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Posted by nicolen on September 29, 2007


Uh…what part of unacceptable behavior does this man not understand? Being a slumlord and leaching off of those less fortunate than you is a very distasteful thing – but threatening children and encouraging others to lynch the youth known as the Jena 6, is a whole helluva lot more than that. Yes…Roanoke, we DO have a problem.

William Alexander White resides in Roanoke, Virginia and does his dirty deeds on a daily basis. He has been little else than a constant embarrassment to the Star City. When he started a riot in Toledo, the media blared that the Roanoke Nazi was responsible and Roanoke has worked hard to keep its’ image of a beautiful city fighting off the shame that White has heaped upon it time and again.

Thursday night, Bill White went off the charts in his bid for appeasement of his narcissistic yearnings for attention. Known for his grandstanding and news-grabbing nature, White published a brief article entitled “Lynch the Jena 6 – We are Anxiously Awaiting Their Release.” In that article, White said, “If these n*****s are released or acquitted, we will find out where they live and make sure that white activists and white citizens in Louisiana know it, we’ll mail directions to their homes to every white man in Louisiana if we have to in order to find someone willing to deliver justice.”

Soon after the first article, another headline screamed “Addresses Of Jena 6 N*****s – In Case Anyone Wants To Deliver Justice.” He then published the phone numbers and addresses of five of the six teens families.

The day after peaceful protests were held by thousands of Americans in Jena, Louisiana and across the country the story has become all about the Nazi who hails from Roanoke – so, yes, Roanoke, we DO have a problem.

Bill White and I have sparred with each other for a number of years now and we don’t like each other very much. With Bill, just as with Hal Turner, the FBI has been supposedly “watching” him for quite sometime. On Friday, the Roanoke Times reported that an FBI Official claimed that they would “seek a prosecutive opinion at the appropriate time.

Well…the time IS appropriate. The Jena 6 are high school kids and their families are being harassed and terrorized by a handful of neo-Nazi’s who derive some sort of perverse pleasure from intimidating others on the phone and behind the keyboard. But…who knows what unstable individual will decide to carry out Bill White’s threats?

Enjoying the attention that he is getting on this, he claimed that his quote about putting a bullet through their heads that was used in a segment of CNN was not the worse thing that he had said on the Vonbluvens Show and that they should have used the one where he suggested that they hang them in the town square and use them as a human sacrifice.

It’s one thing to shout and chant back and forth at each other across police barriers. It’s one thing for anti-racists and Nazi’s to verbally tear each other apart on the internet. But, It’s a whole other ball game when you place children in harm’s way. It’s a new day for Bill White, because he really crossed the line.

There is a problem in Roanoke – and we have to help the good people in that town – NOW. Floyd Cochran was there last week – and imparted some words of wisdom – and he will be back. In the meantime…Bill White has to be neutralized, and it’s time for more than just “watching” by law-enforcement. It’s time for Bill to be brought to justice.

Together we can help Roanoke. First, we must keep cool heads. Second, we must reach out to all of the anti-racist groups in the area and form a coalition – NOW. Not tomorrow, but today. We witnessed, first hand, this week what untiy can do. We must support each other with our time, expertise, and money. We must educate the community and build our forces over the next few weeks – not months or years. We must display our outrage and intolerance of threats, intimidation, and terrorism against children and others targeted by Bill White.

The Roanoke NAACP has been battling and trying to combat the messages of hate that this man drools. They need our help. For those of you who want to assist us in these endeavors, please contact any and all of the following:

Roanoke NAACP
PO Box 12362
Roanoke, VA 24025

The only way to deal with Bill White is through a unified, community-wide action. The gloves just came off – and we are in it for the long haul.

“Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” (Elie Wiesel)



  1. Jason said

    These are my statements of principle:-

    1.) White people have a right to exist.

    2.) The White race has a right to exist.

    3.) White people have a right to work for their common group interests.

    4.) We owe nothing to the other races.

    5.) It’s none of the business of non-Whites what White people do. They have no business sticking their noses in our affairs.

  2. nicolen said

    1) I agree that white people have a right to exist. But, I would take it one step further and say that ALL people have a right to exist.

    2) It would follow that all races on this planet then have a “right” to exist if all people have a right to exist. I tend to look at the whole picture.

    3) Now…why do I get the feeling that you are all about “white people?”

    4) Who said we owe anything to any other race? Actually, in my opinion, that is precisely the kind of thinking that gets us into trouble. We are all people trying to survive and achieve a little happiness along the way. As such, we have our trials and tribulations – our problems and our heartaches. Boiling everything down along racial lines is not only myopic but destructive.

    As a collective of people, we must work together towards common goals…we must be willing to reach out and help those around us. Ever heard of Karma?

    5) Whoa!!! Do I detect more than just a little animosity? Jason, the article is about a man who advocates violence and murder – I think that’s everyone’s business.

  3. Jason said

    Let me explain it this way: Just as the Jews refuse to negotiate with the Palestinians until they recognize the right of Israel to exist; We refuse to negotiate with anyone who does not first explicitly recognize the right of the White race to exist. You can not append any qualifier. Until you do this, there can be no debate.
    The enemies of the White race are planning our extermination.

    White people are being exterminated right now in Zimbabwe by the insane Black dictator, Robert Mugabe. There are mass rapes and ethnic cleansing of Whites in South Africa. This is what will happen in American the day Whites become a minority in 2050. It will be a time of mass rape and murder.

  4. nicolen said

    Who is this “we” you speak for? And who wants to negotiate with them? What is there to “negotiate?” And in order to have a debate, you have to have a point.

  5. Jason said

    Do you deny that Robert Mugabe has confiscated the homes and farms of all White people in Zimbabwe?

  6. GROVE said


  7. nicolen said

    ROFLMAO! I just finished reading HIS account – which, of course, is sheer Bill White fantasy. I can’t help but laugh because initially he said he had pressed charges and the other two had been arrested!


  9. GROVE said


  10. GROVE said


  11. ACG said

    Has anyone ever seen the Chapman family crest? It’s more than coincidence Bill was checked on that street. Virtue thrives under oppression.

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