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As I See It…A Word, Maybe Three, About The Strom Case

Posted by nicolen on October 4, 2007

strom_kirsten_pierce.jpgThe charges against Kevin Strom were dismissed in court today. However, this is just the first leg of the trial as he still faces 5 counts of child pornography which will come to trial in January, 2008.

The 51 year old Strom has been a white supremacist since his teen years and has always been under scrutiny by one member of the rank and file or another questioning his sexuality. I remember the first time I visited his web site sevearl years ago. It was an amalgamation of white supremacist ideology, Renaissance Art, scantily clothed teens, and obviously posed pictures of Kevin.

Any respect that Kevin had among those on the racist right generally came to him because of his intellectual acumen yet, there was always something about him that caused others to object to him. For some it was his voice which is distinct. For others it was his demeanor. For those who came to know him well, accepting his anti-Semetic and racist views was one thing, but they weren’t about to have him over for dinner.

All of that aside, however, he did have somewhat of a following. Strom was arrested last January for child pornography and witness intimidation. The stalking and enticement charges came later. After reading all of the court documents leading up to the trial and the reports from the courtroom, I am not surprised at today’s disposition. But, I do have a few thoughts running around in this brain of mine that trouble me greatly.

The first thought is about Elisha, Kevin’s wife. She has portrayed herself as the “She Wolf of National Socialism.” By all accounts she has always been a force to reckon with and was very much disliked by others in the movement. In most white power circles she was just too much of a feminist for the crowd who generally believes that a woman should know her place.

Yesterday and today she reportedly took the stand and testified in a “quavering” voice. I supposed this new demeanor could be explained away by the torment that she has been going through and all of the abuse she has taken before and after the arrest. But…I don’t much think so. It is important to remember in all of this that Elisha is smart and she doesn’t use the email address for nothing.

Elisha claims that at some point in time she arrived home unexpectedly to find her husband at his computer, nude, and in a state of sexual arousement.  According to her, Strom was masturbating to pictures of Prussian Blue, the neo-Nazi singing twins. Apparently, from what was presented in court, Strom had cut the heads off of a picture of the twins and pasted them onto other bodies.  It should be noted here that Strom was a heavy promoter of the twins and new them and their mother very well.

Later, it is not clear when, Elisha placed cameras around the house to spy on Kevin and recorded him doing the same thing with other girls pictures. During this time, Elisha has done nothing even though she has a young daughter from a previous marriage at home.

At some point, her young daughter introduces she and Kevin to a nine-year-old friend who Kevin becomes obsessed with. On an outing, at which it began to rain, Kevin opens an umbrella, places his arm around this little friend and walks off leaving his family behind to get wet.

Are we starting to wonder about Elisha yet?

Kevin and Elisha get into an argument, she has caught him again. She tells him she is going to call the authorities. He grabs her shoves her into the wall and tells her he will kill her. She hits him in the head with the phone sending him to the hospital.

Then….she writes out a “contract” in which Kevin agrees to seek counseling for “pedophilia” until he is “cured.” Kevin signs the contract and they have it notarized. On top of that, Elisha taped one of the counseling sessions where Strom confesses his guilt.

Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but if I had found my husband sexually stimulating himself to the pictures of little girls – there wouldn’t have been any if’s. There wouldn’t have been any maybe’s…I would have gotted my child out of there. And…if I had seen what Elisha saw, I would not be on an outing with the neighbor’s nine year old daughter and my husband.

The nine-year old in question is the daughter of the parents who brought this all to light – Kevin Alfred Strom stalked her and has admitted to it.  While I am not surprised the witness intimidation charge was dropped, I DO believe that what he did was “enticement of a minor.” According to an anonymous poster at “The Hook”:

“Certain people in Ruckersville have known about this case for more than a year and half. Did you know Kevin Strom was a “volunteer photograher” over at United Christian Academy? He came in and took hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of the children last year and the year before. The school doesn’t want anyone to know this information. Even when parents expressed concerns about Kevin Strom they let him continue coming around. The parents of the child victim in this case are not the only ones who pulled their kids out of that school over this.”

The same poster claims that Kevin would wait outside the school for the girl everyday and that local police and authorities knew. Additionally, the poster claims that Kevin’s mother has “known about he son’s problems for years.”

Why did Elisha Strom wait so long before coming forward? Some claim she set him up while others claim that she was part of his sick and perverted lifestyle.

And then there is April Gaede – the mother of the singing twins. I have written a lot about April. I have always seen her as a manipulative stage mother who is trying to live her life through her children. Actually, I see her now as more of a “pimp.” Before the girls were even teens, April was trying to “fix them up” with a nice Aryan guy.

The most recent documentary about the girls depicts April as precisely that. At one point in the film, April sits and smiles as the girls talk on the phone with David Lane who was in prison seving a 190 year sentence for murder and his exploits with the Order.  When David Lane referred to the 14 year old girls as “all grown up” and his “fantasy sweethearts” most of us gagged while April got all warm and happy.

So…should she be surprised that Kevin Alfred Strom was acting out his own sick fantasies to pictures of her own daughters? From the initial arrest right up until today, April Gaede claimed that Strom was innocent. Today she is singing a somewhat different tune…
” And, for the record, I do think Kevin probably is guilty and I would like to see him executed. But he is not the only guilty one in all this. Elisha is guilty for trying to create the idea that more happened than a cut and paste job, and the gossips are guilty of using this as a sensationalist thing to have something to talk about. Talk about Inside Edition.

“Whether my kids had a band or not makes no difference in this. That is a red herring aruguement. They are only 15 years old. They are minors and you can have the decency to edit out thier names, since it was only their pictures that were used anyway and we had nothing to do with it.

“Her motives in this are questionable to me at the same time that I think that Kevin is guilty. Maybe they should share a cell or a stake.”

One thing for certain in all of this is that there is a lot of dirty laundry that is going to be aired. None of them…April, Elisha, or Kevin are without culpability. Racist ideology aside, pedophilia, child pornography, and child abuse are not acceptable in any society. Whether or not Kevin Alfred Strom possesses actual child pornography on his computer is moot at this point and will only serve to determine his sentencing. Regardless, because of his admissions in court and in court documents, he is a sick and depraved individual and will never be accepted except by other sick and depraved individuals.


4 Responses to “As I See It…A Word, Maybe Three, About The Strom Case”

  1. Jason said

    Communism murdered 100 million people during the 20th century.

  2. Mark said

    Nicolen: I “hate” misspellings and poor grammar. Can you please get with the program so I can stop “hating”?

  3. nicolen said

    So…what do either of you think about the Strom case?

  4. Leishtek said

    you know what’s really sorry? That this is the HIGH END of the folks in the WS/WN (white supremacist/white nationalist) movement. What would the blessed founder of the National Alliance think about Strom now? How sad 😦

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