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Kevin Alfred Strom’s Trial Starts 10-02-07

Posted by nicolen on October 2, 2007

kas.jpgOn October 2, 2007, this man will go on trial. Kevin Alfred Strom took the place of Dr. William Luther Pierce’s American Dissident Voices when Pierce died a few years ago. He, along with several other acadmicians were thrown out of the National Alliance a little over a year ago.

Strom has been incarcerated for awhile as he awaits a trial on child pornograhpy charges. That trial starts tomorrow. Within a couple of weeks of his arrest another one of his members of National Vanguard, a group formed by Strom, was arrested for foricing a 14 year old girl to perform oral sex on him. Needless to say, we are anxiously awaiting this trial. For this reason, I thought I would unearth some of the background information for our readers.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kevin Strom – One Very Sick Individual

What has this man done? His name is Kevin Alfred Strom and he is a White Nationalist. Long considered one of the more erudite members of the white supremacist movement, Strom carried his message of racism and anti-Semitism to the air waves and to the internet. But, that isn’t why he is in trouble.

A few months ago he was arrested on charges of child pornography and witness tampering and intimidation. Today – we finally heard about some of the evidence. In spite of all of the speculation that it was his estranged wife, Elisha Strom, who was setting him up, the truth is that Elisha was the recipient of his intimidation – and perhaps, even more recently, an attempt on her life.

Based on the evidence presented to the Grand Jury, it appeared to some that the child pornography charges were possibly the result of just internet surfing and unwittingly stumbling into an unwanted site. Those who were stalwart supporters of Strom would have liked to believe that. Then there were those who said, “I told you so.”

What many didn’t realize was that the evidence presented to a Grand Jury is generally minimal – just what law enforcement believes it needs to get an indictment. Strom is scheduled for trial on June 20th and a preliminary hearing was held today.

According to the prosecution, Kevin Alfred Strom was reported to authorities by the parents of young girl who Strom is accused of stalking for well over a year. Additionally, it is claimed that hundreds of pictures of that child and hundreds of pictures of child porn were found on his computer. I think you will agree that this is one very sick individual. In it’s coverage the Daily Progress enumerates the prosecutions’ case:


Supremacist harassed child, prosecutors say
By Liesel Nowak | 978-7274
Friday, May 25, 2007

A self-proclaimed white supremacist facing child pornography charges previously harassed a local 9-year-old girl, according to a revealing pre-trial motion filed Thursday by federal prosecutors.

The filing comes a month before Kevin Alfred Strom, 50, is set to go to trial in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville on charges that he possessed child porn, enticed the girl for sex and tampered with a witness.

Between Septem-ber 2005 and December 2006, Strom got to know, contacted and eventually harassed the girl, according to the court filing.

Strom went to the child’s school, prosecutors said, and on one occasion hid behind a tree so the girl’s parents would not see him.

The student transferred to another school because of the repeated attempts Strom made to contact her, but the defendant researched and discovered the girl’s new class schedule, prosecutors allege.

Using a pseudonym, the document states, Strom sent the girl gifts, including a CD, a DVD, an angora sweater and a bouquet of roses.

Mark Potok, the director of the Intelligence Project, an arm of the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center that researches and tracks hate groups, said Strom has been involved with the neo-Nazi movement for 30 years.

In 2005, Strom split with the National Alliance – formerly the largest white supremacist group in the country – to form the National Vanguard, which he ran from his Greene County home, Potok said.

According to the prosecution’s recent motion, a search of Strom’s personal computer revealed poems, “to be sung to the tune of ‘Here We Come a-Wassailing,’” written by the defendant, including the phrases “my love for [the girl] is not a sin.”

In addition to the prose, hundreds of pictures of the girl and hundreds of images of other children, some unclothed and in sexually suggestive positions, were stored on Strom’s computer, according to the court papers.

An unidentified witness in the case, prosecutors said, caught Strom naked at his computer looking at pictures of young girls. Paperwork filed by the defendant indicates that the witness is the defendant’s wife, Elisha Strom.

As a result of the his wife’s discovery, the couple signed a one-page notarized contract, prosecutors allege, in which Strom agreed to see a counselor until he is “free from being sexually drawn to children.” Prosecutors attached a copy of the document to their motion.

At one point, however, Strom labored under the mistaken impression that his wife had gone to authorities with her allegations against him, according to the prosecution’s motion. Consequently, Strom “accelerated a campaign to intimidate and discredit her,” which included physical assaults and verbal threats, prosecutors claim.

According to defense filings, Strom’s contact with the girl had nothing to do with the pornography charges against him and that it would be prejudicial to try the pornography counts with the enticement charge.

Defense attorneys say that there is “no evidence to suggest that Strom actually touched [the girl] or that she ever touched him.”

“He is essentially charged with attempting to make an attempt to commit sexual battery,” a defense motion states.

A judge will hear arguments on whether the charges against Strom should be divided into separate trials on Tuesday.

Daily Progress staff writer Rob Seal contributed to this story.


12 Responses to “Kevin Alfred Strom’s Trial Starts 10-02-07”

  1. Jason said

    What you are attempting to do on your website is use the retorical technique of linkage. You are attempting to link all White patriots to Kevin Strom, or Bill White, or some such individual. I could just as easily use the same tactic against you. I could label you a Communist and link you to Joseph Stalin, or Mao, and then say, “Stalin murdered 20 million people! Mao murdered 100 million people. They were monsters! By the way, I think Nikki is linked to Stalin and Mao. She’s on the far left and thinks just like they did. I have nothing to do with Bill White or Kevin Strom. My views on race are the same as Abraham Lincoln and Francis Scott Key (author of our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner). Lincoln advocated separation of the races. Lincoln wanted to ship the Blacks back to Africa. In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Lincoln repeatly states he is opposed to inter-racial marriage, he does not want to make Blacks voters or jurors. You are very ignorant of history. You need to read some books on Lincoln. I recomend you read Jared Taylors book, “A race against time”, which has a section on Abraham Lincoln, which reviews Lincoln’s writing in detail. Francis Scott Key was a member of the American Colonization Society, which advocated sending Blacks back to Africa. I agree with Francis Scott Key. I want to send Blacks back to Africa. Every time you stand up for the Star Spangled Banner at a Ball game, remember that a “racist”, Francis Scott Key, wrote that song!

    • boua lor said

      u know kevin. u fake mother fucker u shit talking bitch u dont even know shit and ur talking shit about the hmong. mother fucker… u bets watch it… u better get ur shit straight. u fucking fake nerd… u stupid fucking nerd go n play ur fucking games. stop talking shit! u fucking nerd…. id bet u was a lil bitch back in the days of high school… id know were u live u fake nerd!!

      • boua lor said

        i know where u live u fucken crack head dick sucker…. im going to come and kill 6 of ur people with my sks….. im chai vang son,, revenge will feel so good when its accomplish…

  2. nicolen said

    First of all, Jason, the term “White Patriots” is nothing more than a euphemism for “White Racist.” You know that and so do I. I realize that many, if not most, of those cleaving to a racist ideology don’t hold Bill White or Kevin Strom in very high esteem. Of course they do still have a few supporters. If you had done your homework before posting – you would know that I have mentioned their lack of support on numerous occasions.

    Additionally, you have no idea what I have or haven’t read or my my historical knowledge base might be. Yet, you believe yourself knowledgebable enough to sit in judgement of others. That is rather disdainful as far as I am concerned.

    You have shared your beliefs here…does that make you right? I don’t think so. I find your views quite myopic and even pitiable. It must really suck to be you.

  3. Jason said

    First of all: The word “Racist” is just a label. It’s a word you people made up. The word “racist” did not even apear in the Oxford English dictionary until 1972.

    Just as in George Orwells’ novel ‘1984’, the government is making up new words (News Speak) to brainwash us.

    There is no such thing as “racism”. That’s just a label; designed to silence dissidents. My views on race are perfectly normal and healthy. I contend that the pro-White movement is a legitimate point on the political spectrum.

    Abraham Lincoln did not believe the races should completely mix together and inter-breed. And Lincoln never intended to grant them citizenship. He wanted to free the slaves and then ship them back to Africa.

  4. Mark said

    Employing even the goofy dictionary definitions for “racist”, the only people who *aren’t* racist are either dead or liars.

  5. Sick of COmmunists in America said

    Funny. It’s obvious that nicolen, the author of this blog post, is not a real American because real Americans understand and exercise the idea of “innocent until proven guilty”. You, nicolen , have already convicted this man before he even had a fair trial with his peers on the jury and before any of the allegations against him were even proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Why, simply becasue you disagree with his views (and also because of the color of his skin, I suspect).

    Naw, “innocent until proven guilty” is too inconvenient for you, nicolen, especially when you personally just hate a person.

    A;so, you believe that race/ethnic pride equates to racism and hate, unless, of course, such pride is practiced by non-white people. That’s right, nicolen. You hate white people so when a white person claims pride for his race or his white nationality or when a white person speaks what he believes to be truth (aka free speech), you hate him/her and you condemn him of crimes for which there is no proof -just accusations and charges.

    Don’t get me wrong, I had child molesters and all things of the like, and I understand that this man might have been found guilty and convicted fairly by now (I have no clue, I do not care), but this is not the point of my response on your blog. My point is that you are a Unamerican, white-man-hating racist and fascist with a blog. (Oh, hooray, hooray).

  6. nicolen said

    Interesting…perhaps you didn’t read all about Mr. Strom. Mr. Strom has already admitted to being in possession of child pornography and to lusting after children. Regardless of ideology – the man is, admittedly, a sexual deviant.

    As to the rest of your claims…they speak volumes about you.

  7. David Mende said

    Better for guys like this to masturbate over kids photos than for Israeli snipers to shoot them in the chest or US Airforce pilots to drop bombs on their heads. Pot-Kettle-Black.

  8. […] Strom was considered a leading neo-Nazi “intellectual,” an oxymoron if there ever was one, until he plead guilty to possession of child pornography in 2008 and was sentenced to 23 months in prison with credit for time served. Strom was released from prison on September 3, 2008 subject to 15 years probation. Strom was also charged with witness tampering and “enticing” a nine-year-old girl, but those charges were later dropped. Strom apparently became obsessed with the young girl and stalked her, appearing at her school, sending her gifts and even writing poems with the words, “my love for [the girl] is not a sin,” to the tune of “Here We Come a-Wassailing.” […]

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