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Posted by nicolen on October 25, 2007

Should Hanging a Noose be a Hate Crime ? Tonight on Eye On Hate Radio Live at 9pm

Eye On Hate Radio Oct. 25th Broadcast line-up

Tonight, we have what I believe will be an interesting and exciting show, our special guest will be OPPForum’s own Crypto – of course, Nikki from Citizens Against Hate will be joining us and hopefully Laurie from SOAR !

We will be discussing my recent visit to the Penn State Campus in Mont Alto,PA;

Asking the question should”hanging nooses be a hate crime”;

Fascist leader of the British National Party (BNP) will in Michigan this week. Eye On Hate will ask why this is possible;

Why the media is ignoring the right wing fascists support of Ron Paul;

plus much more –

During the show you can call-in or leave your questions and comments at

Show starts at 9pm est and will be archived shortly afterwards.

To tune in to the live Eye On Hate Radio broadcast at 9pm go to and click on the winamp link at top of page.

Hope you can join us !

Floyd- Eye On Hate Radio


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