ron Paul denounced racism as a “nasty form of collectivism.” Moreover, Ron Paul has no control over who supports him. For you to call on Ron Paul to denounce his supporters because of their personal beliefs is absurd and anti-American. Political correctness and other coercive measures used to govern peoples’ thinking is finally starting to backfire. It’s long overdue.

  6. nicolen said

    Well Rob, you and I will probably not agree on too many things. However, most people who cast an informed vote are issue specific and vote according to their beliefs. Now…there are many things that Ron Paul says, and several points that he makes, that are popular right now. Not the least of those issues is the Iraq War.

    However, I hope that the voting public will become informed about him in other areas, such as civil rights, racism, his far-right religious agenda, as well as economic and foreign policy.

    Ron Paul did not “denounce racism,” he used political rhetoric to circumvent the issue and failed miserably. I cannot say definitively that he is a racist – but…I can say definitively that he has made racist and anti-Semitic remarks, that he associates with racists and anti-Semities, that he is against everything within that realm that has been fought for, and that should he ever be voted into an office as powerful as the Presidency (not that he has a chance) that he will set civil rights back at least 50 years. That, to me, is untenable.

  7. Ron Paul is a racist. It’s undeniable. I’ve proven it, as have many others. He’s also several other detestable things. He believes the state should control the womb. He aggressively supports measures to criminalize abortion. He’s a sexist, a patriarchal tyrant. He believes the state should be able to criminalize private sexual conduct between consenting adults. He defended the Texas Homosexual Control Act. He supports laws defining marriage as only between a woman and a man. He’s a homophobe/heterosexist. He believes America is a Christian nation and that states should be able to organize themselves into theocracies. He believes there is no right to privacy in the Constitution. He’s an Christianist. He believes that capitalist firms should be able to exercise maximum control over the lives of US citizens by removing virtually all controls the citizens have over impersonal corporations. He’s an authoritarian. He wants to dismantle progressive social programs. He’s anti-democracy. He’s a standard format white nationalist, and that’s why white nationalists love him.

    Continuing Paul supporters divide into two camps. There are those who know he’s racist and all these other things and support him for those reasons, that is, the white nationalist. Then there are those who don’t know what he believes or don’t understand his positions. At first, I thought it was possible to reason with the latter, that they were just ignorant; but then, after failing to move them with incontrovertible fact, I realized that something quite disturbing was at work.

    See, Ron Paul fans who have never been white nationalists are what we call “true believers.” The true believer pathology is where a person has made up their mind for emotional reasons and cannot be persuaded by fact and reason. Too many alienated citizens have found a messiah in Paul, and no amount of the truth will shake their faith.

    These are the same type of stooges that Mussolini and Hitler were able to call to their sides during the first fascist period of nationalist capitalism. The true believers joined with the white nationalists and you know what happened.

  8. nicolen said

    Interesting observations – and I agree. One of the most troubling aspects in all of this, for me, is watching both camps interact with each other. The White Nationalist faction is making some headway with many who are the “true believers.”

    I think that all of us who have written anything negative about Paul have incurred the wrath of his supporters. They seem to have this noxious habit of parroting Paul with double speak – and thinking that we buy it. They appear almost “robotic” at times and they are always annoying.

    Much of what Paul claims he would do, if elected, (fat chance), would be impossible. Yet, it is worrisome to see so many fall into lock-step with this charlatan. Of course, as you have said, it is that pathology of the “true believer.”

  9. Check out this post on Ron Paul…

  10. Ron Paul is a racist and a liar. He is another flavor of Christian fundamentalist conservative who is trying to peddle simple minded answers to problems much too complex for Ron-Bots to comprehend. (i.e gold standard doesn’t work, isolationism to Paul’s liking doesn’t work, Constitution cannot be applied in it’s original form to modern socio-political issues.)

    I have defended this position on my own and other countless blogs. His inuendo is much like Hitler’s – looks nice on the surface, but really ugly underneath.

    No racists for President thanks.

  11. Mark said

    There are extremists on both ends. I do not see how Ron Paul is a racist because of some circumstantial evidence in the form of his supporters. Also, comparing the supporters of Dr. Paul to Hitler and Mussolini is narrow-minded to the point that it would make the aforementioned David Duke blush.
    He may be in favor of overturning Roe v. Wade but readily acknowledges that abortions will never totally be abolished. Is this Christian extremism or just plain pragmatism? As far as controlling the womb is concerned, he has said that each this decision should be up to the states. What is wrong with this? If people would stop using abortion as a form of birth control this argument would not be half an incendiary as it is today.
    Also, I take this group of leftists to have been the ones rallying against the Patriot Act, a piece of legislation I find as abominable as any ACLU chapter. Dr. Paul took a stand against this and continues to during debates despite a hailstorm of criticism from his peers.
    I guess I just do not buy into the tic-tac-toe logic of this group that in its methods strongly resemble the logic used by the Bush Administration to plummet us into this war that many Democracts backed as well (we all know Dr. Paul courageously did not). If one is looking for extremists, look into the mirror and stop cherry-picking meaningless facts to come to some “1+1=3” logic that is your political and social mindset.

  12. gorak said

    Unlike most politicians Ron Paul has “beliefs” and he does not compromise them to gain support. If some retards don’t know the difference between libertarian and fascist, then they can keep drooling at the mouth and giving to Ron Paul. Its their money and their loss.

  13. Mark said

    I do not think calling people retards supports your point in any fashion and truly shines a light on your ignorance and complete lack of class. Calling Ron Paul a fascist is absurd and is the strand of extremism that should be avoided. Although I do not agree with everything he stands for, it is ridiculous to argue against his record on personal liberties.

  14. Stephen Connolly said

    Ok here it goes… I read half of this blog before I realized how long in fact it actually was. I stopped to look because I realized what I was reading had ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING to do with Ron Paul.

    I’m sure we can all find a list of bad people who support various candidates. Hell, I can find candidates who are bad people. (Rudy instantly pops into my mind.) Like others have said, Ron Paul doesn’t cater to those who support him. He’s just who he is, and we like him that way! The nature of his beliefs make him desirable for LOTS of different people, because he wants to lift the national restrictions. It makes racists like the people you have above feel like they have a chance to get their way. Unfortunately for them however, I don’t think there are as many people today who would support their cause.

    HERE’S why I like Ron Paul:

    I found Ron Paul on accident on YouTube, I heard what he said about Iraq, and I kind of fell in love with his intelligence, and kind-hearted demeanor. I in fact became an addict. I watched every video I could find, and have posted many comments such as this in the past. The difference with this comment though, is my Pro-Ron Paul stance has wavered slightly.

    I was looking up Anti-Ron Paul on the internet because after talking to a friend he brought up some very good points about why small government is bad, and why non-intervention is also bad. So I was looking for articles with good commentary on Ron Paul, people who could poke legitimate holes in his theories of pure capitalism. This is not a good article. Sorry Nicolen, you really didn’t tell me anything useful!

    The main thing my friend told me that rang true for me was that, if Ron Paul takes the chains off of face-less corporations, whats going to stop them from doing bad things? The States, I guess… but can we count on all the states making good decisions? Who’s going to stop Oregon from chopping down every single forest in the state? Certainly not the loggers who pretty much every Oregonian has a stake in. California would love to stop them… but well… they can’t because they’re not Oregon and the Federal government under Ron Paul mind’s its own business.

    So basically Americans suck, they’re bad, and we can’t count on them to do nice things by themselves. We certainly can’t stop a face-less corporation. Starbucks pwns all coffee shops! Maybe there is something pschologically wrong in America that pushes us to take advantage of others, and reap benefits that we aren’t due? As an American child living abroad… people left their belongings unprotected, and I stole quite a bit of stuff just because I could! (I’m a bad person too.)

    I think Ron Paul believes in people. HE thinks Americans are good, he holds America up as a great, PROUD country… and I like that. He points to the founding fathers, and the beautifully simple constitution saying that life could really be that easy if we would just let it. I’ve seen Ron Paul ridiculed in interviews, but his responses always ring true and clear. I have yet to hear anything stupid come out of his mouth. After so many years of GWB that alone is enough to sell a candidate.

    I would be fine with a Democratic President this coming term, but four years of Ron Paul might just be what the Doctor ordered for sick and puking America. I mean look how far we’ve fallen! We need a good strong dose of REAL conservatism, so we can regroup and make things better for everyone. Then I say we bring in the Democrats with all of their great ideas 🙂

  15. nicolen said

    Uh…thank you Stephen for a very thoughtful post. I fully understand the charisma and charm that Ron Paul holds for many people. In my opinion, that doesn’t make him right for America.

    Most of us are issue driven, for certain – and at Citizens Against Hate, we concentrate on racism, bigotry, and inequalities, hence my perspective in the article.

    I am not sure how long it will take to overcome the disaster of GWB – if ever. Of course, we would all love to see that America of yesteryear – and we all still strive for the American Dream. But, I gotta tell ya – I think that we need a solid plan, not an experiment.

    In truth…I don’t know of any candidate who has the answer. I want the war ended and our soldiers home. I want to see the hemorrhaging stopped. Ron Paul’s small government, states rights, homespun formula just won’t do that largely because of some of the above points that you made.

    Additionally, his fundamentalist approach scares the living daylights out of people like me. Setting his racist and anti-Semitic remarks and supporters aside – this “REAL” conservatism that you speak of is, in my opinion, three steps backwards.

  16. TheSmith said

    At the very beginning of this article, the writer assumes that all racist groups are white. This immediately indicates a heavy bias against any objective view and points to a form of discrimination held by the writer. A man is not made by the people who support them.

  17. nicolen said

    I don’t “assume” anything. I know that not all racist groups aren’t white – however, the racisist groups who are vehemently in support of Paul are.

    The people who support him and who he associates with are definitely a reflection of his values. He is a public figure seeking the most powerful office in the world. Hanging out with racists and religious extremists is the ultimate in stupidity.

  18. Kit said

    You keep trying using phrases like “associates with” and “hanging out with racists”.

    Can you please cite examples of Dr. Paul “hanging out with” these people?

    Do you have something more concrete than their being at some big-tent gathering where he is, or showing up to a public rally and getting a picture taken?

    Freedom allows one to do good or evil. At some point one desires either a nanny state, or a more free state that may also give distasteful people the ability to do nasty things. You may choose number one, I choose number two.

    It is important to realize that racists _also_ choose number two, because it allows them more freedom, just like it allows _everybody else_ more freedom. Ergo, racists will _always_ support libertarians. To assume that means libertarians are racist would be facile on your part.

  19. Kit said

    As an aside, I am not familiar with your site, but I would hazard a guess that you are a Clinton supporter in spite of the flotilla of Fun Lovin’ Criminals that have dogged their public life for decades, and continue to do so in the form various shady campaign contributions to Hillary even recently?

    It would be quite hypocritical to let the Clintons off the hook for much more pervasive and well-documented association with felons of all sorts, and then pillory RP for a few hundred bucks in donations among his sea of fervent supporters.

    Just saying.

  20. […] And here. […]

  21. Jakub said

    Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Anti-Defamation League, Wikipedia…. 🙂

    You should use reliable sources, not rubbish.

  22. Jesus Christ said

    “So…with a name like ‘Josef Mengel’ and an email address such as you are also a critic who uses the word “inane?” That’s pretty damn funny.”

    I have to agree with Joseph Mengele. You are a dipshit. Please get off the internets and don’t come back.

  23. Amanda said

    How can some people be pro-choice, but only for the mothers– I know I want to live, and I don’t know many human beings that given the choice would not have been born… so basically what pro-choice-ers are saying is that we are only going to give choices to mothers, not future generations.

    Also, anti-racists are just as bad as racists. And why does it always have to be about race anyway? Ron Paul’s policies won’t only apply to white people or black people, but everyone. FREEDOM! Imagine it?! Teach your kids what YOU want them to learn. If you want them to learn about Black History, or Darwinism, or Algebra, teach them that. If you don’t, dont. Americans will give thier children the tools they need, and those who don’t, will fail. But it shouldn’t be up to me what you teach your kids, and it shouldn’t be up to you what I teach mine.

  24. […] November, I wrote the first “Ron Paul Revulsion” article which has been widely read and cited on the internet. In that article I exposed some of the […]

  25. James McAndrew said

    Extremists force views on other people…. that is contrary to Paul’s libertarian stance.

    If you won’t say it, then the NAACP president will have to, Ron Paul is not a racist. ( click link )

  26. Seth said

    The NAACP president who has known paul for 20 years backs him up. what exactly is the point of this article? that you think paul is a nut because he has a lot of supporters who are crazy? pointless article, maybe you should read the 20 logical fallacies before you write anymore. attacking someone because others who are the enemy support them does not damage that person.

  27. Ron said

    This just proves that Nicole and others who are writing about Ron Paul did not listen to Ron Paul when he explained the letters to Wolf Blizter, his reponse to the letters on the campaign website, the response by the NAACP that Ron Paul was not a racist, Ron Paul’s entire record showing not one ounce of racism, and the enormous support of Dr. Paul by people of all races.

    Tom, your evidence does not hold up. Please do more researching before accusing anyone of any racism in a direct or indirect manner. I looked up David Duke’s website and he has distanced himself from Ron Paul because of Dr. Paul’s support of people of all races. You should think about posting a retraction because it appears that you, in fact, are the one promoting racism.

  28. Rob said

    Hey Nicole,

    Check out the NAACP President speaking about Dr. Paul:

    I hope this brings peace to your troubled soul.

  29. PauliticallyCorrect said

    RON PAUL. The Money Bomb celebrating the amazing Family Values of Dr. Ron and Carol Paul’s 51st Wedding Anniversary has begun. Feb 1st. Join the Fun and help make History. The Mega MAINSTREAM MEDIA is telling you that you must vote for who they want you to vote for aka McCain or Romney the Counterfeit conservatives. Donate $51 dollars to honor 51 one years of marriage and to push for taking the USA back from those who are Destroying the US middle class. Spread the word. God Bless Everyone.

  30. Iraq War said

    Politics is my hobby. Smut is my vocation.LarryFlyntLarry Flynt

  31. Iran War said

    Why can we remember the tiniest detail that has happened to us, and not remember how many times we have told it to the same person.Fran%E7oisVIDuke%28duc%29deLaRochefoucauldFran?ois VI Duke duc de La Rochefoucauld, 1616-80

  32. John said

    This is a nasty hit piece that has contributed to the lesser of two evils game that has been foisted upon all of us. You know, when I was younger, I posted on stormfront out of ignorance and stupidity only later to realize there IS an agenda…its just not a racial one. It is an agenda of deception, and knowingly or not, you have helped keep people in the dark to the rulers of this world. The think tanks, round tables, commissions and the wealthiest of families have so many duped and those who are aware are powerless. God forbid a man who would bring the troops home, back the dollar with something of value and repeal the patriot act should have a shot. No, you would rather a liar and an actor.

  33. Justin said

    Ron Paul is a degenerate crypto-Nazi and a coward. He apologizes consistently for Al Qaeda, Iran and anyone else who kills American soldiers. He should have the guts to admit what he is: A Christian Identity practicing, Neo-Nazi.

  34. Jeri said

    Even racists have a right to vote!

    As someone who values free speech — even the speech I don’t agree with — I find it offensive that you ignore this key element.

    I don’t condemn Pres Obama for the fact that Blank Panthers and the Nation of Islam choose to vote for him (remember these are the same groups, mind you, that stated in the days following 911 that the US deserved those attacks), nor do I condemn Ron Paul for his supporters.

    I look at the policies. From what I can see Individual rights is colored blind. From what I see, Ron Paul’s message is ALL about individual rights and liberties. These rights and liberties belong to EVERY America — Christians AND Atheiests, Blank Panthers AND Neo-Nazi’s, and even Republicans AND Democrats.

    If that is Ron Paul’s message, then I support it!

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  40. easterneuropeanbaby said

    Boringggggg. Zzzzzzzz. Get a life already Nicole. What exactly is your agenda? People like YOU annoy me dear. You must have a black man. Go volunteer somewhere,or do something of substance. You are rather weird

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    therefore he must be visit this web site and be up to date all the time.

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