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Posted by nicolen on November 14, 2007

ronpaul.jpgThe American Thinker has a very detailed article chronicling the racism and anti-Semitism that is helping to fuel the Ron Paul Campaign.


After reading the article and following some of the links, a person would have to be comatose not to realize that something is afoul – and it’s starting to reek within the rank and file. I will have lots more to say on this later…


12 Responses to “RON PAUL AND THE NEO-NAZI’S”

  1. akak said

    If this laughably overblown and ridiculous smear is the best you can muster against Ron Paul, you really ought to just give it up! No man is less anti-Semitic, or less racist, than he is. Shrilly throwing around slurs and childish names does not an intelligent argument make.

  2. nicolen said

    Well…what took you so long? And…You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    As far as this “intelligent argument” that you are seeking…maybe we could have one of those if Ron Paul would actually answer the questions surrounding Andrew Walden’s article. Until then…there really isn’t much to argue about.

  3. Fluffy said

    You’re sooooooo right. It’s not George Bush, who launches aggressive wars, spies on his own populace, suspends habeus corpus, orders the torture of prisoners, opens a concentration camp, and places the will of the executive above the written law who’s the dangerous fascist – it’s Ron Paul! Paul is just trying to lull us into a false sense of security with his votes against the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the Iraq war, etc.

    Thank you for opening my eyes.

  4. nicolen said

    Forgive me if I seem to have lost the humor in your sarcasm. I don’t like Bush either. Nor do I agree with his handling of anything since he has been president.

    But…your attempt to, once again, circumvent the issues that Walden raises is duly noted.

  5. akak said

    “Ain’t seen nothing yet”?

    I just read the entire article linked above, and it is weak to the point of absurdity, riddled with scurrilous guilty-by-third-hand-association arguments. There is truly no candidate with less hate in his soul than Ron Paul. Perhaps you should be examining your own assumptions for attacking this man.

    After all, your website appears to advocate “a kindler and gentler world”, does it not? That is what we supporters of Ron Paul seek as well, as opposed to the bellicose war-mongering and authoritarianism of the last six years.

  6. Fluffy said

    Walden raises no issues worthy of being addressed.

    Paul is running on a very specific and clear platform, which differs from the libertarian party platform only on immigration, and in a technical way on the abortion issue. It doesn’t matter how many banner ads Stormfront puts up, or whether some insignificant paper picks up Paul’s syndicated column – the platform is the platform and Paul’s record is his record.

    The fact that the Walden article falsely equates the support Paul has received from American Muslims with the support of Nazis tells me all that I need to know about the article: it’s written by a bigot who has no business accusing anyone else of fascism or anything else.

    Do you realize how absurd it is that someone would start an article out claiming that Paul is a Nazi and white supremacist, and then use the fact that he is supported by Arab Americans as evidence of that? It’s as stupid as the people who claim that Paul is a Christian Dominionist, when the atheists at are his biggest supporters.

    The article is also poorly researched. It claims that the Paul campaign hasn’t made a determination of what to do with the Black donation, when a public announcement had been made some days before the article was written. The campaign stated that if individuals who hold views that aren’t congruent with Paul’s donate, that’s their loss. I think it’s pretty plain that Walden either couldn’t be bothered to research his piece properly, or deliberately chose to omit this fact, so that he could make it appear that this was some kind of open issue. It’s not. In addition, the claim that Paul’s campaign did not call JTA back was debunked immediately after this article was published. The Mackinac Ferry article is contradicted by available YouTube video of the ferry ride, which supports the Paul campaign’s claim, and the claim of Paul supporters who were on the ferry and liveblogged the Mackinac conference, that Giuliani hid from pro-Ron-Paul cheers with his typical cowardice, and that there was no Truther presence onboard. Those are the three errors I immediately know about, just from following the campaign to date. Who knows how many others there are that I don’t have enough information to comment on?

  7. Jack said

    For anyone wanting to read what Ron Paul is really about, please visit

    Ron Paul’s competition is paying bloggers to smear Ron Paul with blog posts such as the one above. Please do your own research to reach your own conclusions.

    IMO, Ron Paul is the best presidential candidate America has had in many, many years. He is NOT a racist whatsoever.

  8. incogman said

    What a joke. You people can’t stop attacking any white people, anywhere. You’re so brainwashed you hate yourselves for being white. You don’t like any white person who disagrees with you so you call them a Nazi since you lack any real basis in logic to rebut them. You’re nothing but a big joke to this country, anymore, as well as running it straight into the ground!

    You should be ashammed of yourselves. Citizens against Hate. What a Joke. Should be Citizens Against White People. That’d be more accurate.

  9. nicolen said

    incogman…why don’t you just retreat back to Stormfront where you came from? You have no interest or business here – except that you might just demonstrate to these Paul supporters why we are concerned about the racist element in his campaign.

  10. incogman said

    I’m an American Citizen and I have as much right to express my views anywhere I please. You think that your elitist views will stand up to the oncoming realities of your patently rosy-colored world view? I doubt it. People are sick and tired of you deluded big-mouths preaching your silly ideas of Diversity and the failed Jewish experiment called Multiculturism!

  11. nicolen said

    Uh…huh – what’d I tell ya!

  12. incogman said

    Oh God, listen to that post from some liberal lovey-dovey named for her cat: Fluffy. Ahhhh.
    You can’t see that Ron Paul is a strong choice for change and all the rest are nothing but insiders and empty suits?
    Just because Stormfronters support him does it mean he’s the wrong choice. Perhaps a man like him could go a long way in changing the direction both of us are on– did you ever think of that?
    You all are so quick to jump on your little Civil Rights nostalgia trip that it’s sickening.

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