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The New Port Richie Affair

Posted by nicolen on October 6, 2007

johnditullio2.jpgIn one of the most horrendous cases I have ever reported on, this man, John Ditullio, was arrested for the murder of 17-year-old Kristofer Guy King and a brutal assault on Patricia Wells in New Port Richey, Florida.


Although a trial date has not been set, the District Attorney announced today that he would seek the death penalty against Ditullio. As someone opposed to the death penalty I would urge the court to seriously consider keeping this animal in a cage for the rest of his natural life.

Patricia Wells lived in a trailer park in New Port Richey. Unfortunately, her neighbors were a crew of Skinheads who hated African-Americans and homosexuals. Those inhabiting Wells’ trailer epitomize the things these Skinheads hated the most. Patricia had an African-American boyfriend and her son was gay.

In March of last year, there was a “party” going on at the Skinhead place, affectionately dubbed by them as “The Clubhouse.” Their swastika and confederate flag banners were flying high over their denison. In the early hours of the morning, Ditullio put on a gas mask and burst into Patricia’s trailer where he allegedly assaulted her and then turned on who he believed to be her son, stabbing him to death. The young man was, in fact, a friend of her son’s who was simply sleeping over. kristoferguyking.jpg

The scene was right out of “True Crime Magazine.” Yellow Crime Scene taped was put up, and the news cameras were rolling. Few of us will ever forget the footage of a dazed, confused, and badly injured Patricia Wells as she stood before the TV cameras and recounted the terror that had shaken her world.

patriciawells.jpgStories and alibis were checked in the search for the perpetrator while an entire community watched in disbelief. The police knew “The Club House” well, and the residents of the trailer park had had their share of run-ins with the Skinheads who several claimed “terrorized” the community.

Still, it took months for the authorities to work the case and the suspects to conclude that it was John Ditullio who would be charged in this heinous event.

This wasn’t the first encounter that the 44-year-old Wells had with the next-door-neighbors. As a matter of fact, Patricia who works as a housekeeper, had filed several complaints of vandalism and threats against the people residing and visiting there.

No one ever likes reporting on this kind of senseless violence, yet it seems that those covering organized hate groups and racist individuals are bound to have to do more than their share in that area. At the time of this investigation, I had no problem telling every single racist out there that if one of the Skinheads were found to be guilty, they should all share in that guilt. I feel the same way today as I did then. And, once again, I’ll make the same observation and statement that I did then…

“As long as the American public remains virtually oblivious to the disease that these rodents are spreading, that disease will continue to flourish and spread. The bright side of all of this is that those who are enlightened to what is happening out there are rapidly becoming avid anti-racists. Given the fact that these bilious hate mongers whine and cry about young ARA members and “antis” being so violent toward them, I have but what thing to say – show me how many of you have been killed, or maimed, by an anti. Show me how many communities have been terrorized by anti-racists.

Young Kristofer Guy King has been taken from us because he dared to befriend those who were considered “race traitors.” Patricia Wells has been brutally scarred because of a life-choice to date outside of her race. The Griffin Park Trailer Park community has been traumatized. The students at the local high school have been brought face to face with the ugliest form that hate takes. When do we say “enough is enough?” When do we step up to the plate and say, “Not in our town, not in our community, not in our country, not in our world.” I think the time is now.


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  1. Lil said

    Oh, that’s really horrible. I’m opposed to death penalty too. I don’t consider it a penalty, it could be better discribed as revenge and not justice.
    Hope she gets better.

  2. Andrew Gill said

    To the kennedys!!! Sweet caroline I was just curious, i am haveing a large problem involving your family and need imeadite relief, I am in D.C. right now, and am extreemley peed off about the hole thing, but what can you do, even wanted to sue ted kennedy out of it cause the dude in his office wanted to deny it even happened, what a a-hole, look, i just need a moment, it’s something really important involving your family, and if you’re affraid or something i’ll put it in writeing so we can stay at a distance. I’m going to go ahead and write it in here, it is alot though, and it has everything to do with your two diceased brothers, John and Robert Kennedy, as well as racism. This is actually an asowme true story, and I think you’ll love it, yet we are still working on the ending here, and it’s not good right now. It’s your family, and my life, so I guess, especially since they were your two brothers! Since you’re a author, I imagine you probably do your own publishing, not sure, but I have had a peice published in the Young American Writers Society as a kid and that’s it, the press won’t seem to touch this stuff. That all really don’t seem to make any sence about it at all by me! The FBI am being strange about this, and police are brutal, they seem to want to get rid of me or well, u don’t really wanna know what else! I don’t really know where to start with this except what i’ve discovered and been through, it’s hell, but who am I telling? In 2001 or 2002, I don’t have the exact date, I went to a New Years Party in St. Petersburg, Floridia with a kid named Jason Kramer, I rode with him and his friend I met for the very first time Steven, (whom am currently in jail out of this situation, and that’s the trick you see, he supost to be in jail, and so am Jason for what they done) at this party I drank a little bit of beer, I was young, it happens, there was a keg and it was in south St. Petersburg, Flordia. I met a guy named Marcus, Stevens’s so called mother April, and several other people, Dave his friend, Mellissa, Marcus’s sister, Jeff, alot of other people were there. Many drugs were delt at the party, and honestley, I’m drug free, only drug i’ve ever really done is pot, and i’ve been clean so long you can take a hair sample from my nose to prove it, regardless of what you hear! I left the party earley with Jason Kramer, and when I got back to his house I drank a bunch of Champaine. It made me sick later, but Jason and Steve took a bunch of lsd that night, and were all messed up. I left Jason’s house that night because he was acting so horrible, and didn’t see him for a while. Turns out the next day, as I sat in my own house with my friends, Steve pulled out a 22 calibur pistol and shot the dealer of the LSD. Best I can remember today, Steve drove a black issuzu rodeo, and if you watch the 3/6 mafia movie choices volume 2 they do a little skit about the dude where his friends visited him and he pulled down his paints in jail and mooned the camera. This act happens at the begening of Choices Vol 2. might be 3, one of them. Steven went to jail and Jason Kramer was also involved in the shooting, so if you check this out and look this up and it is gonna be very important for you, Jason has a family of police officers who enacted in removeing the 22 calibur gun from the crime sceine, and when they removed it Jason Kramer and his mother who’s name is I shouldn’t swear, but i will, Dixie. As the 22 calibur pistol was removed and it went to Jason Kramer, he later passed the gun down to James Becker. James was about 16 when he receved the gun, and he really, didn’t know better, regardless of his criminal record. To this day I could still get you a confession on that gun. I’m sure! It would be complicated though, I really don’t wanna set the kid up but he gotta be safe in that situation. The two one night enacted in shooting the gun off down the alley in St. Petersubrg, Flroidia, and also one night James went off and kicked in his friend, Geatris’s door. (We all call him Ridick for short.) Now this has been reported millions of times but cops watch cops backs, so well, you should know how that goes. Now here’s the trick too it all, the 22 calibur pistol was removed to match the day John Kennedy was assassinated, November 22nd. Remember carefully the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, well, Jason has a friend named Morgan who is his best bud, he is a member of the Russian Mafia. Here’s Jason Kramer’s S/N from myspace, and don’t let these kats lie to you, you’re a Kennedy family member and this is important so I wouldn’t lie about something or make something like this up. This is why i’m here in Washington D.C. $$$$$$$JaSoN$$$$$$$ That’s the one! My friend James Becker may not seem like a friend or anything like that, but he didn’t know no better. That’s all it was, he needed help, and when I was around him, he didn’t get in trouble at all, just one time, when I wasn’t there, he got into loads of trouble, he needed giadence! This is a disgusting thing, but the hole story gets deeper and worse. I next want you to remember that you ken is Maria Shriver who of course married we all know who! I’m going to get to that part here in a moment, tryna put it all in a nutshell for you! I got into a fight with Jason Kramer about all this and a bunch of other things, and other factors were involved when one night he tried to rape a red headed girl I knew in Floridia, he attacked me over the situation, and was massivley involved in drugs, to this day if you needed a hit of LSD, or a bit of XTC, you could go to him to get it, even pot probably. I left the area and went to Missouri, my little sister was also involved and in love with James, and actually had already lied to police about the 22 Calibur Pistol. At one time in Floridia I was accused of hitting her, but honestly, i wouldn’t beat on a woman, she knew better, and well, so did her freinds, they actually took my Irish Cross which was very unique that day and threw it lord knows where, that was a one of a kind cross I can’t replace. Charges had to be droped and there is much more involved, cause of course I was innocent. I’m not a perfect man though, I will admit that! Anyways, if you ever are curious about any crime i’ve commited, please feel free to ask I will be completley honsest, I have no reasion to lie, and would never be affraid to suffer the consiquences for any of my actions, that’s what part of being an adult. If you do a crime you can do the crime. Not to scare you or anything, but I’m very clean now, and I’m sure there’s nothing I could be charged with. I usually walk away from a fight, I’m learning some things are worth fighting for. Also I would like to add to you through this situation I don’t ever think it is very justified for a man to strike a woman, i mean, unless she is comeing at you with a gun or a knife, why hit her, love the women, i’m actually a true romantic like your-self, just extreemeley peed off by this situation that’s all. Got me going nutz. Police never liked me after that gun situation anyways! I moved away from Jason Kramer and met up with my real father involving my sister and cause she had lied once before. I had began smokeing pot on a regualar basis, I didn’t do it at first, just waited for a little while, ran into some school kids that were smokeing and blazed, I wouldn’t melest children though that’s a disgusting thing, and is also the most intresting thing about this situation, because in 1995 or 96 Russell Gill was accused of melesting my little sister. Now they all get together and lie, i admit that, but upon me investigateing the situation, Russell am clean and not the child melestor. He am a we bit perverted, and also excuse my lauange, but an abusive asshole, and I honestley don’t want him in my life. Some of these adults aren’t very good adults and drunks, we Irish, so you should know. It’s the kids i’m crazy about, all of them are the bomb, and honestly, I discovered Ashley had lied abou this melestation thing. I’m not saying she wasn’t melested though. As a matter of fact, I’m 100% sure she was melested by a Mr. Robert Fogle Jr, in New London, Missouri and it was a easy crime for him to commit, because he had custody of the child and well, in New London, he was building a new house, and in the house he moved everyone in and the house wasn’t done. As in like, it got to a point to where there weren’t even any bathroom doors in the bathroom and I remember him (Robert Fogle Jr) and the way she discribed what had happened to her she was touched on her chest and body, and it was in the bathtub, as was Austin, my older brother. See, I am a lover, but also am a fighter, so I wouldn’t let the pedifile touch me, I’m the type of people who if someone even tried i would hurt them very badley. Mamn this is gonna be a long story and like I said would make a exiclent book, but keep in mind religion am involved as well. Catholic religion, and well, the priests and all, you know how that goes. Crips and Bloods are also involved. Remember through this hole story, Tookie Williams. That’s going to be a important part of it! Real quick if you haven’t looked it up, Tookie was a gangster who I wouldn’t follow by no means, as well as a little known fact, Tookie wasn’t just involved with Crips, he was involved with both Crips and bloods which will be an important part of this story and it should be a case, as Steroids and Schwartznegger am involved. I want you to also remember through this situation the intention is to cause severe mental dammage to me. Severe mental damage, and hoestley, I’ll be ok, just hypnotised to sell it! That’s fraud! Even Social Security Fraud am involved, as well as racism, we’ll get to that part. Now in Illinois, I did get caught smokeing pot with less than a gram, no big deal, my mistake, I admit that. Now upon being in jail, I got into a fight with a Nazi named Steven Rickey. I was in Pike County Illinois lock up with him, a guy named Tie, and one other dude, who we all fought honestlye, the 3 were Nazi’s and racist. I was moved from there to a cell with a Mr. Bubby Lane, he was a old dude, real friendley, moved again next to a dude busted with metha and a bunch of others before I was finally released. Upon being in Illinois, I did discover there was another pedifile and he was in my side of the family, it was from the vietnam war, and he well, it happened in illinois at Lamphier Highschool to many young boys as the dude was a janaitor. It was covered up well for the Obama election, so it happens. Richard Gill was the child preaditor, and he even tried to rape me, I would never be dumb enough to let it go to far though, there was a second kid out there, who he really got to, like forced him to be gay and all. Sick for a janitor, Susan Gill likes to cover that stuff up but it’s real, I’ll confirm it. Remember Steven Rickey in jail though, that’s another important part. I left out there after I overheard Dustin and Eva Grabil attempting to assassinate the president of the USA, (don’t want any part in that!) if you pay attention, you can go to Denver, CO, and well, there’s your assassin. (GOOD THING I REPORTED THAT TIP!) I went back to Floridia and it was disgusting when I got there, because a fake $350,000 suit was made up by my little sister and it was all premeditated to get rid of me on my birthday. She said with my mom I remind them of Russell too much and they show alot of resentment. (Russell being my dad.) She even say today she is affraid of me, I’ve never hit or struck her though, have verbally attacked her though, she was very abusive, and neglective growing up, as well as Robert Fogle Jr, and Russell was no better! She has every reason to be affraid of me, not because I would hit her either, but because out of this situation, there is evidnece that does convict her of crimes. She’ll play along like I’ll hurt her with our old Democrat neibor Steven Vireal. Look, before I go any further, I don’t beleve in any god except Jesus, I beleve he is god, and that’s my choice and my right, but I always grew up looking up to John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, regardless of the crap I took over it all. Even my older brother Austin became a severley racist indivdual through everything, my sister, and honestley, today I understand that and why, as Robert Fogle Jr is a part of a gang, and if you wanna take his sister’s daughter in for a moment for our next little demonstration, I mean, you don’t have time, but make it for this one if you can, it’s quite intresting. Hannah would listen to a song I would make it really easy on you, I am gonna just whistle it, and she am gonna repeat the lyrics to the song, it is a song I had to hear every day growing up out of Robert Fogle Jr, and is a disgusting song, that i never liked and never really repeated or whistled, till I thought about whistleing it infront of Hannah. Cause I knew she could repeat the lyrics. Ok, I don’t get into this song, at all, but when I whistle it to her, she will repeat what Robert Fogle Jr has taught her, N-I-G-G-E-R-S-S-U-C-K-S. They never liked my rap music neither, nor my baggy paints, nor sidways cap or gold teeth, or jewlery, but yeah, that’s me normally in the sports jersey being my-self. I don’t beleve in pimping hoes, that’s disgusting, and rape is sad, i’m just me, which it’s like it’s a problem me being me today. As a war wound I still have on the left side of my head, if I get a light fade or shave my hair short, like a 1 or 2 fade cut, you can still see 2 large scars on the left side of my head from a time where in New Port Richey, Floridia, Robert Fogle Jr had grabed me and held me in a headlock sufocateing me of my air, until I passed out, my head bounceing off the drywall still set up in the kitchen from the unfinshed house, then hitting the floor. It left a perminet mark! I’m pretty hard headed thought so I think I’ll be ok! I normally withough hypnosis feel no pain there. To get to know me better, I can fight very well, and also know how to use a gun acceptionally well. This was all designed as a program by indivduals involved to attempt to force me to hit the President of the USA, which I would never do! I do know how to snipe like a professional navy sniper as well, and do know what I’m doing, but would never do that! Racist programing am also involved, as I won’t break either way, but honestley, it does make me wanna sue Obama for the way he’s neglected this hole thing. From what I understand it is to call me a liar. This is real, weither you wanna admit it or not! Same with Obama, it’s real, not something I’d lie about, even though I have my lies, my busieness! On June 7th 2004 I met with my older brother after a altricaton over the situation and yelling fit involving both Crip gang members and the Russian mafia, (Tim, my mom’s friend I think they just got caught slenging coke) I met up with my older brother Austin to see the sadest sight in Catholic Religion’s history. I met Mr. Matthew Bednarski (Ralph) who am to be portrayed as St. Matthew the biblical character, and am intentionally done the way it was done by the religion, on June 7th, 2004, (boy the 6th was just as bad if not worse) I discovered Austin’s friend Matthew had pornography as in videos he had made with underage girls, one being a Mrs. Laura Anderson, now remember the Terminator 3 film, Anderson was a name used in the film, and the porno movie was done for that specific reasion and no more. Laura was 16 and a Charles Lord was present in the room, who enacted in removing all the porn, includeing porn of underage boys Matthew had made or looked at, and Matthew wouldn’t allow Charles to remove the pornography he made with Laura. A stupid criminal! St. Charles! He took pride in his rape victems and upon investigateing the situation, Matthew had sex with two 13 year old children, a Ashley and Riana, I witnessed this, and reported him to police, I am poor lady, so I don’t have a phone, I walk into the police station! I also discovered a Marine named Robet Kiser was involved in rapeing the two underage children and did partake in receving what you and I would know as a “head job” from them. If you don’t know what that means, it’s oral sex. I never partook in haveing any sex with the children, nor seen them nude, nor would I watch the porno movie, but I was propisitioned by Matthew to partake, a gang am involved there and the act is called the STAR OF DAVID. I began to investigate even further and found the Crip gang was involved with a gang member named Petros, as well as a Mr. Dennis Latenhower, Mark Meekisn, the bible. This brings us to our next Schwartznegger film, The End of Days. Another woman Amber whom was involved with Petros, who well, she kills! It’s for the $$$$$! She am from PA, and well, to the angel from the Church of Philadelphia. Revelations. Now through this situation, I want you to remember Steve, and the verses of the bible, Matthew, the persicution involved, and especially the keys to hell, what would the keys to hell be? Jail is the answer. The antichrist is preceved to be Barack Obama, of course not by me, well, as it goes he is to take the head shot and it would release all the deamons from his head, for everyone to see! I investigated even further and discovered Robert Kiser works for a Serinity Pools in St. Petersburg, Fl and guess who one of Serinity Pools employee’s are? Tie! From pike county jail. Robert Kiser has a second employee he works with there who used to drive the company truck home to New Port Richey Fl and lives in a traylor. Check this out.

    Now King was a direct match to Steven King, remember The Running Man. One of the killers even Brian Buckley has a nickname, SUBZERO. Prior to this incodent, these two killers went after a innocent bystander Jessica Miller, and upon them going after her, I got stuck jumping in and getting into a knife fight with the two killers. I was in good blood was what one dude said! I’ve saved James Becker’s life before too! Lots of others! It happens sometimes. Laura Anderson am also involved with a drinking and driveing ticket and her busted face, well, remember Ted Kennedy. I was also met by a woman a Mrs. Hope Fuqway, who actually come to find out intentionally intended to have a relationship with me for this and her birthday am well, you can look it up, but I’ll tell you anyways, June 5th. Hummmmmm! Upon checking into this, she had receved phone calls from Pike County Illinois from Mr. Steven Rickey, and has a step-father named Paul Kronkie, Paul as in Paul from the bible. Paul am actually an acting wizzard to the KKK. I left Floridia to Missouri where I had caugth Robert Fogle Jr and Cody Johnson both haveing sex with Hope Fuqway, I wasn’t at all really suicidal out there, but when going to the police they refused to cooperate, and a child was present with a gun, it got ugly there that’s all I have to say. Then I went back to Fla and all this stuff happened with Kris King and other garbadge. Now honestley, there were letters to many goverment officials includeing schwartznegger, I felt like that murder could have been stoped. That’s just in my oppinion, and kinda like people talk about the twin towers. Magnum Force am another movie that was used, and in 2008 i was just held at gunpoint, first in Houston, Texas on Goldenrod Rd by a indivdual who said his name was Edwards, (T-Bird is the nickname) then again by Robert Fogle Jr in Missouri with a 44 cal over the $10,000 reward and the child melestation. Jessica Miller in fla got pimped out like a hoe! I got loads of evindence on all this, and I was actually severley sexually hurassed and assulted as well, as first in Floridia a indivdual in a Green Ford Taurs took my licence from me and said I needed to give a man oral sex to have it back. I refused, reported it to police, which does no good for me anymore, they don’t help out very well, then I went to the DMV to get a new licence, but they said it is suspended by Adams County in Illinois. They have no charge to suspend it and I was sure, so I called there, and they agreed, there was no charge and it was there mistake. It sucked because I found a job doing construction in Floridia and they were offering me $30-35K a year and I missed out becuase my licence was requried, drinking and driveing am involved which I would never do. I’ve taken keys away from many drunk drivers in my life, guess this kid named Petros said I mad him Drink and Drive! Blond haired blue eyed women are also involved an he wanted control of them all, as well as 7 wives. I can prove he is also tied to 9-1-1. He is a big Xtc dealer as well, Petros is greek, like Thorian Gunsinger, also involved, Thor, Onassis! Check out that tear drop under the murder of Kristopher King’s eye, and the one under Thorian Gunsinger’s eye, there is something there that goes to the verses of Matthew. Like where Rachel weeps for her dead kids, well, remember first Kristopher King was a child or minor. Rachel am weeping, well, that tear drop stands for a dead body, and “everytime a mother crys a baby dies.” They killed kids and drug them off to Texas! Bush was who they all wanted to blame, I dought he did it, but Abortion am also involved. I went to Houston because it was where the publisher to the comic book company were, the comic book company am at 6301 58th street nw pinellas park, fl, #104 I think. That’s where Matthew stays. Devin Copeland am the name on the comic book, and he’s been very racial here in d.c. as well. Real racial! Like black and white stuff. I went to Califorina to ask about the e-mail, but was sat out side, all Schwartznegger’s movies were used, and I knew about the Holicoust museum shooting before it happened, I was the dude at the White House Holding a sign saying to prosicute everyone responsible for Kris King’s murder. I actually had Blagovich poped, (caught) before he got caught and had a letter that he already should have been broght down from. SHhhhhhhhh, I think I beat you guys on this one, they even used Laura to prevent me from voteing this year. In Missouri I was also sexually assulted by Casey Bumbald and I was fired from my job, I have a witness to this, as I am not suffering from any mental insanity, but there is a Kennedy family member that was, that is being used here as well. I also have witnesses to prove the police were being bruatal and inhumain. Mrs. Kennedy, I’m gonna tell you briefley about my-self, I am 27 and I’ve missed 21 to now, years of my life, it’s going for no reasion, because of this intentionally makeing my life unlivable, I love all music, especially love songs, poems, wrote a poem that was published by the young american writer’s society. When I write a story people usually like it, I wrote one for halloween many years ago and was chosen to read it in Hannibal Public Library for the school kids in like kindergarden and 1st grade. I’m a romantic, and I have no diploma or college degree. I am not stupid though I just don’t have the paper degrees to back me up, it wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t being denied to my money when I’m ready to take the GED exam, or I didn’t have to move all the time, I could have then gotten a diploma, it was imposible to get with all the movies I had to make. I passed the Ged pretest in Missouri, and was ready to take the test, just no money, and the reward, well, police actually falsley improisoned me on 3 fake charges, made up, and upon going through court, I was never given an attorney. I can still prove all 3 charges were fake and made up and Judge Fredrich J Cruse violated rights, as I was struck in the kidney by a Phillip Smasey, a nazi in Glen Ledbetter’s family the offerer of the $10,000 reward, I honestley used to look up to George Bush Sr, and thought the Bushes were ok, they kinda didn’t do a great job though, honestley, or they couldn’t do a good job! Either way, you are very well respected by me, as well as you family. Some people would do anything for anyone, but well, NWA has alot of fans and Devin Copeland am on the comic book, I am a fan of NWA, however, they aren’t alright for what they’ve done here and they need to pay me money now! I want you to represent me in court if you would with this case and help me prove it, it will be very easy! You should ask anyone who has ever played me a like John Madden Football, or seen me play baseball, i’m very good and I won’t loose, I can prove the bill of rights and constution have been violated, and can prove it beyond a resonable dought, that stuff with matthew, that’s a violation of the 1st amendment already and is inhumain! Upon looking up the definiton of inhumain it is a definition of human rights, what are the bill of rights? This case the violations are so severe I am 100% sure it is uncapable. Miss, i’ve been through hell here, and I know so have you, and I hate what has happened to you, so help me out and let’s get this money right quick, also more importnatley let’s get these child melestors, as the movie the Preaditor, well, there’s over 90 child preaditors, 10 caught, about 10%! Help me out with this! I’m stuck sleeping in a damn pet store now in d.c. after I was just attacked and discriminated against at a homeless shelter over my color. There are many more aspects and parts to this case! Help me out? O and if you want my opinion on the vote or politics, just ask and I’ll be honest, you wanna fact or the truth, if I have it I’ll give it! By the way, my name is Andrew and DRU is tattooed on my left arm, this was and is also a part of the case in an attempt to attack me and force me to alter or remove my tattoos, that’s the 1st amendmet though right? Remember Andrew was first king from the bible, by the way, on that Matthew, Mark, there is a Andrew that was used, but not me! He drove a nissan, was a odd one! Well, even better, how’s oprah’s show in fla on that asian gang member burning a bowling alley? O yea, I would have been fine in Iraq, this war would have been over by now and we’d all be home if emenem hadn’t jumped in the way! He owe us 2! On Bhutto, well, holla, I wanna tell you something! By the way, I know you are married, and i’m not like that, I don’t beleve in cheating, nor would I or have I ever cheated on any woman, I’m anchous to get this done, I bet with you though, I could receve imeadite relief! Judge Freddy Cruse, he gotta go 4 real, and maby after this we can politic together sometime!

    You know I don’t know if you like baseball or not, but I’m from the midwest and a big cardnals fan, and well, me getting in touch with you and all this year, it’s like a omen, I mean, the Yankee’s can play a mean game of baseball too you know? I think me and you are gonna have this all done by the end of the baseball season, and we’ll be able to watch the Cards and Yankee’s play in the world series, don’t tell anybody that, thought, some people beleve in luck and superstision, this is how it was ment to be though! Besides, we both got well, the luck of the Irish on our side! So if it’s all real and i’m not lyeing what do you say, you and me check out this one? Bush stadium, St. Louis, think it could happen? O yea, and when you see Obama, ask him how those Cubs are doing!

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  4. MT said

    You racist piece of shit! You are just another hate mongerer trying to stir up more hate. If you had any knowledge of interracial violence you would know that 90% of interracial violence between whites and blacks is perpetrated by 50% of overall crimes in this country. White people were the shit back in the day but these days no ones scared of them anymore, and in 2005 37,500 white women were raped by a black man and less than 10 black women were raped by a white man. I hope you were one of the 37,500 but you probably have no black friends anyway…most people that think like you don’t. You and people like you are what’s wrong with white people and why no one respects white people anymore. You are pathetic.

  5. Brian said

    That’s why nobody respects white people. I’m confused by your racist remark. What was your point with the black on white race numbers that you clearly just made up. If you want to post something offensive like that throw it up on your facebook or some other personal blog. Keep filth like that off legite websites. Next time you wanna call somebody racist talk to a mirror or better yet your parents who raised such an insensitive piece of trash.

  6. MT said

    Brian, the point is that there are a about 100% more black on white crimes than white on black, yet nicolen and everyone else in any kind of media, only focus on the few white on black. Oh yeah, if you think my numbers are nonsense, go to
    and check table 42

    YOU are the racist. My parents didn’t raise me to believe anything.

    And my “that’s why nobody respects white people” remark was aimed at white people who continue to let everyone walk all over them. Nobody respects white people anymore and it’s becuase most white people have no racial awareness at all.

    • KD said

      MT, I looked at your table and your claim that there are “about 100% more black on white crimes than white on black” is a huge exaggeration. In most of the categories, black-on-white crime is *slightly* more prevalent than white-on-black. Crimes committed within racial groups (white on white and black on black) are committed at much higher rate than interracial violence. And anyway, think about why black crime rates are higher; among other factors, poverty is correlated with crime and African Americans have a much higher rate of poverty than white people in this country. What are you trying to say about black people by spewing your “facts”?

      And interestingly, that table shows that white-on-black sexual assaults/rapes were more prevalent than black-on-white, which clearly contradicts your first comment on here. Get your facts straight. Why are you so concerned with people “respecting” white people? “White people were the shit back in the day”? SERIOUSLY? Back when there was legalized discrimination against non-whites? Back when lynchings were common? Please.

      • MT said

        The table actually shows that 50% of white women raped were raped by white men, 17% were raped by black men,16% were raped by someone of another race, and 16% weren’t sure. Of the black women that were raped, o.o% were raped by white men, 43 by black men, 32 by other, and 24 not sure. For robberies, 46% of whites were robbed by a white, 32% by a black. For blacks, 6.6 were robbed by whites and 67 by blacks. 42% of whties had property stolen from whites, and 32% by blacks. 70% of blacks that had property stolen had it done by blacks, and 0% by whites.

        People generally love bringing up the poverty factor as to why african americans are much more likely to commit crimes. Well, why are Kentucky and West Virginia, 2 of the poorest states in the nation, in the bottom 20 of most dangerous states? Becuase they are over 90% white? Generally nobody respects white people anymore, mostly because the white people they know are afraid of themselves.

      • KD said

        I have no idea where you’re getting those numbers. Are we both looking at table 42? For white rape/sexual assault victims, 82.2% were raped/assaulted by a white person and 8.8% were raped/assaulted by a black person. For black rape/sexual assault victims, 13.5% were raped/assaulted by a white person and 80.2% were raped/assaulted by a black person.

        None of these statistics prove anything about the fundamental nature of white people, black people, or any other race anyway.

      • Smg said

        If kid doesn’t understand what he’s trying to “get at” with those numbers it’s because kd has no answer for the numbers that fit her lala land view of the world. You know EXACTLY what those numbers mean.

        Me, I could give a rats ass WHY black crime rate is so much higher, I’m only interested that it is and it stays as far away as possible from me and my family.

        If people want to believe the idiotic idea that race and it’s culture has no effect on what kind of people they become, go ahead, after all some people believe in Santa.

  7. Leah said

    Yeeaaahhhh…. “MT”, you are truly a paragon of “whiteness”.
    Hate is hate, regardless of color. Every violent crime is a hate crime. When some douchebag decides that he also wants to be a bigoted idiot who targets someone SOLELY for their skin color, religion or that of the people they associate with, they are racist. I hope you get a kickback from Stormfront for posting this kind of rubbish. Your rights END where my nose begins. This guy is just lucky he did not break into my house. And justifying the murder of KID who was just sleeping over his friend’s house? Nothing says uneducated like someone who spews statistics. 87.5% of all statistics are MADE UP. They are gleaned from polluted sources and usually myopic pools of data.
    The guy in this article is a violent criminal. He also happens to be a nazi, well actually, I have no idea if he adheres to the national socialist party’s views, but self identifies with them due to his swastika tats. He acted on his hate, so he goes to jail.
    The woman who wrote this article is a blogger who happens to hate intolerance. She acted on her “hate”, so she WROTE A BLOG.
    Can you seriously think that ANY violent, hate filled person can ENRICH this world? Only as mulch.

    • MT said

      Oh so stats are made up now? So I guess they just make up the numbers of crime all across America right? Hell, America is probably the safest the safest first world country despite what the numbers say because stats are made up, right? The fact is, you can’t make up how many murders there were in a city very easily. What are you going to do, make up murder cases where they never existed in the first place? Same goes for other crime. The fact is, I skewer different cities online papers all the time looking for crime stories and when I find ones involving a perpetrator and a victim of a different race (black or white), the perp is pretty much always black. Just yesterday there was a 57 year old white pizza hut delivery woman killed by a 15 and 17 year old black kids, last week there was a white kid that was burned by some black kids in Deerfield beach, etc. There’s stories like this all over but it is very hard these days to find any where a white perp is victimizing a black. If you can find some recent stories like this feel free to show me. Why aren’t people like her covering these acts of black hatred?

      I’m not a nazi, never logged into stormfront, or done any of that. Why is it that anyone who cares about white people is considered a nazi these days? That’s pathetic and I hope you’re not white or you’re pathetic.

      • KD said

        “Why is it that anyone who cares about white people is considered a nazi these days?” White people have been caring about themselves more than anyone else since the beginning of time, and now whenever someone wants to try to reverse our ugly history of oppression, people like you call them racist. It is people of color who are subjugated in this country and always have been.

  8. Leah said

    Oh and “MT” ~ YOU are why people don’t respect other people ~ white or black. YOU draw the lines deeper into the sand rather than just building a sand castle with friends.

    • Smg said

      Yep….people hate the truth…and hate when others offer evidence for opposing views. Now presenting numbers is hate. Ok….go back to candy drop land.

  9. enjoy your own amazing article. Really helpful and also Our appreciated searching that with your other articles. with regard to sharing and also carry on the great operate.

  10. rae said

    i have been on both sides.. i was friends with Kris but i was also friends with the “Skin-heads”. yes it was wrong for that ass-hole piece of shit to do what he did. but if Patty did not like it she should have moved. they were here first. i grew up with most of their children. their not that bad. i have lived in Griffin Park my whole life {{20 years}}. and no one every had a problem. to be honest yall shouldnt even be saying any thing unless you know both sides of the story. Patty egged it on some times. standing in here driveway waiting for some one to come out side just so she can make out with her black boyfriend. yes it was wrong for it to happen the way it did. i have met john before and i personally dont like him. i think he is a woman beating race trading piece of shit that should rot in hell. but yall are putting every one that was there in it and that aint right. yall say hate aint right and that we shouldnt judge people but thats what your doing. so think before you speak.

    • Smg said

      No Rae….criticizing whites as a whole IS NOT racism….it’s only racism when it’s COMING FROM WHITES…don’t u get it??? Dumb cracker…..or should I say “dumb C WORD?”…..oh that taken by ANOTHER OF THE UNTOUCHABLE GROUPS.

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